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* The Aries Landscape 2019
The Personal Planets

by Rebecca Brents


Rise and shine!!

Aries. The true start of the New Year -- according to the Cosmos. All that other stuff on January 1 is just an arbitrary, artificial man-made fantasy. Kind of like Daylight Savings Time only far less annoying. And we continue to live with the inconvenience of both of them. How amazing!

All the quiet time of Pisces is a prelude to the new beginning that starts now -- with the Aries Ingress ... the Sun moving into Aries, which, by definition, marks the beginning of Spring. The new plans that came together during the incubation time of Pisces are ready to come alive, find the assets they need to survive and prosper -- and according to the Cosmic Agenda, it's time to start another trip around the spiral.


The Sun moved into Aries
March 20
Here's how that looked to an Astrologer

Astrology chart

So what is Aries about?

Ok, let's talk about Aries. As time goes on you can fit it into your lifestyle however you choose, but at least bear these factors in mind. Of course, all the signs are special in their own ways, but Aries is a humdinger! It's the rip-roaring rambunctious start of another journey around the Zodiac spiral. If you were starting to worry about where all your energy went during Pisces ... the last sign of winter, here is where you'll find it's come back!

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