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The Eclipse in Pisces 2017
February 21st, 2017


  SxS 2017  

The Eclipse in Pisces
Coming Sunday, February 26

Now that we're past the long holiday week-end and back to regular life, I want to do several Ezine issues on the Eclipse happening Sunday -- the 26th. That may be mostly what I write about this week, because while eclipses, like New Moons and Full Moons come and go, Sunday's is decked out in ways that beg for attention -- so let's give it some.

First of all it's in Pisces (at 8°), the sign associated w/ endings and transcendence. It's the final one in a 2 year cycle of eclipses along the Virgo / Pisces axis. Those two facts alone make it stand out as something ... unusual. Those of us living in the U.S. have seen some serious signs that "life as usual" is being rattled in fundamental ways -- and old habits and life-long responses may not handle things for us much longer.

Everywhere I look, everywhere I go, everything I read tells me the very air quivers in anticipation of major changes ... and the turmoil that follows. This upcoming Eclipse certainly resonates with that -- even if you're not real political, even if you think world events don't have much impact on your the sanctuary of your being. Private lives change, too, for many reasons and in response to many things.

What's happening out in the world is not isolated from the totality of everything else. In fact, it's a reflection of things happening underground, inwardly in all of us, on the levels where we feel and think ... and no matter how isolated and detached you are, no one is immune from that. Whoever you are, the impact of these Pisces Eclipse ripples will reach you -- and consciously or unconsciously, you will react to them.

This is not a scary thing at all, but I think it's wise to be aware they are out there, to recognize them when they show up, to look for them where they may be subtle -- or camouflaged, and to understand the message they want to deliver. Again, eclipses in folklore have a terrible reputation -- unwarranted and untrue to the point I get irritated when I see these old superstitions tossed around anew just to get people stirred up and edgy.


The Eclipse on Sunday is a Solar Eclipse ... a New Moon Eclipse. Sun and Moon conjunct in Pisces ... a doubled-up concentrated dose of Pisces energy for us all to experience and work with. As I mentioned at the start, with all this extra power and portent behind it, it deserves some extra notice. So let's do some preparation in advance ... and some follow-on work after, and be prepared for some revealing new perspectives -- because that's what's lining up to happen. You and I and everyone else are about to encounter ... changes.

Let's start with some basics. What is Pisces energy about? It is the most complex energy in the Zodiac. Since I'm writing more than one Ezine on this subject, let's do a few points now ... and a few points later ... and a few more later on. That way I think you'll stand a better chance to remember what you've read than if I hand you a 50-item laundry list of "what Pisces means" ... and leave you to sort it out alone.

Pisces is about:

  • Learning to listen to and trust your emotions, feelings and intuition. It is the most psychic sign in the whole array.

  • Being aware of and responsive to inner conditions, inner states -- inner voices and messages. It is the most introverted sign -- and lives on levels of imagination and reality some signs don't even believe in, let alone understand or comprehend.

  • Being spiritually / psychically / psychologically connected to all other realms and expressions of life -- including alternate realms of reality and experience -- such as those reached in fantasy, visions, dreams, meditation, speculation and trance. (Whenever your mind wanders off daydreaming, your Inner Self of Pisces has grabbed the steering wheel for a moment -- and taken you on one of its special rides.) Pisces understands down to its bones that this piece of reality -- physical reality -- is just a tiny fraction of a much greater whole -- and it loves to go exploring on lots of other levels.


These are some of the things we'll all be working with intently for a while ... foretold by the arrival of this Pisces Eclipse on Sunday. You can expect these bits of work to last from now until late Summer / early next Autumn ... when the next cycle starts up on another topic. Depending on how you choose to incorporate this into your life, these effects / interests / personal learning projects can last much, much longer than the calendar indicates. (Just FYI.)

Solar Eclipses are about firmly realigning your two most powerful Inner Selves -- your Essential Self and your Emotional Self -- combining the wisdom and strengths they've developed for the last several years (or at least the last 6 months) ... and becoming a stronger, more effective, more focused and integrated person. Solar Eclipses are about the changes that come from this kind of personal growth. Unless you are someone who resists this natural process tooth-and-toenail, it can be lots more exciting and educational than upsetting.

Yes, changes disturb "the way things are," but that's the only way progress happens ... and as with The Borg, "Resistance is futile." What I've listed above are three things in your life that are about to change ... and how far you choose to take these invitations and how much they become part of your daily, conscious life -- is entirely up to you. The Eclipse on Sunday will be handing you a gilded invitation and basketful of goodies to try out this new way to learn and live.

It certainly won't all happen in a blinding flash on Sunday. This is a portal opening on a world of new experiences -- that will take months (at least!) ... maybe years ... to explore and assimilate. The more consciously you work with it, the more powerful it will be for you, the more benefits you can expect to harvest, the greater its impact on who you will become -- and how you will come to view and experience your own existence. Again -- as I often say ... it's up to you. But if you're ready to make these lessons part of your daily spiritual observances -- and growth, there will be plenty of stuff here and on the site to keep you entertained and occupied.


Next time: I'll talk more about Pisces issues, setting New Moon intentions to work with -- on Saturday / Sunday / Monday and beyond, New Moon ritual possibilities for this special event ... and anything else my Inner Writer hands me.

Advance notice: If you want to construct your own personal ceremony for this eclipse and its invitations for change, you may want to assemble or prepare:

  • something on which to keep a list (electronic device, pad & paper, special section in your journal, etc.)
  • a special place in your home / room / living-&-work area where you can assemble some symbolic items (like an altar -- size is up to you)
  • a candle (suggested colors: white, pink, blue, sea green ... something which reflects Pisces energy of water element / emotions / universal love / purity)
  • maybe a few items that speak personally to you of the kind of energy / feelings I just described ... something which will help strengthen the feelings and sanctify the space you're preparing for this ritual

You've got several days now to clear your mind, focus your thoughts, put these things together and prepare for the quiet time / meditation-&-reflection energy of the Dark Moon -- which starts around 9 PM (MT) on Thursday, February 23 ... and lasts until about 4 PM (MT) on Tuesday, February 28.

(As I often tell The Weasel ... um, Our Beloved Webmaster ... "Just BE AWARE.")

More soon.

The personal life deeply lived always
expands into truths beyond itself.

~ Anais Nin ~
(Don't know her? It's a link. Click it.)
Born February 21, 1903


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