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* Everyday Astrology Archive 33
Mid-April 2020

by Rebecca Brents


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Everyday Astrology Archive 32 -- Early April 2020

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tree before sunrise

Everyday Astrology
April 20, 2020
Sun in Taurus

When the Sun moves from dynamic Aries to peaceable Taurus, the atmosphere and attitudes change. This is true for all the sign changes, and it's fun to watch it happen ... when you know what to look for. Some things change quickly; others settle in over time. The energy change from impatient, easily annoyed Aries to unflappable, tolerant Taurus though is pretty dramatic. And quick ... with Aries pushing it out the door.

There are lots of caricatures surrounding the personality of Taurus. Self-indulgent, hedonistic, lazy, materialistic. Ok, Taurus people can be all those things. But like all signs, there's the other side of the story. Taurus is also down-to-earth and extremely pragmatic. They may love their physical pleasures, but they're a firm rock when life's calamities strike. People complain they're stubborn -- until they need a safe harbor.
---> From EDA: Sun in Taurus
---> * Masculine Signs / Feminine Signs
---> * The Personal Signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer


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Everyday Astrology
April 19, 2020
Mercury Sextile Mars

By nature, Mercury aspects show up bringing lots of ideas, plenty to say, a bunch of things to think about ... & read ... & study up on. Also, by nature, Mercury -- your intellectual energy -- is flexible, nimble, mobile, easily bored & he gets around a lot. Physical movement is literally one of the things Mercury in Astrology rules. Intellectual movement is a given.

This energy takes in data, remembers facts & assertions, studies evidence -- especially what it collects through first-hand observation. Mercury talks, shares information, acquires knowledge. He reads, writes, studies, poses questions, interprets what he's learned & draws conclusions. In other words, it's also Mercury's literal job to put two & two together. He explains reality to you in ways that make sense.
---> Transiting Mercury Sextile Mars
---> * Mercury: Ruler of Gemini, Ruler of Virgo
---> * Mars: Ruler of Aries



Everyday Astrology
April 18, 2020
Mercury Sextile Venus

This combination is just easy -- and whenever it comes around it's usually welcome. During stressful times it can be easily overlooked, but during those same tough moments it can add a blessed touch of kindness and grace. Relationships can gain, especially if you're able to talk, be civil and actively try to see life "from the other guy's point of view."

"Talking things over" on touchy topics also gains from this extra helping of tolerance ... and tact. (Tried to see how many T-words I could squeeze into that sentence. This is an energy that also promotes thing like "fun" and "language." My kind of trivia!! Ok. I'll settle down and get back on the ... topic.)
---> Transiting Mercury Sextile Venus
---> * My Notes About Mercury
---> * Venus in General

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Everyday Astrology
April 17, 2020
Saturn in Aquarius

Ok, let's take this combination. Saturn ... in Aquarius. Saturn rules Capricorn, which precedes Aquarius in the Zodiac. So, here's the ruler of a sign in a sign adjacent to its natural home. As I've written here & elsewhere, this arrangement -- trying to blend the qualities & interests of adjacent signs -- comes with problems. That's true of any adjacent pair of signs in the Zodiac. They clash. By nature.

All Zodiac signs seem to have a built-in backlash to the extreme characteristics of their neighbors ... on both sides. This maintains an overall balance, as the radical traits of each sign are gently corrected back toward the center.. Sagittarius, for instance, the sign that precedes Capricorn is expansive, optimistic, adventurous. Then Capricorn comes along -- conservative, stringently "realistic" & cautious.
---> Saturn in Aquarius
---> Saturn Territory
---> * Aquarius Is Fixed Air


ocean liner

Everyday Astrology
April 16, 2020
Mars in Aquarius

No matter what sign it occupies, Mars retains (& expresses) its passion & power as a fire planet -- ruler of Aries. In Fire signs it weaves its magical charisma through the different attitudes & interests of Aries -- initiative & courage, of Leo -- dignity & style, & Sagittarius -- optimism and principles.

In Earth signs, it stabilizes & become more prudent. Its attitudes there reflect this in Taurus -- steady & patient, in Virgo -- pragmatic & useful, & in Capricorn -- disciplined & ambitious. It becomes intellectual in the Air signs of Gemini -- curious & versatile, in Libra -- cooperative & diplomatic, & in Aquarius -- inventive & ingenious.

