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More on the Pisces Eclipse
February 23rd, 2017

by Rebecca Brents


  SxS 2017  

February 23rd, 2017

More on the Pisces Eclipse
Still Coming Sunday (grin)

We all carry the energies of each Zodiac sign somewhere in our characters. (I know. You've heard it before. I've certainly written it before. But reminders help -- because sometimes the notion seems very foreign. There will be signs in the Zodiac you really don't want to "be like." And there will be others with whom you resonate as strongly as if you were one of its natural-born citizens. But they are all a part of us -- and vice versa.)

As we talk about Pisces this month, and especially if you are following along with the material on personal work with the Pisces eclipse, notice how you feel about this sign and its qualities ... its interests ... its strengths and weaknesses. Notice how and where these traits are part of you, especially if you don't have strong and obvious Pisces placements in your Natal Chart.


If you have Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Pisces, of course, these characteristics are going to be extremely prominent. You'll recognize them instantly and feel a powerful resonance in you as you read and learn more about them. From now until about March 20, work will (re)appear on the site that deals directly with the Pisces personality.

I chose to start this series on how to draw each Zodiac sign into your life here in Pisces for several reasons. I mentioned a couple of them last time. The New Moon in Pisces this time is part of a powerful and special Solar Eclipse. Pisces itself is a kind of "summing up" of all experience, all energies from all the other signs. No other sign is so inclusive, so accepting, so adept at relating to the human condition with its many strengths, challenges and foibles.

Finally, though, and most significantly, Pisces is the sign of incubation and ultimate closure. It is especially able to accept and release what is ready to pass on -- from physical situations to Karmic responsibilities ... positive and not so positive. It is where new arrangements are assembled to be born in reality during Aries. It is where old arrangements are dissolved back into the elements Source will use to create new structures and possibilities. In Pisces, all things ultimately return to Spirit ... are made whole ... and find peace.

It is this attitude, this backdrop that will provide the context for our work -- inner and outer -- with the Pisces Eclipse. This eclipse itself is evidence that new realities are forming. New stages of life and learning ... new attitudes and perspectives are being assembled. And in each of us, new personalities will rise to the occasion.

If you want a hand in building yours, the work on this project over the next six months -- between now and the end of August -- will help guide your education and choices. When the Full Moon forms in Pisces, opposing the Virgo Sun (on September 6), you'll have a chance to look back over the milestones and events of your journey and assess how far you've come -- and who you have become.


There are other, not-so-obvious ways you could have plenty of Pisces energy in your chart -- and so may feel its presence despite no outstanding on-the-surface evidence. If you know your Natal Chart by heart -- or have it in hand -- look and see if any of these situations apply. (The more you have -- or the stronger the individual factor -- the more powerfully Pisces energy will show up in -- and to -- you.)

  • Sun or Moon in 12th House
  • Two or more planets (any of them) in 12th House
  • Two or more planets (any of them) in Pisces
  • Sun or Moon conjunct Neptune
  • Neptune in 12th House, in 1st House or conjunct your Ascendant
  • Sun or Moon in major aspect to Neptune
  • Ruling planet in 12th House, conjunct Neptune, or in Pisces (Your ruling planet is the planet that rules your Sun's Sign.)
  • Chart ruler in 12th House, in Pisces or conjunct Neptune (Your chart ruler is the planet that rules your Ascendant's sign.)

Astrologers call any and all of these "Pisces signatures" -- evidence of exceptional Pisces energy in your character. If any of these apply to your chart, you'll gain a lot by doing this work -- and learning what there is to know about how Pisces relates to you. If, on the other hand, Pisces is negligible in your life path this time, you can still apply what you learn to the affairs ruled by the house with Pisces on the cusp.

(If you are thoroughly lost ... want some help, want some confirmation, want to do this work, want some practice reading your chart, want some buoyancy to keep your head above water, drop me a note. I'll be happy to help. Use the "Contact Us" -- Help Button -- on the front page of the site. It flashes slowly. It's near the top, in the right-hand sidebar, under the pink Lunar Light boxes, just above all the purple tags. You don't have to log-in to use it. Tell me who you are, ALL your birth data -- month, day, year, place and TIME -- and what you'd like to know. Look for an answer at the email address you provide. I can also give you a very user-friendly, easy to read copy of your Natal Chart to print out, have, look at ... whatever.)


More on preparing your Pisces Eclipse ritual.

Pisces is the Mutable Water Sign -- the most fluid, flexible, pliant of all the sensitive, emotional Water Sign citizens. (The other two are Cancer and Scorpio.) So incorporating items that symbolize water energy in your Pisces Eclipse work, ritual -- and on your home altar for the occasion, is a powerful way to build the right environment for this work to happen.

