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* It's Astro-Logical #16
Mercury Direct

by Rebecca Brents


In today's world ...

Life is rarely simple. In fact, when it is, we notice the change ... and it's usually welcome. Well, as they say, "As above, so below," -- and it works the other way, too. When Life has lots of stuff happening -- whether it's fun and especially if it's not, the recent patterns in the sky will tell the story of what's going on ... and why.

Today's world is like that. There are a number of interesting things in "the stars" -- some of which speak of significant changes, some are the ongoing tale of why things are as they are ... and the messages those situations contain. One thing Astrology has helped me observe and respect is the basic unity of life. The separate pieces are part of one magnificent whole, and they all respond to each other.


It's part of the journey

"The Stars" don't cause what happens. They reflect what exists ... what's happening now and what's going to happen. They show the energies that are forming far enough in advance to serve as a forecast. That's certainly more useful than if they showed up after the fact. Don't you agree?

Astrology has a place in the conduct of a conscious life. At least it does for me.

So, let's talk about what's happening now -- and what's setting up for tomorrow ... and one step at a time we'll fill in the blanks. That's one of the beauties of internet -- you don't have to write everything at once like you do in a book. In fact, it's better if we break it down in small bites. Today's Cosmic Smorgasbord has a lot to offer -- and a lot to digest.

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