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Sun and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn Square Uranus in Aries square Jupiter in Libra
January 12, 2017

by Rebecca Brents


  SxS 2017  

The Sun joined Pluto at the Capricorn apex of the Cardinal T-Square,
as the two of them squared the opposition between
Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra.
These aspects formed around 17 - 21°.

The theme of this pattern is

A commitment to reclaiming your power and remodeling your life,
pushed by a drive for more independence and alliances with better associates.


What's happening?

I said last time that the Sun / Pluto conjunction comes around every year, but that this year it would be notable. Its involvement in this T-Square is why. Trines and sextiles are fun and easy. When they come around -- or get triggered, you can mostly ignore them if you like, or you can actively work with them. Either way, the bounty, blessings and good times flow like water. It's just a matter of how many goodies you want to gather and how much effort you want to invest to get them. They are the Easter egg hunts of life.

Squares, on the other hand, can be as stressful as a fire in a bomb factory with live explosions all around and the PA system screaming over and over, "This is NOT A DRILL." At least in oppositions you have the illusion of someone else to blame for the chaos and trouble, but in squares, the drama is intense ... and urgent ... and sometimes desperate, and the responsibility to make things happen is all on you!! So here we are. Daunting, huh? An astrologer takes a look at a chart like this and has to remind herself to breathe.

With the exception of The Sun, these are all heavy Karmic hitters ... and the action they direct for all of us will have huge consequences for the future. Life for everyone is setting itself on a different course. It will be lots better when everything is done and settled, but the disruption in the meantime could be fierce. New Age mentors talk about how the greatest growth occurs outside your comfort zone. Well, guess where you'll be dancing for a while. (Along with everyone else ... in the same situation.)

I can promise it will be educational. In time, it will be a guaranteed improvement over "business as usual" in the past. On the other side of this divide you will meet a different person -- the one you have become, who's been waiting for you to arrive. Yes, you'll also find yourself in a better class of company -- or in the company of old friends who have themselves improved a lot.


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  SxS 2017  

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