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* Jupiter: The Gifts of a Lifetime

by Rebecca Brents


wide angle view of the valley
Jupiter is about seeing life
from The Big Picture perspective

It's about values

I could make a case that The Sun, The Moon, and every planetary placement in your horoscope are about values. The Sun is about self-identity ... the values you want to embody and display by being the person you truly are.

The Moon is about family values ... emotional values ... habits, instincts, and legacies from your past. Mercury is about intellectual values and interests. Venus ... social and financial values, the kind of values you show by the company you keep and the way you "put your money where your heart is."

Mars is about ambition ... what you're willing to strive for, work for, what defend. Obviously, these are powerful values you're willing to put yourself on the line for.


Saturn is about the structures you value. Uranus ... about the freedom. Neptune ... the spiritual values you hold literally "sacred." And Pluto is about what you value enough to tear apart and put back together again better than before.

But Jupiter is usually the planet that holds center stage when the subject is "values" ... because here's where your philosophical values are found.

Jupiter represents and describes the things you believe, the ethics you hold, the "religious concepts" you subscribe to, the things you want to tell others about what you've learned from your education -- both your formal-in-the-classroom instruction ... and the kind that comes from the experience of living.

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Jupiter in Astrology
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Basic Stuff About Jupiter in Astrology ---> About Jupiter ---> * Jupiter is by far the largest planet in our Solar System. It is the fifth planet from the Sun and orbits between Mars and Saturn. * It takes Jupiter about 12 years to circle through the Zodiac, and it normally spends about a year in each sign. * Jupiter usually retrogrades in each sign as it travels, and spends about 4 months in retrograde when it does.

Jupiter -- Speaking of Luck ---> Jupiter -- Astrology's symbol of luck ---> Astrologers associate Sagittarius with luck, and point to Jupiter / Sagittarius placements, signatures and energy as indicators. Supposedly if you have lots of them in your chart -- such as a Sagittarius Sun, Moon or Ascendant, or other bits of Jupiter goodness, you've got an edge on the rest of us. Maybe I should amend that and say we've supposedly got an edge on everyone else.


Jupiter in Astrology
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* Jupiter Retrograde -- Expanding Your Latest Creation ---> Jupiter's interests ---> Jupiter represents your philosophical beliefs and ethical principles. It describes your ability to share authoritative knowledge ... the wisdom you've gained both through academic study and through the simple experience of living. These are the lessons you teach through the example of your own life by the ideas that guide your choices and the actions you take as a result.


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