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* Everyday Astrology Archives 31
Late March 2020
Part 2

by Rebecca Brents


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japanese gardens

Everyday Astrology
March 25, 2020
Venus Sextile Neptune

Ok, let's talk about something pleasant (for a change.) Call it love in the time of coronavirus. The precautions to deal with that are on everyone's mind ATM -- or certainly should be. Venus and Neptune though are both caring, loving, compassionate and gentle, a welcome moment of seasoning to temper all the anxiety.

Venus / Neptune combinations help you count your blessings and show your faith and generosity to the world. Both are energies associated with love, art, enjoyment, beauty, values, empathy and healing. Venus has a well-known physical component in her interests. She can be quite the sexy material girl when life gives her the chance.
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---> Meeting the Mysteries of Neptune
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new moon

Everyday Astrology
March 24, 2020
New Moon in Aries

The New Moon in Aries is traditionally a time of new beginnings, a keenly anticipated launch point of the new Astrological year. It's by definition the first New Moon following the Spring Equinox, & after the quiet, reflective passage through Pisces, this New Moon energy usually sizzles with the prospect of new projects, new learning experiences & new adventures.

Aries is the Cardinal Fire Sign -- and the sobering jolt from the ultimate yin energy of Pisces to the ultimate yang energy of Aries can really get your attention. There's a definite sense of awakening, of being infused with new energy & new life, & the relentless call of Life ... & our own restlessness ... tells us for certain it's time to get going.

This year, that may be a problem. We are called upon for our own sake, for the sake of our neighbors, for the sake of our society trying to get a grip on the coronavirus, to stay home, keep our distance, minimize direct contact with others ... and essentially "shelter in place" until this virus burns itself out.
---> From EDA: New Moon Aries
---> Basic Stuff about the New Moon
---> * Coming Alive with the New Moon in Aries



Everyday Astrology
March 23, 2020
Mars Conjunct Pluto

There is no more powerful, purposeful energy mix than this one. It's impossible to overstate the sheer force and willful resolve behind this alliance. It's temperamental & implacable ... & although this is a conjunction & those are usually positive, this one can be dangerous, simply because of who's involved here.

Both Mars & Pluto can be explosive & violent. Both are fractious & irritable. Both are determined to win. Both will do "whatever it takes" -- & they mean it. Literally nothing is off-limits, out-of-bounds or unthinkable. They both represent your Warrior energy -- & when they team up, by God, things are going to happen, things are going to get done. If you're smart & prudent, you'll help or get out of the way.
---> Transiting Mars Conjunct Pluto
---> Quick Notes on Mars In Astrology
---> * Pluto


trees and cliff

Everyday Astrology
March 22, 2020
Mars Conjunct Jupiter

Take the energy of Mars. Pair it with Jupiter's gift for exaggeration, and you've got the potential for something exciting ... or exhausting ... or dangerous ... or maybe all three. Mars conjunct Jupiter is energy to the max. You throw your whole heart and soul / your time & work / your physical energy ... basically everything you've got into whatever project has your attention -- be it for work, fun, or survival.

It's ideal for starting something that will take energy, courage and initiative -- qualities Mars has in spades. With Jupiter, you feel strong enough to tackle anything. You trust your instincts. You have confidence galore. You can invest this capital in anything from your career to your relationships to your personal interests and make astonishing progress in all of them.
---> Transiting Mars Conjunct Jupiter
---> Basic Stuff About Jupiter in Astrology
---> Basic Stuff About Mars in Astrology

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clouded moon
I know. It's not the Dark of the Moon,
but it does look appropriately spooky.

Everyday Astrology
March 21, 2020
Dark of the Moon

As the Moon nears the threshold of Pisces where it will enter its dark phase in a few hours, the mood -- and the whole country -- has reached a place of solitude, waiting and watching. It's the week-end, fortunately, although maybe for some that means a few days & nights of wild parties & close socializing. This time though, they might want to think twice. Illness and death walk the land, relentless & quiet.

It gets your attention.

The Dark Moon in Pisces preparing for the New Moon in Aries have got to be the most yin days of the year. The Dark Moon is already a time of stillness & reflection, & Pisces is feminine, mutable, water. It doesn't get more receptive than that. In its wisdom the Cosmos has arranged for this to be a time to stay home, consult your intuition ... and take care of yourself.
---> From EDA: The Dark of the Moon
---> * What is the Dark of the Moon?
---> * The Dark of the Moon

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