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* On the Horizon
The Lunation in Cancer 2019
July 3, 2019 to July 31, 2019

by Rebecca Brents


On the Horizon is our monthly horoscope forecast for Premium Members. They receive it as an Ezine in their email or they can visit and read it on the website. It gives a detailed analysis of the month's current trends, based on the latest New Moon Lunation. It also contains specific advice and information on four important personal life areas:

  • Your outward personal interests ... where to concentrate attention
  • Your intellectual concerns ... how to use ideas and information
  • Your social and financial issues ... how to work with relationships and money
  • Your present area of creativity and power ... how and where to take action to make progress on your goals

Below is a sample of the introduction.


The Dominant Energy in the World Right Now

What we're all going through ...

It's another fearsome-looking Lunation chart this month, and after the disaster last month foretold, you may not want to let your imagination wander. We're still crawling out of the wreckage on that one -- although some upgrades to my computer system next week should help. We're waiting on the parts to arrive, and believe that will give us charts again -- for those who miss them. Count me in that number. Even when they look awful, it's still easier to look at them on my computer screen than try to hold them in my head.

As far as this month's Lunation goes, what I can say for all of us is ... we've lived through worse. That doesn't lessen this month's challenges even a little bit, because however awful yesterday ... or last month ... or last year are in memory, it's what's sitting in front of us today that takes attention ... and energy ... and time. At least in this chart there are avenues of help along with the problems. I've been describing the path of most of them in recent issues of Step by Step, but I'll put it here, too. Because repetition never hurts.

(Which is why irritating commercials on TV run over and over ... and over. Why do the worst of those always seem to be pushing new cars or trucks ... and local dealerships? There was one Barbie-doll-babe complete with Southern / Texas accent here who used to shill constantly for her husband's Toyota dealership in Santa Fe. It was regrettably named Beaver Toyota. I'm sure you can imagine the jokes that rose about which body part she was really selling. Bleached blond hair, tight leather skirts, cleavage, and a voice that could crawl right down your spine. Local citizens were set to put out a bounty on her. Then she and Mr. B. moved back East somewhere. Florida, I think. I'm positive there's a connection.)

But I digress ...

So ... this may be another memorable month for related, yet different reasons. The Lunation (Sun and Moon), Mercury and Venus all closely oppose Pluto -- and you know what that means. Life's changing circumstances confront home-and-family interests, and somewhere in the mix ... things have to change. Your life's new directions don't allow business-as-usual at in your private world, and that disruption may cause problems -- depending on exactly what this means for you.

The position of Juiter in Virgo (work efficiency) and Mars in Scorpio (active communal investments / casting away and replacing stuff) will help. But help isn't the same as avoiding the upset. Saturn (structure / hard reality) squares Neptune (illusions / dreams / fantasies) -- and I'll be writing about that real soon. (You're right. It never ends.) So let's get started.


In general, the New Moon in Cancer highlights your foundations, your home situation, your family circle, your physical housing, your sense of connection to your heritage and your own past, and your need to feel secure and stable. It sharpens your intuition, incites your emotions and calls your habits and automatic responses up for review.

Talk with family members -- and not necessarily just folks related to you by blood and marriage, but people you consider "members of the family" at home and in public! Discuss the changes happening in you, in them and in the life you share. Talk about options and future plans, things that need to change (or be discarded) to accommodate the future you anticipate.

Look at your living arrangements, your family responsibilities, your physical home ... and everything that protects you and provides the security you need for you and your loved ones. How can you make those more comfortable, more practical, more enjoyable, more supportive and satisfactory ... more livable all around. Consider how your private life can help you be a happier, more authentic person. Listen to your feelings. Listen to your intuition!!! Do things to improve what exists.

Anyone with Natal Chart placements near 13 - 24° of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn can expect this month's cosmic energies to rattle you into action ... no matter what else you have on the schedule. This range will affect a whole lot of people -- me included. Imagine my delight.


Here's what the Lunation Chart looks like this month.
The Lunation in Cancer


Specifically this month ...

Forecast statements and suggestions
on how to work with this energy follow.

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