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Things to Know About Mars in Pisces

by Rebecca Brents


  Astrology in Action  

Acting in secret

From March 2002*

Mars in Pisces, however, is a complex energy with plenty of pitfalls to consider. First of all, it's an indicator of taking action secretly, privately, covertly. This can certainly describe a desire to maintain strict confidentiality about your work -- for any number of legitimate reasons ... including everything from simple shyness to outright paranoia.

But, you may also be acting out of anxiety, phobic responses, or even obsessions -- for the darker sides of this energy include "acting compulsively" -- or even insanely. It can indicate you are acting without all the information you need -- or perhaps acting on incorrect information.

It indicates taking action indirectly or obliquely because of -- or despite -- fears you may not want to acknowledge. It can also indicate sabotage and self-sabotage -- and being blocked by something you can't define, describe, or "get a grip on," something nebulous, mysterious, or intangible.

In other words, something sneaky or unknown may be happening behind the scenes and out of sight that hinders your action or that will cause you to act differently once all the pieces to the puzzle reveal themselves.

So, while the creative ideas may be fabulous -- the action you take at this time may not do them justice. Or you may be reluctant to openly reveal just what is going on -- for some reason. Or someone else's behavior may undermine your efforts.


Notes about Mars Pis Squ Sat Sag

The house which holds Mars shows where you will try to offer quiet help, sympathy, support ... or other kind gestures -- and where you're likely to feel pretty offended and self-pitying when they don't get the reaction you wanted. The blockage comes somehow from matters ruled by the house that holds transiting Saturn. Something here has you dug in hard ... inflexible, stubborn, short-sighted, unwilling to loose up or examine your prejudices.

What is your real agenda with the action you're taking at the invitation of this Pisces Mars? You're either not being honest with yourself, or you're not being realistic in what you expect. Being a little more self-protective here would be a really good idea!

Ultimately, you'll find you are the biggest obstacle in your own way. Meanwhile, the affairs of the houses that hold the square ... and your Aries and Capricorn houses suffer the consequences.

How can you work with this?
  • What is your real agenda with the action you're taking at the invitation of this Pisces Mars? You're either not being honest with yourself, or you're not being realistic in what you expect. Being a little more self-protective here would be a really good idea!

  • How are you being prejudiced, unreasonable, too rigid, defiantly stubborn ... basically your own worst enemy ... in dealing with matters ruled by the house that now holds Saturn?

  • If you can't find a good way around this in the short term, waiting will help. Once Mars moves into Aries in late February, life will change and give you lots more room to maneuver. (The truth is you will change ... but that's neither here nor there. There are lessons here about the value of self-assertion over self-sacrifice if you care to note them. It takes maturity and perspective to not just get lost in seething and resentment ... feeling victimized and unappreciated. But honestly, for an evolving soul, it's worth the effort.)


Notes on Mars in Pisces

From Dec 2001*

Mars stressed and added to this volcanic mixture ... increases the potential for violence even further. If its influence lasts long enough, violence is virtually inevitable. Corrupted Mars energy in Pisces is sneaky, underhanded, covert, secretive, "disguised," and subversive. It is action done with the sleight of hand.

It can undercut an opponent who "never saw it coming." It can also twist an adversary into participating in his own destruction. Stressed Mars in Pisces can also take action that is literally insane in its lack of meaning, purpose, and logic.

Right now Mars in Pisces is square to Saturn in Gemini ... which indicates frustration, blockage, hindrances, impeded action, and impatience with pesky little things like "laws" that "get in the way" of what it wants to accomplish.

It brings a very distasteful and backstabbing energy to a situation it sees as containing "obstacles" it has to get around by any means possible -- and these underground tactics I've described are its way of accomplishing this.

Mars in Pisces is also square to Pluto in Sagittarius ... which is one of the classic combinations of revolutionary violence enacted through sabotage and acts that leave "no fingerprints" ... in response to philosophical fanaticism. This is a pattern tailor-made for tragedy based on the excuse "I didn't have any other choice."

Right now, I'm sure you can see how this energy is affecting nations on the global stage. But it is also affecting human beings on a personal level ... and we do need to keep this "nitroglycerin" combination in mind for the next several weeks.

Right now, in many ways, the stage is set for some very dangerous "stuff" to explode ... and off in the shadows where you cannot see it happen, Mars in Pisces is ready to strike the match and light the fuse at the slightest provocation.

Getting through the dates I've described will get us through "the worst of it." But until we've been steady and without incident long enough to declare that we're not going to see unfortunate (now there's an understatement!!!) repercussions from something begun during this virtually criminal "mindset" of the present moment ... we're not really out of the woods entirely.

Do be careful.


From Dec 2001*

When Mars is in Pisces, people focus on actions and favor ambitions that are creative, peaceful, retiring, visionary, and transcendent. They use tactics and perspectives that are compassionate, sensitive, idealistic, imaginative, and sympathetic.

This energy is known for being "active" regarding artistic interests, personal creativity, the need to retreat into meditation and memories, and the ability to contact the wise resources of the subconscious mind.

There is also emphasis on spiritual faith, mystical interests, issues of remorse and regret, the desire for forgiveness and atonement, a sense of "merging" into contact with the "Divine," and more direct attention goes to matters of personal psychological growth, healing, and therapy.

There is further emphasis on experience with altered states of consciousness, matters of self-understanding, sacrificial service, work carried on "behind the scenes," and the desire for seclusion, isolation, and privacy.

Under stress, people may act in ways that are helpless, hypersensitive, confused, neurotic, and hysterical. Their ambitions may be vague, impractical, vacillating, disorganized, unrealistic, secretive, obsessive ... and in extreme cases, fraudulent and self-destructive.

The positive energy of this position certainly is appropriate to the holiday season. Unfortunately in the time right around Christmas itself, Mars will have moved into a T-square configuration with the already difficult Saturn / Pluto opposition. Given that Mars / Saturn squares are notoriously frustrating, often producing (and indicating!) great resentment, that Mars / Pluto squares are physically hazardous and dangerous, and that afflicted Mars in Pisces is known to be "sneaky and underhanded," this does not bode well at all for a peaceful, trouble-free Christmas season.

Many of the less attractive qualities of Mars may be much in evidence during a good part of its travels though this sign this year. The advice from here is: don't let your imagination run away with you regarding "what might happen," but do be extremely cautious and err, if at all, on the side of safety.


* Articles in the extensive series "Things to Know About" are constructed from information originally published in Step-by-Step, our Premium Members several-times a week Astrology Ezine. This Ezine has been continuously published since late November 2001. The material is published here mostly for my convenience. It is not intended to be finished, organized, polished or even complete. Some of it may be notes that don't even make a lot of sense, but you're welcome to look at it.

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  Astrology in Action  

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