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Transiting Mercury Trine Uranus
From Everyday Astrology
Part 1

by Rebecca Brents


  From EDA  mercury  uranus  

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Everyday Astrology
December 24, 2021
Mercury Trine Uranus

When Mercury trines Uranus there can be clear incidents & experiences with surprising results. Look for sudden invitations, exciting news, chance encounters with unusual & stimulating people that send you off in a whole new direction in your thinking, your plans, your goals & the projects you launch

With an open mind, you're more apt to make new discoveries, find new contacts, make new friends & see new opportunities. Win-win all around. Your strong, accurate intuition brings moments of insight & inspiration. You get important information through dreams, "flashes of genius," sudden psychic knowledge & boosted intuition. Pay attention to these subtle channels.

Mercury in Astrology: Basic Stuff | Quick Notes on Mercury

It's a good time to study occult subjects, mystical disciplines, spiritual topics. Your mind is receptive, so you gain more & may investigate avenues of wisdom you'd normally miss. You're more open to unusual truths from unusual sources & unusual subjects. You feel intellectually energized & mentally alert. Your imagination ins active, generating visions & ideas. Everything is just a little more vibrant.

You're physically & mentally restless. It's hard to turn your mind off, in fact. It's easy to come up with new concepts & interesting angles. Working with new ideas, projects, fantasies & fields of inquiry is exciting enough to keep you awake at night. You'll meet interesting & unusual people in real life & in non-traditional places, or find interesting minds to commune with in books, movies, entertainment, from provocative writers, artists, stimulating thinkers & progressive philosophers.

It's a good time to study mystical, occult, new age, technical & cutting edge modern topics. Your original way of looking at things helps you find solutions to nagging problems. Being around open-minded thinkers helps you gain insight by sharing ideas. New friendships are stimulating & provocative but may not last long or be stable.


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Everyday Astrology gives a comment and interpretation on some current Astrological event -- or a micro-lesson on some element in Astrology that can help you understand how it all fits together as you learn more about this fabulous metaphysical discipline -- and how it may have surprising value for you!


When You Know Your Own Mind -- Mercury's role in your horoscope ---> What does your Mercury tell? ---> As you investigate Astrology & harvest the wisdom it offers on the human experience, you move from the ubiquitous information on Sun and Sun Sign energy ... into the misty & mysterious realms of the Moon and its meaning. From there, you meet Mercury -- the symbol of the mind, the consciousness, the intellect. It's the most distinctive feature that separates humankind from Life's other sentient beings.

Sciency Stuff About Mercury -- Fun things to know -- about Mercury the planet ---> All in a day's work ---> * In our Solar System, Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. Because of this proximity it is not easy to see except at twilight. Mercury also orbits the Sun so quickly, early astronomers believed it was actually two different stars -- one which appeared in the morning and another in the evening. * A year on Mercury is only 88 days. (This is the time it takes Mercury to circle the Sun once.)


Mercury in Astrology
Members Content

* Mercury in Your Natal Chart -- Fore, Aft and Center ---> Yellow is a Mercury color! ---> Metaphor for the mind ---> Mercury, named for the Roman god of commerce, communication and messages, has come to symbolize in Astrology, the way a Native employs his mind, wit, charm, and intellect. It describes the way he communicates his thoughts, views, and opinions, and the way he acquires ... and applies ... the knowledge and information he uses to manage his life.

* What Does Mercury Represent -- in Your Natal Chart? -- What is it ... and why is it important? ---> In mythology, Mercury was the winged messenger of the Gods. ---> Your mind -- at work and play ---> In Astrology, Mercury represents your conscious, rational mind. It tells a lot about your intellectual self; your ability to study, learn, analyze, communicate and work with information. Mercury depicts your capacity to form ideas and opinions, the way you deal with facts, and the way you process data.

* Mercury -- Ruler of Gemini -- Ruler of Virgo ---> Yellow is a Mercury color! ---> The metaphor for your mind ---> Mercury, quick, intense, lively and highly mobile -- racing its way around the Sun faster than any of the other known planets, is the astrological metaphor which symbolizes an individual's mental and communications skills, the intellectual components of his personality, the inner self that deals with physical movement, informational exchange, discrimination, learning and analysis.


More about Mercury

* Mercury: Symbol of Your Intellectual Self ---> Yellow is a Mercury color ---> Your mind, intellectual energy & assets ---> Mercury in Astrology is the symbol for your conscious mind with its amazing array of accessories and gifts. That's the short answer to the question, "What does Mercury represent?" ... because the Sun, Moon & all the known planets have distinct meanings in Astrology. But like most quick short answers, this one is incomplete. Mercury doesn't just symbolize your mind ....

* My Notes About Mercury -- A comprehensive list -- of random things about Mercury -- in no particular order ---> Yellow is a Mercury color!! ---> The symbol of your mind ... your intellect ---> * Mercury is Astrology's symbol for your intellect, your conscious mind. It's that wondrous, mysterious part of you that deals in sensory messages -- the experience and meaning you get from the things you see, hear, taste, touch and smell.

* Mercury in General -- What Mercury in Astrology Means -- Your Inner Selves of Learning and Work ---> Learning stuff, using your mind and putting it to work ---> Like Venus, your Mercury energy describes two inner selves. One manages your mind and all its talents; the other is in charge of the work you do ... the ways you use your skills and abilities to help others and build the kind of life your want for yourself. Again, as with Venus, these are usually reduced to the basic categories of "mind" and "work," ....


Uranus in Astrology
From the Blogs, Ezines
and Elsewhere

From EDA: Uranus ---> Everyday Astrology February 27, 2021 Uranus ---> All the planets in Astrology (including the luminaries -- the Sun & the Moon) are symbols for things or conditions we meet & use as part of the human experience. We recognize & relate to many of them instantly when we hear them described. The Sun is the ego, the sense of identity & self. The Moon represents emotions & feelings. Mercury is the symbol for logic, consciousness, the intellect, the rational mind. But the farther out we get from the Sun at the center of the Solar System -- & the central focal point in your ....


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  From EDA  mercury  uranus  

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