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Jupiter Retrograde
February 7th, 2017

by Rebecca Brents


  SxS 2017  

Jupiter Retrograde
Until June 9

Jupiter has turned retrograde at 23° Libra.
It will travel back to 13° Libra and turn direct again on
June 9 -- moving out of its own shadow in early September.

Jupiter retrograde marks a time when we "back up and reclaim" opportunities, potentials, bounty, profit and expansive new ventures that we either couldn't make room for in our busy schedules when they first appeared -- or which didn't seem possible (or worthwhile, or important ... something was just "off" in the timing) when we met them originally.

Now, either our circumstances have changed, or our values ... or our perspectives -- and we realize we can, indeed, have more, do more, be more, enjoy life more fully if we act on these offers. So we clear enough room in our lives and on our schedules to do so.

Remember all the times when I've said you need to pick and choose your projects carefully because there will be so many tantalizing options to tickle your imagination?

But then I also said, "Don't despair about the ones you have to temporarily leave behind. Make notes and put them aside where you can find them again, because in a little while, you can come back for them. And you'll be able to take advantage of them -- and move them into your life then. Now is not the time ... but later, it will be."

Well ... welcome to "later." This can be one of the most bountiful times of experience and education with this extremely generous and abundance-producing energy. The pieces of life you just couldn't manage to carry before may now fit ever-so-nicely into the mosaic you're creating. I always find Jupiter's retrogrades are tremendously fertile and exciting.

You get to back up, fill in the blanks, pick up those lost and abandoned pieces -- opportunities -- ideas -- you had to leave behind a while back. And in doing so ... you suddenly see a far bigger picture of potential and growth emerge ... instead of the smattering of desires, passing fancies, daydreams and other "incubation efforts" that existed before.


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Electric communication will never be a substitute for
the face of someone who with their soul encourages
another person to be brave.

~ Charles Dickens ~
(Don't know him? It's a link. Click it.)
Born February 7, 1812


  SxS 2017  

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