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* Everyday Astrology Archives 31
Late March 2020
Part 1

by Rebecca Brents


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Everyday Astrology -- Current Archive
Everyday Astrology Archive 30 -- Mid-March 2020

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Everyday Astrology
March 31, 2020
Mercury in Pisces

Mercury in Pisces is the most intuitive, most naturally psychic Mercury of all. Mercury in Cancer & Mercury in Scorpio also have lots of native ability to "read the energy" going on in the world, but they tend to be a bit more specialized & selective than the broad-spectrum, universal focus inherent for Mercury in Pisces. Thus Mercury in Pisces leads on this point across the board & in all situations.

This makes the Powers that Be that define these things suspicious of Mercury in Pisces & its peculiar abilities. Theoretically, Mercury energy is supposed to be logical, critical, analytical & focused on "just the facts" as its main source of information. It's supposed to communicate well, be reasonable & make sense of life in ways that can be shared & explained. Mercury in Pisces doesn't always do well at that.
---> From EDA: Mercury in Pisces
---> * What Does Mercury Represent -- in Your Natal Chart?">
---> * When Mercury is in Pisces



Everyday Astrology
March 30, 2020
Sun & Moon

The Sun in your horoscope represents your Essential Self, the inner part of your character that defines your personality and ego. It is your basic identity to the world as your life unfolds. Arguably it also describes your spiritual purpose ... your sense of who you are and who you are meant to become. It is your present self reaching into the future as you develop your potential and talents.

The Moon in your horoscope represents your Emotional Self, the inner part of your character composed of feelings, intuition and instincts. This is the "inner core" of your character, the person you know yourself to be "on the inside." You know this part of you very well and identify strongly with its way of working with life. It is your past self reaching back into the past, working from history and memories.
---> From EDA: The Sun & The Moon
---> Quick Notes on the Sun
---> Quick Notes on the Moon



Everyday Astrology
March 29, 2020
The Sun and Moon

In Astrology, the Sun and the Moon are the two non-planet elements in the traditional horoscope. The Sun is a star, the center of our Solar System and the Moon is a satellite of Earth, it's only natural one. That alone sets the Sun and the Moon as different and distinct, special from the rest. The planets in your horoscope represent various Inner Selves, but the Sun and Moon are exceptional.

As in the physical universe, the Sun and Moon in Astrology are reflections of each other. They have both similarities and important differences. Astrologers designate the Sun and the Moon as "the luminaries" in the horoscope. That word essentially means "light-givers." However, in reality, the Sun is the only one of the two that actually produces light. Moonlight is reflected light from the Sun.
---> From EDA: The Sun & The Moon
---> Basic Stuff About The Sun
---> Basic Stuff About the Moon


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Everyday Astrology
March 28, 2020
Venus Trine Pluto

Venus trine Pluto finds changed conditions in the area of life where Pluto is working -- and the changes have brought some benefits, opportunities for pleasure and profit & a generally pleasant atmosphere to the life area where Venus is working. It's a partnership with lots to offer both celestial citizens as the energy -- as always -- flows in a circular exchange.

Venus, of course, signifies things you enjoy, people you love, ways you support yourself and projects & interests you're passionate about. This energy strengthens those feelings now ... bringing a stronger sense of appreciation & connection. You may have understood the transitory nature of all things in the material world, and realized the value of those who are first, last and always "your people."
---> Transiting Venus Trine Pluto
---> * Venus -- Astrology's Symbol for Love and Money
---> * Pluto


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Everyday Astrology
March 27, 2020
Venus Trine Jupiter

It's hard to believe in the middle of all the anxiety we actually have some grace notes of joy and happiness forming in the sky that will soon make their energy available here ... for all of us. Wow, won't that be welcome -- and a pleasant change from the ongoing mess in the news.

It's not an assurance that everything's going to be fine so much as a message that you can relax a little. Catch your breath. Make the most of the time and assets you control now. Venus trine Jupiter is a warm, welcoming, generous energy. It helps you magnetize what you need and sets up situations of mutual support between you and "your people." It may even mark a time of increase in your material well-being.
---> Transiting Venus Trine Jupiter
---> Basic Stuff About Venus
---> Basic Stuff About Jupiter in Astrology

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Everyday Astrology
March 26, 2020
Mercury sextile Uranus

Mercury sextile Uranus links your everyday mind, with its powers of observation and street-smarts, with your inner genius ... the part of you that knows how to be original, inventive, innovative and not just clever but brilliant -- especially if you have some new situation to deal with or a sticky problem to solve.

It's Mercury's job to look at what's going on around you. It notices details, looks at changing situations, makes predictions, observes and takes notes -- all the things a good reporter does when he's working on a story. He works constantly to answer questions like "What's going on? What does this mean? What could happen because of it? What do I need to do? How can I avoid -- or take advantage of this situation?"
---> Transiting Mercury Sextile Uranus
---> * What Does Mercury Represent -- in Your Natal Chart?
---> * Uranus in General

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