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What Does Jupiter Mean in Astrology

by Rebecca Brents



black highway through open country
Jupiter deals with long-distance travel
and wide open spaces

Jupiter's Meaning in Astrology

* Jupiter is Astrology's symbol for luck, generosity, optimism, higher education, expansion of all sorts

* Jupiter deals with higher learning, sophisticated knowledge, teaching abilities, ever-expanding expertise & wisdom. The Jupiter-ruled person is always learning more about his subject to become a wiser, more educated, more valuable member of society.

* Jupiter rules social standards, cultural concepts, morality, ethics, law, religion and philosophy as well as advanced education

Basic Stuff About Jupiter in Astrology
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aerial show of mountains
Jupiter takes life from the Big Picture view

Jupiter deals with advanced education

* Jupiter governs the functions of higher learning and the abstract mind.

* Jupiter energy encourages you to explore new ideas and new horizons -- physically and intellectually. It encourages all kinds of growth and expansion.

* Jupiter energy is present in the formulation of your ideology, your religious beliefs and your spiritual principles.

Quick Notes on Jupiter
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monastery in Tibet
Jupiter deals with foreign ideas,
foreign travel, foreign culture

Jupiter deals with long distance travel
and "foreign ideas"

* Jupiter also rules long-distance travel and encourages contact with foreign cultures -- to learn how they think and operate and adopt what they have of benefit to offer

* Jupiter encourages you to specialize in some area of expertise, to acquire advanced knowledge and skills you can use in your professional life.

* Jupiter inspires a notorious level of good cheer and optimism. It is also associated with luck and good fortune, because a positive mindset naturally attracts fortunate opportunities and abundance.

Jupiter -- Speaking of Luck
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field of wildflowers in summer

Jupiter is Astrology's most positive
most benevolent, most expansive symbol

* Jupiter's energy is kind, benevolent and generous -- and it helps you develop those virtues, It wants you to grow and flourish and provide a living, practical example to others of how to live an accomplished and prosperous life.

* Jupiter does everything on a grand scale. It always goes wide and large. It does nothing halfway and never on the cheap.

* Jupiter is highly popular among people who follow mainstream astrology (And who can blame them? Jupiter and his generosity are fabulous!!)


trail through tall grass

When things go wrong with Jupiter

*Negatively, Jupiter is associated with weight gain, excessive behavior, hypocrisy, laziness and sloth.

* Excessive Jupiter energy leads to overweening self-confidence, delusions of grandeur, overspending and providing nothing of value.

*Jupiter stressed (or going overboard -- a common fault) is known for preachiness, moralizing, over-confidence and grandstanding.


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* What Does Jupiter Represent in Your Natal Chart? -- What is it ... and why is it important? ---> Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the last sign of autumn -- November 22 to December 21. ---> Opening up your world ---> Jupiter, colorful and immense, dwarfs the Earth by comparison. It is named for the mythological King of the ancient Roman Gods. (The Greeks called him Zeus.) In Astrology, it symbolizes your philosophical foundations, your urge to expand beyond existing intellectual, educational and cultural limits ...

* Jupiter: The Gifts of a Lifetime ---> Jupiter is about seeing life from The Big Picture perspective ---> It's about values ---> I could make a case that The Sun, The Moon, and every planetary placement in your chart are about values. The Sun is about self-identity ... the values you want to embody and display by being the person you truly are. The Moon is about family values ... emotional values ... habits, instincts, and legacies from your past. Mercury is about intellectual values and interests.


More about Jupiter

* Jupiter Retrograde -- Expanding Your Latest Creation ---> Jupiter's interests ---> Jupiter represents your philosophical beliefs and ethical principles. It describes your ability to share authoritative knowledge ... the wisdom you've gained both through academic study and through the simple experience of living. These are the lessons you teach through the example of your own life by the ideas that guide your choices and the actions you take as a result. Jupiter's energy helps you expand your personal circle of influence and touch the lives of those who can profit from the standards you set.


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