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Transiting Sun Trine Uranus
From Everyday Astrology

by Rebecca Brents


  From EDA  sun  uranus  

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Everyday Astrology
January 03, 2022
Sun Trine Uranus

The Sun trine Uranus brings an unusual energy, made more notable because Uranus is so notoriously unpredictable. Expect events & experiences to push you well outside your comfort zone -- & your response to this will both shape & define the result. It can also introduce you to different -- & in some cases really different people ...which can be delightful or distressing if you know what I mean.

There will be invitations to widen your social & professional network, team up with exceptional colleagues & learn from people who have either "done this before" or who are especially adept at learning it now. They can help you through the curves & serious dips that are almost sure to be part of the journey. These aren't connections that are meant to last, but they can be very educational while they do.

The Sun in Astrology: Basic Stuff | Quick Notes on the Sun

As well as being faced with new situations & changing perspectives, you're more open to the conveniences of technology & the findings of science ... & metaphysics ... & mystical / occult studies. You may be in the mood to try something "out of character" or "unusual," & one of those fields may be just "unusual enough" to catch your interest.

In fact, you'll consider anything new & exotic from new food, to new friends, new ideas, new adventures, new inventions, new routines, new sources of income ... you name it. If you can put a twist on it & come at it from another direction, any piece of life is fair game. You're actively looking for ways to break old habits & patterns & develop ones that suit you better.

Uranus energy is designed to help you custom-design your life & in a trine with the Sun, it supports your self-image, self-confidence, ambition & initiative. Given your attitude, there's no reason not to go for it. You're ready to widen your social network & prepared for some extraordinary choices. To say you're "ready for anything" is no exaggeration.


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The Sun in Astrology
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Solar Power 2 -- the horoscope's central player ---> The Sun is the best-known player in astrology, likely because it is both important in interpreting a horoscope and because it's usually extremely easy to determine the Sun's position in the sky from just the date. In other words, you don't need a lot of extra books and equipment to come up with Sun Sign information ... which makes the Sun's position at any given time the basis of ....

Solar Power 3 -- the essence of you ---> The Solar Power Series ---> The Sun in your horoscope represents the self, your personality and ego, your spirit. It describes your basic identity and what makes you -- the individual -- unique. Your Sun energy describes the essence of who you are today and who you are becoming through the events and experiences of this life. I consider that the Sun in your horoscope describes your Essential Self.


More Solar Power

Solar Power 4 -- along a predictable path ---> The Solar Power Series ---> The Sun travels through all twelve signs of the Zodiac each year, spending about a month in each sign. The Sun travels the same sequence of the Signs every year ... starting with Aries at the Spring Equinox ... to Taurus ... to Gemini ... through to Pisces. The Zodiac sign dates and calendar dates, however, are not aligned.

Solar Power 5 -- rules Leo & 5th House ---> The Solar Power Series ---> The Sun rules the Zodiac sign Leo and natural 5th House. In plain English, this means the qualities and attributes The Sun represents are closely aligned -- virtually indistinguishable from -- those associated with the sign Leo ... and closely associated with interests of the 5th House in a Natal Chart ... regardless of the actual sign on that house cusp.

Solar Power 6 -- The Sun in Your Horoscope ---> what it does and how ---> The Sun is the central player in your constellation of Inner Selves. His energy is literally the captain of the ship, the chairman of the board, the star of the show. His presence, his interests, his well-being and development are central to your happiness and success. He describes the state of your Essential Self, the person you are and are becoming. He defines your sense of who you are, and he helps you make many important decisions about the course your life will take.

Solar Power 7 -- What it wants -- what it cares about -- and what about the rest? ---> The star of the show ---> Your Sun energy is the central core of YOU. It wants respect. It wants adequate expression. It wants to show off its creative skills. It wants what you accomplish to be valued and important. In achieving that, you feel valued and important.


The Sun in Astrology
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From EDA: The Sun -- From Everyday Astrology ---> Everyday Astrology July 4, 2021 The Sun ---> The Sun in your horoscope defines the essence of your spiritual being. That's pretty much the standard textbook truth about this fundamental pillar of Astrology. But not all Suns are created equal, & to understand exactly what it reveals about the person or situation you're examining, the art of an accurate interpretation rests in the details.

From EDA: Sun Energy ---> Everyday Astrology ---> Sun Energy in Astrology ---> All planets in Astrology -- in your horoscope -- occupy a "sign." Each is in a sign in current day time, traveling along in its prescribed orbit around the Sun. Each was in a sign -- very likely a different one -- when you were born. This is the sign it occupies in your horoscope -- a fixed & permanent position relative to the other celestial citizens found there.

From EDA: The Sun and The Moon -- From Everyday Astrology ---> Everyday Astrology May 24, 2021 The Sun & Moon ---> The Sun and The Moon each have constant, predictable rhythms that form a natural, celestial-based clock that living things, including us ... human beings, feel & respond to. The Sun has an annual schedule, moving into a new Zodiac sign & a new energy about once a month.

From EDA: The Transiting Sun in Astrology ---> Everyday Astrology April 4, 2021 The Transiting Sun ---> The Sun travels through the 360° circle of the Zodiac every year, a trip that takes about a year. So the Sun moves about 1° a day. The Astrological year begins on the first day of Spring -- the vernal equinox -- at the moment the Sun enters Aries. From there it transits each subsequent sign in turn ... Taurus, Gemini, Cancer ... finishing finally at the close of Winter in Pisces


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  From EDA  sun  uranus  


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