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Basic Stuff About Mars Retrograde

by Serenity Chappell


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The planet of action & self-assertion

* Mars turns retrograde every 25 - 26 months and stays that way for between 60 and 80 days. It covers anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees in its backward trek. Only Venus retrograde intervals are less common.

* Mars is Astrology's metaphor for raw physical energy / the ability to do work and get things done. It's your drive and initiative, your powers of self-assertion and aggression. It also represents your instincts for self-protection and your sex drive -- the way you express your passion and what you do to show love.

* All planets in your horoscope (there are 8 of them) have a retrograde cycle. Being "in retrograde" changes the way the energy of that planet expresses itself. The energy of the retrograde planet become quieter, indirect, internalized, introspective. Often you have to go back & change, fix or correct things that impede you in working with that planet's issues.


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It's all up for review

* Retrograde energy can be frustrating & confusing. Solving problems, untangling snarls, straightening out strategies & intentions, rearranging structures, breaking things apart & rebuilding, or shoring up & strengthening things (or replacing them) are common items on your To-Do List when a planet is Rx. Basically you have to rethink & rework how you function with that planet's energy. (Learn new tricks!!)

* When Mars turns retrograde the things it represents are "up for review." It's time to reassess how you handle this energy and whether you think your tactics meet your needs and get what you want -- or whether its time to find a new approach and do something different.

* It's also time to do work over in the area where Mars retrogrades. Things you thought were over and done with or finished a long time ago now prove themselves to be inadequate for the future. They need to be stronger. They need to provide different features. They need to be redone to provide something other than what they offer now.


red flowers

A time of reassessment & self examination

* Mars Rx often brings back experiences of unresolved anger / unresolved conflicts so we can re-do them. It gives us the chance to rethink our habits & tactics -- & adopt something more effective / more able to meet our needs / more likely to help us survive.

* Mars Rx is also a time to re-examine your plans, motives & intentions / to ask yourself where you're going & why / to see if what you're aiming for really fills the requirements, meets the needs, or does the job that needs doing. When Mars comes out of Rx, you'll have a whole new perspective / changed plans / different assets to work with / more focus / better intentions / more energy / an adjusted direction.

* You'll see the world (and your path) with "fresh eyes." Life itself may have taken on a new, different, improved, or stronger meaning. As a result you may need (or choose) to modify your behavior / your self-assertion & act differently


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