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Jupiter Ascending 1
Tiny Treats About Jupiter

by Rebecca Brents


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The Great Benefic
Tiny Treats About Jupiter

When people just getting acquainted with hear about Venus, the "love & money" planet, their ears perk up & they want to know right away how they can tap into that. But if they hang around a little while longer, they learn they really want to cozy up to Jupiter -- the planet of generosity, wealth, abundance, prosperity & luck. Right away their interest shifts.

But there's lots more to Jupiter than simply having the Midas Touch, although he gives a pretty good imitation of that. Jupiter is tolerant & expansive. Whatever he touches grows & prospers, but he comes wrapped in some very cerebral garments that give him much more dimension than just being some hedonistic rich guy with money to burn -- & a pathological willingness to share his fortune & largesse.


One of Jupiter's main interests is higher education -- acquiring sophisticated knowledge & wisdom, collecting advanced academic degrees, learning all he can about the subjects that interest him & becoming a recognized leader in his fields of expertise.

Jupiter is also about teaching-&-learning. Even in casual settings he sets out a buffet of interesting things he knows & invites others to either enjoy what he's provided or contribute their own offerings to the feast.

He's a natural teacher, always willing to mentor those who want to learn what he knows, but humble enough to become a student again himself when he finds someone more learned than he is with more knowledge to share. And he transfers this benevolence directly to the children of the Zodiac sign he rules ... Sagittarius.


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