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What Makes Libra Special?
Halfway around the year

by Rebecca Brents


In Libra, we become more aware of other
people and our need for close connections.
Libra is the shift in consciousness and focus that
leads to shut-down, closure ... and ultimately, renewal.


bench and pumpkins

Halfway home

Of course all the signs are unique and special, each for different reasons. But in the line-up of creative energies that describe life's total experience, some have a little extra luster. Libra is one of these.

With the arrival of Libra every year, around the 22nd of September, we've once again reached the halfway point in the Zodiac's annual progression. Libra is the 7th sign of 12. In the natural Zodiac that starts with 0° Aries, it rules the 7th House, the first house above the horizontal line (known as "above the horizon") in the horoscope.


autumn lake birch trees

In a world with other people

Houses 1 through 6, and all the signs that rule them ... the signs between Aries and Libra, are involved with individual needs, property, activities and perspectives. They represent the process of the individual establishing himself in the world and learning to survive as a distinct and separate entity.

Beginning with Libra, however, that focus shifts. Now, other people become a part of your world -- and they require consideration.


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No longer alone

Starting with Libra, you begin to define yourself and your interests in relation to others. There's a sense of competition and potential conflict that weaves its way through all the conduct of the next 6 departments of life.

But there's also cooperation and support available that isn't a big part of the experiences in houses 1 - 6 -- or in the signs Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo or Virgo. You can conduct the business of those signs and houses pretty much on your own.


autumn path through trees

Many kinds of partners

But starting with Libra and continuing on through Pisces ... passing through Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius all the way to the end and back around to a new beginning in Aries, communal and social needs and connections will dominate in life's drama. In the sign of Libra is where those connections take hold and begin to blossom.

These run the range from the intimate partnerships of spouses and significant others to the special connections between business partners and close friends ... people you feel are basically "your other half," to the team-players who lend skills and support in important projects where you are one of two or more people charged with important responsibilities, to any associations you have with agents or legal representatives -- people empowered to act on your behalf, to your connection with "the public" and other people in general.


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autumn path foliage

Connections and celebrations

Obviously everyone has dealings with "the public" and these vaguely defined others, but for some people like celebrities, performers, public speakers, athletes ... anyone whose work accumulates a following or fan-base where their personal performance and reputation are vital ... they have a relationship with "their people" not unlike that with an actual spouse.

They depend on approval, support, agreement, and other social currency from their audience the same way most of us do our life partner -- which may explain why many of these special stars find the competition between their marriage interests and their "public demands" can be pretty fierce.


autumn leaves

Welcome to autumn

Libra, as I said, with its virtual fixation on relationships and partnership, is where this focus on the opportunities and challenges that come with other people in the world ... begins.

Libra also arrives at a special time in the astronomical calendar ... and a holiday in the pagan / earth-based religions -- the autumnal equinox. This is the date when the sunlight and night-time hours are equal, the mirror image of the vernal equinox in Aries. With the advent of autumn comes the harvest -- a traditional time of many celebrations as the work of planting, tending, growth and maturation comes to another (hopefully) successful close.


autumn hillside

Better together

Now, as the day's grow shorter, there's an urgency to get things stored, preserved, prepared and insulated. Cold weather is coming, and the business of survival requires that you be able to make it through the darkness, the lean times, the short days and snowy weather ... to arrive eventually at the starting point of newness once more, when Spring comes again.

Libra is the starting point where the focus changes from growth and expansion to closure and dormancy. It's no longer a time for rugged individualism and the insistence that we can go it alone. We need other people. We need to join forces and combine assets. We need each other to make it through the winter.

When it comes to survival, we're better together. Libra knows this ... somewhere in the memory of the collective unconscious. And when it arrives, again with its energy of cooperation and sociability, we are all made aware of it ... again.


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