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* On the Horizon
The Lunation in Gemini 2019
June 3, 2019 through July 2, 2019

by Rebecca Brents


  On the Horizon  

On the Horizon is our monthly horoscope forecast for Premium Members. They receive it as an Ezine in their email or they can visit and read it on the website. It gives a detailed analysis of the month's current trends, based on the latest New Moon Lunation. It also contains specific advice and information on four important personal life areas:

  • Your outward personal interests ... where to concentrate attention
  • Your intellectual concerns ... how to use ideas and information
  • Your social and financial issues ... how to work with relationships and money
  • Your present area of creativity and power ... how and where to take action to make progress on your goals

Below is a sample of the introduction.


The Dominant Energy in the World Right Now

What we're all going through ...

Well, has life gotten just too dull for you? Has the humdrum of daily routine and predictable problems turned downright boring? Are you ready for that special spice that only stress ... and an overloaded calendar ... can bring? Welcome to this year's Lunation in Gemini!! Do we have a deal for you!!!

This is what it looks like to an Astrologer. One of the tightest Mutable Grand Crosses I've ever seen ... with 60% of the Astrological sky participating. A Grand Cross (and there are three types) is a pattern formed when two oppositions square each other. Have a look at the chart. There it is in black-and-white-and-red.

Meanwhile, it's dug in for the duration ... a month of relationship problems, fast-changing events and a demand for constant "flexibility." If you're not one of the Mutable signs -- or gifted with lots of Mutable energy in your Natal Chart, this month could make you learn a whole new set of skills. And if you have plenty of Mutable energy thankyouverymuch (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces) ... you could still be onboard for a wild ride.

So ... let's talk about what's happening, and why.


All on its own, The New Moon in Gemini brings an energy that is restless, inquisitive, flexible, and far more intellectual than emotional. It's good at multi-tasking, handling plenty of trivia and details. It processes new knowledge adeptly. It loves to entertain itself, and it's wonderful fun for those who enjoy a good romp on the playgrounds of the mind.

Overloaded though -- and believe me, that's happening here -- it creates a climate stressed to the point of paralysis. You can't think straight, can't get to the point when you talk, can't set priorities or follow plans ... and you wind up running in circles because absolutely everything seems equally important. Stressed Gemini energy is scattered, shallow and air-headed ... and if those qualities aren't doing you any good (and when are they ever??) you wind up mad at yourself for being unable to focus.

Stressed is what we're looking at though. Oppositions indicate problems, so let's get down to it. Delay is nobody's friend, although there's plenty of it around.


Here's what the Lunation Chart looks like this month.
The Lunation in Gemini


Specifically this month ...
Forecast statements and suggestions
on how to work with this energy follow.

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  On the Horizon  

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