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Quick Notes on Mars In Astrology

by Rebecca Brents


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Mars represents physical energy

* Mars in Astrology symbolizes physical energy ... and how you use it. Therefore it gives information about your capacity for action, your natural initiative, passion, aggression, temper, self-defense and your sexual style.

* Mars energy is assertive and forceful. It wants a goal to pursue and a direction to channel its action. It is the power behind the things you do, the things you desire, your ability to make things happen and get stuff done. It is a vital component in achieving ambitions.

* Mars is the symbol for energy, action and self-assertion. It also contains the ingredients of self-confidence, initiative & passion. It gives information about what motivates you, what kind of goals you set for yourself and how you go about pursuing and achieving them.


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Mars is temperamental

* When it's operating positively, Mars is direct and adventurous. It helps you go after what you want ... and assert yourself well. Basically, it is the Warrior Energy in your spirit, and even if you only use it to defend yourself and others or protect what you value, you need to have good access to it.

* When it's impeded, frustrated, unhappy or when the situation calls for extreme measures, Mars energy can be impulsive, impatient, aggressive and violent. It does not deal well with things like delays, limits, obstacles and opposition -- and if enough of these pile up, its reactions can be ... unfortunate.


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Mars energy is a key factor
in how you get things done

* Mars can be active or passive -- or aggressive or passive / aggressive. It shows how you express your passions ... and where that is directed. It describes your ambitions and the quality of energy you invest to achieve them. Mars energy needs an outlet for expression.

* Mars in your horoscope shows what motivates you, what excites you enough to take action, how you pursue your desires, how you express yourself sexually, how you ask for love and how you express it in return.


Bonus Feature

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Sciencey Stuff
Fun things to know about
Mars the planet

* Mars is nick-named the Red Planet because of its distinctive reddish color. The red is because the rock & dust covering the surface of Mars is rich in iron which, having been exposed to enough oxygen over the millennia has turned to iron oxide. Basically, Mars is rusty.

* Mars has a thin atmosphere mostly composed of carbon dioxide. Without enough atmosphere to protect it from heat loss, the temperatures on Mars are much colder than those on Earth.

* On Mars the Sun appears about half the size as it does on Earth. Sunsets on Mars are blue. During the martian day the sky is pinkish-red, this is the opposite of the Earth's skies. This is also the result of the different atmosphere's here on Earth -- and on Mars.

* The composition of Mars' atmosphere is very similar to that of Venus. Both consist mostly of carbon dioxide. But the runaway greenhouse effect that operates on Venus produces temperatures in excess of 900° F. while temperatures on Mars never exceed 70°. Venus' atmosphere is extremely thick; Mars' atmosphere is very thin.

* Mars atmosphere is so thin the atmospheric pressure is only about 1% of that found at sea level on Earth. The equivalent pressure on Mars is found around 22 miles above the Earth. This area is part of Earth's stratosphere. This is the area where most commercial airliners fly ... and weather balloons travel.


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Mars in Astrology

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* Mars Retrograde -- Doing Work Over Again ---> Red is a Mars color. ---> Mars -- retrograde in Aquarius ---> Mars has turned retrograde in Aquarius. This happened on June 26 and its effects will be showing up soon. I see them at work already in my life. (And if you know what to look for, you'll see them in yours.)

* The Mars / Aries Person -- Aries Signatures in a Horoscope ---> Red is a Mars / Aries color. ---> Combinations of Mars / Aries energy --Mars / Aries energy can be seen in a number of different patterns or placements in a person's Natal Chart. All the following combinations give the Mars / Aries energy of spunky independence and self-assertive ambition to anyone who owns them ....


Mars is the ruler of Aries

* Born with the Sun in Aries -- The Aries Character ---> Aries is the Spring Fire Sign ---> Direct and to the point ---> Passion is never a problem for Aries. Nor is self-assertion. Nor is being downright pushy and tromping on toes if that gets a job done. Aries is long on initiative and ambition, notoriously short on tact -- and few will apologize for that. Whoever first said, "Lead, follow or get out of the way," was an Aries through and through.

* The New Moon in Aries -- Aries Energy in the Creative Process ---> The place of new beginnings ---> With the arrival of Aries we have indeed arrived again at the place of our beginnings, having traveled another cycle on the spiral of the creative process ... from the initial thrust of new efforts and undertakings in dynamic, assertive Aries last year to the spiritual enlightenment, dissolution, acceptance, and release of Pisces last month.


About Mars
From the Blogs and Ezines

From EDA: Mars ---> Red is a Mars color!! ---> Everyday Astrology February 6, 2020 Mars ---> In Roman mythology, Mars was the God of War, ranked second only to Jupiter, the King of the Gods. To follow the symbolism, once you have enough individual power to assert yourself and affect your surroundings, and enough abundance to feed and support yourself, and the assurance that you deserve to be here, you can turn your attention to other matters.


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