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Explaining the Eclipse
February 12th, 2017

by Rebecca Brents


Examining Friday's Eclipse
Off-and-on until August

Introduction and technical stuff

I'm writing a couple of new articles -- or maybe a whole series of articles, I'm not sure yet what the scope of this project will become -- on lunation events ... and timing and how to apply their energy more explicitly to your Natal Chart -- and by extension, of course, your life. Publication may be a little raggedy for a while, but I expect to get several pieces finished in the next week or two.

Meanwhile, here's a general one on eclipses -- our topic for today. The notations in my computer say I wrote it about 10 years ago, but to be honest, it's a little dry and technical. (I'll try to do better with what I'm assembling now.) So if you don't want to dive straight into it, frankly, I don't blame you. Let me summarize the highlights -- and save you the trip. They are points to have in mind as we dissect the impact and potentials of Friday's Full Moon -- in several bite-sized chunks.

  • A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Sun and Moon occupy the same degree of a Zodiac sign and are positioned in the sky so that the Moon blocks the Sun from view -- either fully or partially. (Earth ---> Moon ---> Sun = Moon temporarily blocks the light from the Sun.)

  • A Solar Eclipse can only occur at a New Moon event (and certainly not every one of those!)

  • A Lunar Eclipse (like the one on Friday) occurs when the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon and is in a position to throw its own shadow against the Moon. (Moon <-- Earth ---> Sun = the Earth temporarily blocks the Sun's light from reflecting off the Moon.)

  • A Lunar Eclipse can only occur during a Full Moon -- and again, not every one of those.

  • The New Moon and Full Moon every month both bring extra focus to the interests of the sign(s) where they occur and emphasis to the concerns of the House in your Natal Chart where they formed. An eclipse underscores this interest and lengthens the time it will occupy your attention.

  • If the Lunation forms aspects with a planet or other placement (like the Ascendant, etc.) in your Natal Chart -- within about 2 - 5%%deg%%, it will draw that planet's interests and energy into the action and experiences you can expect for that month. (In other words, stuff gets a lot more personal.)

  • Applying aspects between transiting planets -- or between a transiting planet and a Natal planet -- (aspects that have not yet formed but will in the next month) indicate events yet to come -- while separating aspects (aspects that have already formed but not moved beyond the allowed orb) show events that have happened, but which are still fresh ... and you're still dealing with the repercussions.

(I warned you it was mind-numbing. And that's the summary. Now, it gets easier.)

  • Eclipses were once thought to foretell misfortunes and disaster. But having grown wiser (and more experienced) through the years, we can say that's not always the case.

  • Eclipses can forecast calamity and great upsets -- but more accurately, they point to issues that have reached a crisis -- and now you have to deal with them.

  • These issues may have been building for years -- and now it's time to solve the problem and move on. Yes it can be stressful and disruptive (If it were easy, you'd have taken care of it already!!) ... but it doesn't have to be. You simply have to do something and fix the situation. Life will squeeze until you do.

  • Lunar Eclipses -- Full Moon eclipses ... like Friday's ... show a need for realignment. You need to re-balance two conflicting concerns in your life.

  • Two of your important Inner Selves have competing agendas ... and are working at cross-purposes with one another. You need to at least be aware of this -- and look for ways to reach a compromise. Compromises, remember, usually don't please everybody ... but they're a lot better than a continuing all-out war ... or a running campaign of guerrilla sabotage.

  • In a Lunar Eclipse -- or any ordinary Full Moon, the Sun side of the confrontation shows who you are becoming -- and where you're trying to grow. The Moon side of the confrontation shows old habits, deep security issues and automatic reactions that may need wise and compassionate examination. At least make conscious choices about who gets attention, which one get to wield power ... and which one "wins" when there's a problem. It's part of conscious living.


Let's try again

Ok ... now ... here's a version that's ironically a little more thought-provoking and a lot more user-friendly. If it's still more than you want to deal with on a Sunday afternoon, skip down several sections to the title that says ... "Start here -- Read this." Read from there to the end ... and that should do it for you.

I'd expected to cover more ground in this session ... but it ain't happenin' .. yet. I still have more to say about eclipses -- this one in particular. But don't worry. We have at least six months to deal with this little possum -- the next pair of eclipses happens in August, and having both a lot of time and a lot to say -- kind of works out ... when you think about it.


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