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From SxS: Venus Square Saturn

by Rebecca Brents


  From SxS  

snowy branches

February 2002
Here,Ven is also con Jup

This is Venus / Jupiter in Pisces square Saturn in Gemini

Traditionally, squares between Venus and Saturn bring an energy that is aloof, structured, judgmental, self-restrained, and marked by noticeable feelings of "loneliness" and neglect.

Saturn's need for dignity, self-control, and order throws cold water all over Venus and her impulses to establish closeness, intimacy, and companionship. (You can almost hear his stern voice scolding: "Will you behave yourself!! Show a little decorum. There's a time and place for things like this. And for crying out loud, not with the lights on!!")

In its present angle to Venus, Saturn may bring some much needed realism to all this misty, free-floating emotion and generosity. You may have to remind yourself you really can't adopt the whole world after all.

You need to show a little care and discretion regarding those you choose to love -- and to whom you offer your understanding, help, and selfless service. By itself, this fluid, expressive Venus / Jupiter combination can literally "give away the store" in trying to do good for and share assets with others.

Saturn here, offers the sober reminder that the mortgage still needs to be paid, your ideas of "spiritual connection" need to show a good scoop of common sense to be worthwhile, and "love" needs to have some sensible "rules" if it is to really thrive and survive here in the material world.

Sure, you can still see the outlines of this "wet blanket influence." But as usual, Saturn's respect for "what is pragmatic and possible" ... is hard to argue with in the end.

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  From SxS  


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