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Fun Facts About Libra
The Zodiac's People-People

by Annabelle Leigh



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Libras seem to come with a special sense of how to cooperate, compromise and get along with their fellow humans. They value good manners, etiquette, courtesy and decorum. They know how to negotiate ... and reach accord on win-win situations, even when they wind up going the extra mile to accommodate the needs and preferences of their partners.

They value peace, harmony, fairness and justice. They work to support good relationships, productive teamwork efforts, congenial attitudes and pleasant, attractive surroundings. They work constantly to create these -- and promote conditions where everyone can enjoy the company, appreciate the ambiance ... and thrive, physically, socially, emotionally.


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The Basics of Libra
The 7th Sign -- the Beginning of Autumn

Libra is the 7th Zodiac sign -- the fulcrum point in the 12 Zodiac sign circle. The Sun's arrival in Libra -- around September 22 every year (give or take a day) marks the Autumnal Equinox, the tipping point where the hours of day and night are equal in length. From that point until the Sun moves into Capricorn -- the day of the Winter Solstice, the hours of daylight are shorter, the night-time hours longer.


With the Sun's arrival in Libra every year -- an event that marks the beginning of Autumn, we are halfway around the Zodiac. The Sun in Libra also marks the end of the first six Zodiac signs -- the ones concerned strictly with personal interests and personal development -- Aries through Virgo.

From here until the end of Pisces -- and the beginning of another astrological year with the arrival of Aries, the signs are concerned with relationships, social interests, society in general and the presence of other people -- the partners, allies and competitors we have to take into account to successfully navigate life.


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The Sign of Balance

The Zodiac sign for Libra is the Scales -- the Balance. It is the only Zodiac symbol represented by an inanimate object. All the other Zodiac symbols are either humans or animals. Or, in the case of Sagittarius, a mythological hybrid -- but a "living creature" nevertheless


The fact that Libra is associated with so many "halfway" points in the Zodiac and in life -- halfway around the Zodiac circle / halfway through the astrological year / the arrival of the Autumnal Equinox -- and the symbol of Libra being the Balance ... the Scales -- is repeated once again in the concern Sun Sign Libras have for parity, equality, balance, fairness, justice, partnership, harmony and teamwork in life.

This theme is one of Sun Sign Libra's defining characteristics. Other planets placed in or passing through Libra will also show these characteristics & share this focus.


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And Elegance

People who feature prominent Libra energy in their character have a sociable nature, a graceful personal presentation & a naturally pleasant & accommodating disposition.

"Prominent Libra energy" means there will be significant indications of Libra's presence in their horoscope -- such as the Sun or Moon in Libra, an Ascendant (or Rising Sign) in Libra, several other planet placements in Libra or a well-populated 7th House.


Libra is the Zodiac sign concerned with partnerships, balance & moderation -- the sign of cooperation & temperance. People born under the Libra Sun or Libra Moon ... or who have other factors that give them prominent Libra energy have notably charming, graceful, elegant personalities. They enjoy people. They have good manners. They know how to conduct themselves to get along with practically anyone.

They often have a distinctive personal style in the clothes they wear, the way they groom themselves, how they decorate their homes & workplaces. They will also have unusual appreciation for various expressions of art and culture. Beauty, aesthetics & presentation are important to these people -- and it shows.


Tasteful is a strong quality in people with prominent Libra. There's elegance in their presentation, grace in their movement. Their courtesy & manners are always on display along with their friendly, welcoming attitude and pleasant disposition. These people know how to get along with others -- and are proud to teach the rest of us by example.

They are poised, charming & gracious, even as children. They know how to dress & how to behave. Their mere presence puts people at ease. They create lovely homes & tranquil surroundings. Being part of their world is a treat by itself. There is something attractive & "beautiful" about Libra that goes far beyond the aesthetics & surface appearances. It's how good you feel when you're around them.


Librax want to be well-liked and popular. Their fabulous people-skills & pleasant personalities help a lot with this. They know how to manage social occasions. They make harmony & "getting along" a priority. They are excellent judges of people -- and can sense the dynamics at work in virtually any situation. They know how to be fair and objective. They give great advice -- and others count on Libra for this.

Their impartiality & ability to objectively assess "both sides of the question" makes them good negotiators, arbitrators, counselors, legal professionals & political animals. Some people say the art of compromise is where both parties walk away equally unhappy, but Libras can often manage to make both side feel they ended up winners. It's a talent -- and an important one.




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