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Basic Stuff About Mars in Astrology

by Serenity Chappell


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About Mars

* After Venus, Mars is the next closest planet to Earth. It is located between Earth and Jupiter. It is the fourth planet from the Sun.

* Mars takes about 2 years to complete its circle through the Zodiac. It stays in each sign about 6 weeks, but it retrogrades once every two years. That retrograde cycle can keep it in a single sign for up to six months -- or, of course, it can divide its retrograde path between two different signs.

* Mars retrograde is a time of doing work over, work you've already done once ... and thought was over and done with. But when Mars retrogrades, you discover you want something different, or stronger or more extensive. So you haul out your tools and get started.

* Starting with Mars, the planets can be in any sign of the Zodiac. They are not dependent on the position of the Sun itself, unlike Mercury and Venus who both remain in very close proximity to the Sun in your horoscope. Mercury is never more than one sign away from the Sun, Venus never more than two. So once you locate the Sun in your horoscope, Mercury and Venus are easy to find.


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More About Mars

* Mars rules Aries, the first sign of the Natural Zodiac. It is also associated with the 1st House of the horoscope -- the house of the horoscope that begins with the Ascendant -- the position in the Zodiac where the Sun rises each day. The first house deals with personal presentation and self-assertion.

* Mars is known as The Red Planet -- and as a star it seems to glow a reddish color in the sky. The red comes from the iron oxide that makes up most of the surface of Mars ... which means Mars is basically rusty. It is also a favorite feature in science fiction as a possible host to alien forms of life.

* In the physical body, Mars rules the head and the skull.

* Just as Venus is essentially pure feminine energy, Mars is essentially considered pure masculine energy. It gives information in your horoscope and therefore your personality about how you can and do use this fundamental force. Everyone has this; everyone needs this. Everyone needs to also understand how it works -- so they can gain the benefits they deserve and require.


Bonus Feature

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Sciencey Stuff
Fun things to know about
Mars the planet

* Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun. It orbits between the Earth & Jupiter. Right now, it is the second smallest planet in the Solar System. Mercury is the smallest. (And if scientists ever get straightened our and agree where Pluto fits in all this, Pluto will be the smallest -- again.)

* Mars is the last of the terrestrial planets -- a planet composed of rocks (silicates) and minerals (iron). The other three terrestrial planets are Mercury, Venus and Earth. The other planets in the Solar System -- Jupiter through Neptune -- are gas giants. Pluto, once again the odd one out, is composed of rock and ice.

* Mars is about half the size of the Earth & twice the size of the Moon. Mars and the Earth, however, have about the same amount of land mass, because about 2/3 of the Earth's surface is covered in water. The surface gravity of Mars is only about 1/3 that on Earth.

* Although the same materials exist on both the Earth & Mars, they are present in different amounts. Scientists believe Mars & the Earth formed around the same time, but they evolved to be very different. Both Earth & Mars condensed out of a massive cloud of hot gases around the Sun about 4.6 billion years ago.

* Then both planets cooled & formed the spherical shapes they have today. Both planets have dense cores & hard exterior crusts. Water had a role in the history of both. Because of its smaller size & mass, Mars cooled much faster than Earth. This, along with its lower gravity resulted in a faster loss of volatile materials from Mars -- such as water & gases


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Mars is the ruler of Aries

* Born with the Sun in Aries -- The Aries Character ---> Aries is the Spring Fire Sign ---> Direct and to the point ---> Passion is never a problem for Aries. Nor is self-assertion. Nor is being downright pushy and tromping on toes if that gets a job done. Aries is long on initiative and ambition, notoriously short on tact -- and few will apologize for that. Whoever first said, "Lead, follow or get out of the way," was an Aries through and through.

* The New Moon in Aries -- Aries Energy in the Creative Process ---> The place of new beginnings ---> With the arrival of Aries we have indeed arrived again at the place of our beginnings, having traveled another cycle on the spiral of the creative process ... from the initial thrust of new efforts and undertakings in dynamic, assertive Aries last year to the spiritual enlightenment, dissolution, acceptance, and release of Pisces last month.

* The Mars / Aries Person -- Aries Signatures in a Horoscope ---> Red is a Mars / Aries color. ---> Combinations of Mars / Aries energy ---> Mars / Aries energy can be seen in a number of different patterns or placements in a person's Natal Chart. All the following combinations give the Mars / Aries energy of spunky independence and self-assertive ambition to anyone who owns them, but some are not obvious to the non-astrologer.


Mars Retrograde

Basic Stuff About Mars Retrograde ---> The planet of action & self-assertion ---> * Mars turns retrograde every 25 - 26 months and stays that way for between 60 and 80 days. It covers anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees in its backward trek. Only Venus retrograde intervals are less common.

Quick Notes on Mars Retrograde ---> The symbol of energy and assertiveness ---> * When Mars turns Rx we confront our use of assertive / aggressive energy, our motives & strategies, our ability to meet our own needs -- & insure our survival, our impatience, our temper & temperament, our initiative, our use of stamina & assets, our ability to do work & get things done. We examine whether our habits & actions are effective & consider what we might want to change.


Mars in Astrology
From the Blogs, Ezines & Elsewhere

From EDA: Mars ---> Red is a Mars color!! ---> In Roman mythology, Mars was the God of War, ranked second only to Jupiter, the King of the Gods. To follow the symbolism, once you have enough individual power to assert yourself and affect your surroundings, and enough abundance to feed and support yourself, and the assurance that you deserve to be here, you can turn your attention to other matters.

Mars Retrograde -- From Everyday Astrology ---> Everyday Astrology October 29, 2020 Mars Rx ---> It's not news. Mars is Retrograde until November 13. It's been in its own shadow since July 25, and will not emerge until January 2. Maybe that bodes well (a little bit) for 2021 being a better year than 2020. It would almost have to be, but we've learned these are times with no guarantees.


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  mars  500 Words or Less  Serenity by Starlight  


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