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Eclipse Ritual Pisces 2017
February 24th, 2017

by Rebecca Brents


  SxS 2017  

Preparing for Sunday

Ok ... some final notes. The Moon turned Dark Thursday night around 9 PM (MT). If you've followed our writing for a while, you know what this means about becoming quiet, turning inward ... and resting in anticipation of the New Moon's arrival. This time is no different.

The Dark of the Moon is a time of composure, planning and preparing -- most of it done in an attitude of contemplation and reflection, with nothing but your own thoughts, your imagination, your journal to write in and / or a "note-taking device" to write on. This can be your computer, electronic device, pad-and-paper ... whatever works for you.

Technically the Dark of the Moon lasts until the New Moon forms ... this one at 7:58 AM (MT) Sunday morning. (Call it 8 in the morning -- Mountain Time. It's easier to remember.) Some traditions consider the Moon to be dark until the first glimmer of new light appears on the right in the night sky. That takes about another 24 hours. So ... Dark Moon time is a little fluid, and can be whatever you want it to be. (I usually take all the time I can get!!)

But the Dark Moon is also a time to clear away unfinished business and blockages that you can feel may get in your way as you set up your New Moon intentions -- and prepare to start another round of travel on Life's spiral. I've dug out the longer version of the article I usually post with the Dark Moon announcement and stuck it on the site. If you haven't read either for a while -- or think it might help with your clearing-and-preparation work, you can find it here. The Dark of the Moon


Now, as you know we'll be working in the next several days specifically with New Moon intentions that call up the incredible power and subconscious magic contained in the Pisces parts of your character. To review, here are the Pisces issues I've already mentioned in prior issues of Step by Step -- and the last five categories to add to your list ... and plans.

Take a moment to read through the whole selection -- and after as much thought as you need, take out and set aside any that don't appeal to you, don't resonate with you, don't seem pertinent to your intentions, etc.

  • Strengthening / honoring / using your intuition
  • Paying attention to your emotions / feelings / responses / hunches / gut reactions
  • Using inner work, prayer, meditation, reflection to gain knowledge, wisdom, advice, strength, direction and additional options
  • Listening to your sources of inspiration
  • Expressing your most profound creativity and artistic visions
  • Being reclusive, withdrawn, private, introspective, peaceful, open, responsive
  • Involvement with spiritual concerns, mystical interests, magic, matters of faith, ideals, religious principles
  • Being selfless, compassionate, caring, forgiving, understanding, tolerant, accepting, empathetic, sensitive, generous
  • Seeking self-care and solitude for enlightenment, spiritual growth, physical / emotional / psychological healing
  • Receiving messages / insight from inner voices / synchronicities / spiritual guidance / "answered prayers" / your Higher Self / occult tools
  • Working with dreams, visions, journeying, fantasies, creative visualization, conversations with your Inner Selves and Spirit
  • Working behind the scenes, in the background, in an invisible / supporting role, anonymously, without recognition, thanks or compensation (sometimes even without appreciation)
  • Making restitution / finding "meaning" in what you've experienced / dealing with Karma or karmic issues

I told you Pisces was complex.
I meant every word.


Take the remaining items; see if you can generalize them into broad inclusive categories that can be covered with a single statement or short paragraph that starts, "I intend to ..."

For example if you want to work with the general outlines of the first three bullet-points, your statement of intention might read like this: I intend to pay more attention and give more respect to my inner feelings and reactions, to better understand myself and gain wisdom by integrating my different levels of consciousness. (Feel free to steal this statement word for word if it works for you. OR ... feel free to reword it and rewrite the general focus behind your desires until it does fit.)

A statement of intention for the second block might read like this: I intend to become more introspective and open, to pursue new paths of spiritual study and use what I learn in my life and creative work. My goal is to become a more compassionate, sensitive and generous person. (Again, if you like this ... it's yours. Or write one that does reflect your feelings and designs.)

Or ... you might want something like this: I intend to create a life more in line with my spiritual beliefs, to see my existence as a work of art, to reflect this in my work and the services I give others. My goal is to live from a more tolerant, accepting, understanding attitude where I and the people I love -- and the people I meet -- can come together in peace.

For the third block ... maybe something like this: I intend to become more aware of life operating on many levels, many unseen and "magical," many easily ignored and overlooked. I will become more aware of my own spiritual dimensions and the support available from those sources. My goal is to find more meaning in life, to heal any lingering Karma and to build an improved life for myself and others by working quietly but consistently for the greater good of all.


Between now and Sunday, come up with three to five solid statements of intention (as in the examples) that say exactly what you mean, how you feel and what you want to accomplish with this wealth of Pisces energy you'll meet -- and receive -- over the next 6 months.

Write these sentences and short paragraphs down. Edit them until you are satisfied. Read them over several times between now and Sunday. Make sure your Higher Self is listening ... and that s/he is on board with what you want to do. Print out your statements -- or write them down in long-hand (remember that lost art?). Fold the page and set it under your candle. Arrange your sacred symbols or other objects on or around your altar in a way that pleases you ... and you're ready to greet Sunday's New Moon.


Some final considerations -- as a way to make this ritual especially meaningful to you: Do you want any special music playing during your ritual service? If so, arrange to have it ready. Do you want to burn some incense? If so, get it ready. Do you want any special clothes or accessories? (Your robe and pajamas are perfectly fine.) An afghan or shawl? Pendant or jewelry? Have them ready.

Select a comfortable place to sit or recline. You'll need a comfortable chair -- (It can be near your altar, or not. It doesn't have to be.). Or, you may want to be propped up in bed with lots of comfy pillows around. For that matter, you may want to sit on a yoga mat on the floor. Whatever works for you where you can find a relaxed, meditative mood for your Sunday ritual. Know what you're doing and have your stuff arranged ahead of time. (You may also want to have something to drink on hand -- water, juice, milk, wine. I suggest you not opt for anything harder. [smile])

Meanwhile, eat nourishing food. Get plenty of rest. Make this a time of serenity and peace.

And no, we don't know where it will lead.
We just know there's something much bigger
than any of us here.

~ Steve Jobs ~
(Don't know him? It's a link. Click it.)
Born February 24, 1955


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  SxS 2017  

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