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Everyday Astrology Archives 8
Early August 2019

by Rebecca Brents


Sun Ven Tri Jup / Sun Tri Jup / Sun Leo /
Moon Lib / Sun Leo / Ven Squ Ura / Mer Can / NM Leo

full moon

Everyday Astrology
August 10, 2019
The Void-of-Course Moon

It's easy to learn to recognize the "feel" of the void-of-course Moon. It just takes a little conscious awareness and practice ... and pretty soon, wham! You're a natural!!

The void-of-course Moon is Astrological shorthand for the period when the Moon won't form any new aspects until it changes signs. It's an important piece of practical knowledge that can save you a lot of frustration.

Nothing begun under a void-of-course Moon ever comes to fruition ... or performs as intended, or delivers the result you wanted. You can put that promise straight in the bank.


moon in early evening

Everyday Astrology
August 9, 2019
Moon Signs

As the Moon travels through the Zodiac signs, making the full circle each month, it sets the emotional tone for each day ... what the overall mood is like, how it "feels" generally, what interests it highlights and what activities will be productive.


maple tree and cardinal

Everyday Astrology
August 8, 2019
The Sun and Venus Trine Jupiter

The Sun trine to Jupiter brings profitable invitations and decisions, rich learning opportunities, and best of all a great attitude. You simply feel better about life, and that helps line things up in your favor.



Everyday Astrology
August 7, 2019
Sun Trine Jupiter

The Sun trine Jupiter show a times of extraordinary optimism, friendliness and generosity. Your efforts, goals and ambitions are really going well -- or will be very soon. Past problems are either straightened out ... or can be easily fixed. Any hitches or bumps in the road practically heal themselves.



Everyday Astrology
August 6, 2019
The Sun in Leo

Sun energy makes you aware of yourself. It's the conscious confirmation that you exist as a distinct, individual being. And Leo thinks about itself constantly. See where this combination is going? Some say Leos are egomaniacs, self-centered narcissists ... and compared to, oh, the modesty of Pisces, they've got a point.


full moon

Everyday Astrology
August 5, 2019
The Moon in Libra

The Moon in Libra combines Moon energy (feelings and emotions) with Air energy (intellect and data handling), so there's often a detached, analytical side to how the Moon in Libra works. The Moon spends about 2 1/2 days in Libra every month, so we all get to experience this combination -- fairly regularly and often -- and see how it works for us.



Everyday Astrology
August 4, 2019
Sun in Leo

The Sun represents your ego, your self-image, your essential being. Depending on the Zodiac sign it occupies, it wears a costume and plays a role compatible with that sign's qualities and interests. It's still displaying Sun energy -- showing off the person you are, but the Sun in Pisces and the Sun in Libra are fundamentally different characters, and this shows in their attitudes and conduct.



Everyday Astrology
August 3, 2019
Venus Square Uranus

Routine feels especially tedious now, in particular regarding relationships and $$$. You may want some new friends ... or a new love interest ... or even a new partner. You're also tired and bored with your $$$ situation, want a shake-up there ... or at least some different arrangements. Maybe not a different job, but definitely more $$$.


summer lake

Everyday Astrology
August 2, 2019
Mercury in Cancer

When Mercury is in Cancer (or any Water Sign) thought and feelings mingle -- a lot! Logical analysis gains an extra helping of intuition ... which both improves and complicates the process, IMO. (But then don't mind me, I have Mercury in Pisces, so I'm biased.) Ideas have to feel right to gain much of a hearing in this marriage of left and right brain thinking. Otherwise, we'll dither and fret until they do.


young lion

Everyday Astrology
August 1, 2019
The New Moon in Leo

The New Moon in Leo aligns the Sun and Moon in that proud, dignified sign. As you might expect, this strengthens the Leo attitudes and traits that are an influence on everyone now. We all get to be "a little more Leo" in the way we handle life -- which may or may not be a good thing considering how self-centered Leo can be. However, this is part of life's business, happening now.


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