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Mercury in Aquarius Sextile Venus in Aries
February 10th, 2017

by Rebecca Brents


  SxS 2017  

Mercury in Aquarius
Sextile Venus in Aries

Mercury in Aquarius has formed the
approaching sextile with Venus in Aries.
This aspect formed at 5°.

astrology chart

The theme of this pattern is

Tolerance, frankness and cooperative conversations
can settle differences and set up better working conditions
where money and other people are part of the mix.


What's happening?

You'd think this aspect would happen more often. Mercury and Venus both remain constantly close to the Sun. Mercury is never more than one sign away from the Sun; Venus never more than two. The only aspects they can form with each other are the conjunction and the sextile ... but neither is that common.

Venus in Aries is forthright, even blunt, in dealing with relationships and $$$. Mercury in Aquarius is progressive, extraordinarily inventive and interested in win-win situations from the start. Put these two together, and you have a great combination for negotiating partnership and money issues -- for the long term. If you need to clear the air, settle disagreements, devise new operating expectations or straighten out priorities ... this energy blend is ready to help. It is focused on the future, intent on doing what's best for everyone -- and full of fine ideas on how to make this happen.

You can be upfront and candid about whatever's on your mind. You -- and your allies -- can think of more than one way to solve any problem. Cooperation is as good as it may be for a while. If you can't get new agreements hammered out here, you may have to seriously reconsider either your goals, your partnerships or your attitudes.

I'm not saying this is the cure for all your relationship-and-money problems. I am saying that if your issues can be helped by honesty and a pair of open minds, the time to act ... is now.



This aspect doesn't become exact until mid-afternoon -- but its energy is certainly useful now. Also, the Full Moon in Leo opposing the Aquarius Sun forms late this afternoon -- and there's lot to talk about with it this month. So, let's clear the decks early and get ready for more, more, more ... comin' atcha pretty soon.


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  SxS 2017  

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