Appropriate symbols of "water energy" would be:

  • Any naturally occurring expression of water -- creeks, rivers, ponds, lakes, the ocean
  • Any man-made and maintained expression of water -- pools, fountains, waterfalls, fish ponds, water gardens
  • Art that represents water, depicts water, shows water or water life, illustrates anything listed above
  • Photographs or drawings of anything mentioned in this list -- also wetlands, aquatic birds, water lilies, frogs, fish, reeds, cattails, etc.
  • Reflective surfaces -- cut glass, mirrors, crystal
  • Bowls, cups, vases, fish bowls with goldfish, decorative bottles that hold water, apothecary jars containing water
  • Art or elements which have free-flowing form, asymmetrical shapes, wavy lines, rippling effects or currents
  • Stones, gemstones, minerals or crystals such as amethyst, clear quartz, azurite, moonstone, blue lace agate, sodalite, aquamarine, coral, blue topaz, lapis lazuli, pearls, sapphires, pink tourmaline -- or anything in this color palette
  • River rocks, beach sand, sea shells, starfish, sand dollars
  • The blue / green / gray colors -- everything from pale aqua to sea green to midnight blue to charcoal gray and black

If you have one or two (or more) such items small enough, personally meaningful to you, etc., to include in your Pisces Eclipse ritual ... place them along with your candle on the altar / place you are preparing for your ritual. They can add useful "atmosphere" to your mental work and meditation.

Other things to consider for your Pisces Eclipse ritual / altar.

  • Anything -- color, shape, symbol, item, smell, sound -- that represents peace, tranquility, serenity, silence, harmony
  • Anything -- color, shape, etc`. -- that represents unconditional love, tolerance, acceptance, inclusion, caring, compassion
  • Anything that represents healing, rest, recuperation, recovery, wholeness, release, forgiveness, seclusion, understanding, privacy, deep emotions, solitude, stress relief, peaceful sleep
  • Anything that represents creativity, inspiration, transcendence, insights, prayer, spiritual meaning, intuitive messages, divine wisdom, personal art
  • Anything that represents your Higher Self, spirit guides, Inner Selves, contact with Source / Spirit, support from other realms of awareness, faith, Karma, offerings and selfless service
  • Anything that represents dreams, visions, fantasies, meditation, inner journeying, creative visualizations, imagination, epiphanies, revelations, Third Eye experiences, intuition, your sixth sense, impressions, mystical interests -- and encounters, inner work
  • Cups suit cards from the Tarot; The Hanged Man and / or The Moon card from the Major Arcana

If you like, select some things from this list to include in your work / on your altar. Also, ... other than the candle itself, you don't have to get it all together before Sunday. If possible, plan to leave these items in place for quite a while -- maybe as long as the next 6 months.

Realize you can add to -- or subtract from -- the things here as new things appear or as you feel moved to rearrange the setting. If you are quite focused on this work, it's very likely Life will present you with some new items and other gifts to include in this arrangement as the weeks pass. "Building on the foundation" -- is how it's done.

If you're considering something for your ritual / altar and you aren't sure it's appropriate, just ask yourself -- do you see a connection -- any kind of connection -- between what you want to represent and this object? If it speaks to you, if it means X to you ... that's good enough. This is your ritual. Your ritual. You are the only one you need to please.


More Pisces Themes

As part of our Pisces Eclipse work, we're looking for ways to bring these experiences / issues / strengths / practices more consciously, more directly into our daily lives. First, a recap of the three I mentioned in the last issue of this Ezine ... then five more to add to the mix. Note which ones appeal to you ... what you really want to work on.

  • Strengthening / honoring / using your intuition
  • Paying attention to your emotions / feelings / responses / hunches / gut reactions
  • Using inner work, prayer, meditation, reflection to gain knowledge, wisdom, advice, strength, direction and additional options
  • Listening to your sources of inspiration
  • Expressing your most profound creativity and artistic visions
  • Being reclusive, withdrawn, private, introspective, peaceful, open, responsive
  • Involvement with spiritual concerns, mystical interests, magic, matters of faith, ideals, religious principles
  • Being selfless, compassionate, caring, forgiving, understanding, tolerant, accepting, empathetic, sensitive, generous

More soon.


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To stimulate wildly weak and untrained minds
is to play with mighty fires.

W. E. B. Du Bois ~
(Don't know him? It's a link. Click it.)
Born February 23, 1868


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