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When Mars is in Aquarius
Your Action Self
In the Sign of Independence and Rebellion

by Rebecca Brents


Aquarius is an Air Sign.

Action with a unexpected twist

When Mars is in Aquarius, actions and attitudes have a progressive, altruistic tone. This energy promotes humanitarian, adventurous, and extremely future-oriented ventures. People are less infatuated with "tradition" than they were when Capricorn energy was in the driver's seat. They are ready to experiment ... to try approaches that are novel, unorthodox, imaginative, and versatile. (Make of that what you will.)

You may seek useful contacts through group ventures such as clubs, associations, educational classes and seminars, philanthropic organizations, social networks, professional alliances, and activities shared with friends. You're want to connect with "like-minded thinkers" ... to gain the power of group unity. Sometimes a show of support from you and a few (or a few thousand) friends can succeed where you ... as a lone voice of virtue crying in the wilderness ... haven't a prayer.


Looking toward the future

You focus on gaining your hopes and dreams, reaching the professional "payoff" you deserve and improving life's quality for everyone ... including future generations. This is an inclusive, idealistic energy that wants a "better world for mankind." But it also likes to get together with friends and just have a good time. So, touch base ... and socialize ... but look for original, unconventional, "unique" entertainment. (Election night was the very definition of ... unique.)

Under stress with Mars in Aquarius, actions and responses are extreme, erratic, radical, unreasonable, and unstable. Unpredictable at the best of times, Aquarius energy can be literal dynamite under pressure.

Ambitions are eccentric, inconsistent, and excessively impulsive. Attitudes -- and reactions -- are demanding, exasperating, defiant, and rebellious. And you may be the target of these ... from frustrated, unhappy people ready to do whatever it takes to solve their problem or get some relief. Too many people have been ignored for too long, and until we deal with their issues, this problem is not going to improve.


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