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Sun in Aquarius Sextile Uranus in Aries Moon in Leo Trine Uranus in Aries
February 15th, 2017

by Rebecca Brents


  SxS 2017  

Sun in Aquarius sextile Uranus in Aries
Moon in Leo trine Uranus in Aries
This is one of the energies in the Eclipse Chart.
It will be one of your working assets through early August.

In Friday's Eclipse chart
The Sun in Aquarius formed the approaching sextile and
The Moon in Leo formed the departing trine with
Uranus in Aries.
These aspects formed at 22°.

astrology chart

The theme of this pattern is

Using your talents, intuition and courage
to carve out new levels of freedom.


What's happening?

This aspect in this setting actually means a lot more than that, which we will talk about before long. I've been writing like a madwoman for the last two days -- and now I have a huge assortment of notes and raw text to organize and edit, format and publish -- and in it are some interesting insights and answers as to what this Eclipse on Friday will mean to us all ... eventually.

There is no way to dump it on you all at once, and I wouldn't dream of trying. I said in our last issue that we'd be working on this pattern's effects until early in August -- and dropping a huge wad of information into one or two Ezines obliterates the chance you'll remember any of it as the weeks and months pass. (I sure wouldn't ... and I'm good at this stuff.)

So, we're back to bite-sized pieces -- enough of which make a marvelous, memorable meal. I'll have some stuff published on the website shortly, helping you apply what's happening to your own charts ... and see it happening in real life before your eyes. If you have any Natal Planets near 22° of any sign (the degree of the Full Moon opposition, etc.), you may want to follow along as the installments arrive -- or at least check in from time to time to watch the progress in an evolving slideshow of changes. There will be lots of them.

I have no less than five points in my Natal Chart situated near 22° of their different locations -- so I'm analyzing the dickens out of this Lunation -- for my own reasons -- and those of you who are interested can certainly follow along.

As I've said before, repetition never hurts. It's a standard teaching technique ... and having one place to go to sift through the archives and review the drama won't hurt either -- instead of trying to plow back through more than a dozen pertinent issues of your Ezines. These will appear at links in future issues of this Ezine.

We'll get it all said ... and in the end it will all make sense -- and if you're following along in your programs at home, you'll see your life shifting and changing in what promise to be some pretty marvelous ways. I'm delighted at the prospects. Likely you will be, too.

Last note before we dig into the actual text of today's Ezine ... there are a lot of pieces to this Eclipse chart, so I may have to make special notes when I pick up the threads here again ... as opposed to quick discussions of fast-moving transits that bring their own pieces of news and special business, but which aren't part of this seismic motion. Look for those, too, so you can keep the dual threads of development straight as we move on through daily business ... toward August.


What's happening?

You've seen this chart before ...
pointing to all the stuff going on here.
The one published above is just a piece of it.

See below for glyph meanings.


Anyway ... on with the actual show. Sun aspects indicate experiences and issues involving you and your self-image. Moon aspects show experiences and issues that draw on habits, well-established patterns and talents, memories, emotional fuel and intuition. Uranus aspects indicate experiences and issues that urge more independence and originality.

Sun / Uranus sextiles promote confidence, original solutions and the discovery of new information that helps you gain more freedom ... and solve problems quickly. Moon / Uranus trines promote powerful intuition, break-through insights, information from dreams, visions, inner voices, psychic contacts, an instinctive feel for doing the right thing at the right time.


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  SxS 2017  

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