And of course, in the Water signs, Mars becomes emotional. In Cancer, it's protective & caring, in Scorpio -- willful & secretive & in Pisces, understanding & transcendent.
---> From EDA: Mars in Aquarius
---> Quick Notes on Mars In Astrology
---> * The Air Signs

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cherry blossoms

Everyday Astrology
April 15, 2020
Sun Square Jupiter

When the Sun squares Jupiter, your confidence goes way overboard ... and so does your ego. This energy can actually feel pretty good -- physically and emotionally. You have a very upbeat and positive outlook on yourself and your abilities. You may have come upon some opportunities, finished (or started) a major project. You may have had a recent success that makes you feel you're really cruisin'.

You're actually looking for new challenges, new things to enjoy, new adventures to launch -- and you feel you're pretty much equal to anything Life wants to hand you. Given the current -- objectively grim -- situation, you may feel you've "made it this far" ... and are pretty sure you can follow through with the changes Life has required. Maybe this isn't as tough as you feared.
---> Transiting Sun Square Jupiter
---> * The Sun in Astrology
---> Basic Stuff About Jupiter in Astrology


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Everyday Astrology
April 14, 2020
Sun Square Pluto

The Sun square to Pluto brings a time when you deal with power struggles and control issues -- some of which can be serious. Symbolically, you are trying to adjust who you are -- and who you are becoming -- with a set of significant, permanent changes in another area of life. Looking at where this occurs in your horoscope can be quite telling -- but not necessarily any easier or more comfortable to handle.

Either you are resisting the necessary adjustments in your character, your self-image, your personal goals (all those Sun energy issues) that these Plutonian conditions require (because those aren't going anywhere) ... or ... you're trying to force those to change to accommodate you. (Well, good luck with that.) In actuality, there is probably some of both.
---> Transiting Sun Square Pluto
---> * The Sun -- Ruler of Leo
---> Pluto: Ruler of Scorpio

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Everyday Astrology
April 13, 2020
Mercury Sextile Saturn

When Mercury sextiles Saturn, it's possible to be overly cautious. Depending on what you're coping with though, "being too careful" may not even be possible. Extreme situations call for extreme measures & clear, informed, logical thinking is hardly a liability. Mercury sextile Saturn isn't rigid or backward ... the way harsh angles to Saturn would be. But it doesn't like to "think outside the box" without very good evidence.

However, it's an excellent time to study & learn. You retain information. You rely on experts. You lay a solid foundation for your own ideas & thoughts. You do plenty of research & survey the established thinking on the topic. What you become in the process is your own brand of expert. This kind of self-education means you'll know what you're talking about. You trust your own conclusions & are able to teach others.
---> Transiting Mercury Sextile Saturn
---> * What Does Mercury Represent in Your Natal Chart?
---> Basic Stuff About Saturn in Astrology


ornamental red peppers

Everyday Astrology
April 12, 2020
Mercury in Aries

Mercury is Astrology's metaphor for the mind. It deals with consciousness and communication, how you think, what you pay attention to, the way you generate thoughts, how you learn and how you share what you know. It's the faculty that helps you get along in the world ... and understand what's happening around you.

It's one of those abilities you don't notice much, so much a part of you, it's like the air you breathe ... that's just how life is. You may not even notice how the tone of it changes as Mercury moves from one sign or another. You're likely to attribute new interests and attitudes to "the mood you're in" ... assuming you notice it at all. But the sign of both the Mercury in your horoscope -- and the one in the sky ... matters.
---> From EDA: Mercury in Aries
---> * Born with the Sun in Aries
---> * Mercury in Aries


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Everyday Astrology
April 11, 2020
Mercury Sextile Jupiter

Mercury sextile Jupiter is a highly intellectual energy -- and one of the most ambitious. There's emphasis here on acquiring both academic knowledge and expertise and turning that wisdom into practical skills ... and workable solutions, often to address some matter of morality or social injustice.

It doesn't have to be quite that momentous, but there is a real philosophical tone to this mix. It doesn't deal in trivia. It encourages you to want to learn more, to be wiser, to be more valuable by knowing more about serious topics ... & it prompts you want to become a simply better person. Teaching-&-learning is one way to do this, by keeping an open mind & sharing what you know.
---> Transiting Mercury Sextile Jupiter
---> * What Does Mercury Represent in Your Natal Chart?
---> * Jupiter in General

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Everyday Astrology -- Current Archive
Everyday Astrology Archive 32 -- Early April 2020


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