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Speaking of Luck

by Rebecca Brents


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Jupiter -- Astrology's symbol of luck

Astrologers associate Sagittarius with luck, and point to Jupiter / Sagittarius placements, signatures and energy as indicators. Supposedly if you have lots of them in your horoscope -- such as a Sagittarius Sun, Moon or Ascendant, or other bits of Jupiter goodness, you've got an edge on the rest of us. Maybe I should amend that and say we've supposedly got an edge on everyone else.

I've got Sagittarius Rising and a pretty happy Jupiter in my chart. For the record, I adore them. Still there were times when I didn't give this "luck" thing much credence, but overall, I can see why they say that. On the surface there's a lot to be said for being born under a "lucky star." But as someone who sees this rosy picture from the other side, I can say there's a lot of work that goes into it.


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Jupiter, Ruler of Sagittarius

Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the sign of optimism, benevolence, generosity, faith, higher learning. It's also the sign of exuberant confidence, known to take risks when others don't dare. Let me tell you, that's where the "luck" comes in. Jupiter lives by Nike's slogan, "Just Do It." In fact, Sagittarians have been doing exactly that for centuries before that company was even invented.

"Just Do It." There's magic in that kind of courage. And I suppose having Jupiter's supportive energy on your side to begin with doesn't hurt. Align yourself with the Jupiter in your horoscope, and you'll be showered with riches galore. The problem is ... they're not always the kind of currency you can spend. Wealth comes in many forms, and the condition of Jupiter in your horoscope tell the kind you value.


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Jupiter -- The first of the Karmic planets

Jupiter is also a Karmic planet ... so the kind of wealth I'm describing is highly personal and highly relevant, built up over centuries and lifetimes of learning, work and practice. It will mean something to you -- when you realize how easily you can go overboard when you lose yourself in its magic and how you have Karmic blessings to harvest, including talents you can count on.

So when we talk about Jupiter's fabled luck in envious tones, let's admit as well there are different kinds of luck. There's bolt-from-the-blue, winning the lottery, literally dodging a bullet kind of luck ... and there's the luck that's really a pay-off made from drawing down on past investments to support yourself in the present and add to the personal storehouse.


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Jupiter's luck is available to everyone

Framed that way, you can see that kind of fortune is the kind everyone can accomplish if they just apply themselves appropriately. Also, Saturn's kind of pay-off ... "luck" if you will ... comes from work that requires patience, self-discipline, serious effort and a heaping helping of drudgery. But Jupiter's bounty is not just abundant, it comes from doing stuff you enjoy. No wonder people get jealous.

They'd be better off to invest that energy learning to work with Jupiter themselves. It's easy, TBH. That's the point.


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