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* Changing Times / Changing Signs
Forecast for Mars' Transit of Taurus 2019

by Rebecca Brents


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Introductory notes

Mars transits show how you take action, your use of physical energy and how you assert yourself in the world to get what you want from it. As Mars passes from one sign to the next, its attitudes and tactics on how to go about its business ... changes. They show how you try first one set of methods and then another while working with your objectives -- both short- and long-term.

Mars aspects show how you behave ... and how your behavior impacts both the area of life where Mars is currently focused and other connected areas as well. They show which of your Inner Selves is helping in his efforts and how. And they show which ones are interfering ... and why.


Each aspect partner has his own agenda -- which may or may not work gracefully with your plans or what you're trying to do at the moment. Mars aspects show these moments of meeting on the path.

Mars aspects are "in effect" for about three weeks after the aspect forms. In real life, however, you may deal with their concerns -- or see events that correlate with their energy show up even a week or more beyond that.

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