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Quick Notes on Mars Retrograde

by Serenity Chappell


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The symbol of energy and assertiveness

* When Mars turns retrograde we confront our use of assertive / aggressive energy, our motives & strategies, our ability to meet our own needs -- & insure our survival, our impatience, our temper & temperament, our initiative, our use of stamina & assets, our ability to do work & get things done. We examine whether our habits & actions are effective & consider what we might want to change.

* Mars energy is designed to make sure you survive, using any means necessary. Once survival is assured, Mars helps you prosper. It competes to make sure you have resources. It pushes back to make sure you have space. It defends you & your interests / your property / your status.

* Mars' often unsavory reputation comes from its rulership of things like anger, temper, frustration, brutality, violence & warfare. For reasons both practical & regrettable, all these issues may be important to life in a physical world.


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Retrograde doesn't feel normal

* Mars Rx may not feel "normal" -- as if you're out of touch / out of step / have "lost your mojo" / lost your energy & initiative. Your usual ways to "get things done" ... don't turn out the results you expect.

* Mars issues often put individual needs & desires up against social expectations ... & pressure you to not rock the boat / play the game / comply / "zip it" / just do your job / take a cold tater & wait

* Mars Rx can have a two-steps-forward-one-step-back (if you're lucky) feel to it. Or it can feel totally stagnant -- like trying to run a race underwater. You may have no energy / no initiative / no momentum to the point that every gain you make, you lose fairly quickly -- & have to start over. It can have a real sense of struggle / swimming against the tide / being stalled & stuck.


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About Mars
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From EDA: Mars ---> Red is a Mars color!! ---> Everyday Astrology February 6, 2020 Mars ---> In Roman mythology, Mars was the God of War, ranked second only to Jupiter, the King of the Gods. To follow the symbolism, once you have enough individual power to assert yourself and affect your surroundings, and enough abundance to feed and support yourself, and the assurance that you deserve to be here, you can turn your attention to other matters.

Mars Retrograde -- From Everyday Astrology ---> Everyday Astrology October 29, 2020 Mars Rx ---> It's not news. Mars is Retrograde until November 13. It's been in its own shadow since July 25, and will not emerge until January 2. Maybe that bodes well (a little bit) for 2021 being a better year than 2020. It would almost have to be, but we've learned these are times with no guarantees.


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