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Changing Times / Changing Signs *
Forecast for Mars' Transit of Gemini 2021

by Rebecca Brents


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red flowers
Red is a Mars color -- Yellow is a Gemini color

Mars in Gemini

Gemini is an energy about learning, collecting data, acquiring knowledge & information & figuring out a conscious interpretation of what it all means & what life itself is all about. It is associated with flexibility, cleverness and sharing what you know with others -- and learning what they have to offer in return. From this, in Gemini, you develop your personal perspective -- the stories you tell yourself about life.

In Gemini, you learn to use your conscious mind for the marvelous survival and educational tool it is -- or at least that's how it's supposed to work. In theory. On paper. You pick up on interests -- frequently described by the sign Mercury occupies. You learn how to use what you know to your advantage. You learn where and how to use information and facts -- and where and how to find them.

In mundane matters, Gemini is concerned with intellect and mobility. It asks questions. It gets answers. It advertises what it knows and shares with people who are doing that, too ... and who have different treasures to trade. In Gemini, you move around. You look at different sources and options. You make choices -- and "filter" your database to make it more useful. You read, write, think, talk & do research.

Gemini is mobile, reactive, cerebral ... and inventive. It loves to collect trivia and combine diverse points of information to create possible answers, new things to think about and viewpoints that haven't been sufficiently considered. It also loves to tell everything it knows.

With Mars' arrival here ... in the Zodiac's 3rd Sign, these are the issues onstage for the next six weeks in matters that involve action, initiative, self-assertion, self-defense, sexuality ... and generally "getting things done." Mars is concerned with all things that require pure physical energy.
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Gemini & Mars in Gemini

* The Personal Signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer -- They Operate Through Direct Action and Experience ---> Up front and uncomplicated ---> The first four signs of the Zodiac are the Personal Signs -- Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. They engage life and understand the world through their own direct actions and experiences. Their ambitions don't depend much on other people's cooperation or group support. They are fairly stand-alone in who they are, what they do and what they want.

* Speaking of Mars Gemini -- A casual essay about this combination ---> From practical Taurus to curious Gemini ---> When Mars moves from Taurus to Gemini, the change takes some of the pressure off your financial interests and fires up your intellect instead. For some, that's a good exchange. Taurus doesn't deal well with pressure in the first place, and Gemini is far more flexible. It will at least research tactics for solving a problem -- or getting things done, and motion itself creates momentum in ways simply ....

When Mars is in Gemini -- Your Action Self -- In the Sign of Intellect and Invention ---> The meeting of mind and action ---> When Mars is in Gemini, people focus on interests that are intellectual and inventive. Attitudes are clever, imaginative, quick-witted, and versatile. People talk more, read, write and study more. There is a restlessness in the air ... and an emphasis on communication and mental skills as tools to "get the job done."


Mars & Gemini
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From EDA: Gemini ---> Everyday Astrology May 21, 2020 Gemini ---> The Season of Gemini arrives every year. It is the third season of the Zodiacal year ... the start of a new intense focus on "everyday learning" for everyone, not just those with strong Gemini energy in their horoscope. It starts around May 20, when the Sun moves into Gemini & closes out the Season of Taurus. Gemini is the Mutable Air Sign. That's Astro-speak for "intellectual & flexible." One of Gemini's greatest strengths & characteristics is his ability to adapt.

Mars in Gemini ---> Everyday Astrology March 5, 2021 Mars in Gemini ---> Mars in Gemini brings a natural tension. Here you have physical energy -- the Life Force, able to move, do things, create change, accomplish work & make stuff happen, etc. -- in the realm of ideas, data gathering, communication & thought. This environment is extremely adaptable, supple, changeable & full of different pathways, interests & options to investigate & map.

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  mars  gemini  forecast  


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