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The Mercury in Taurus Conundrum

by Rebecca Brents


Mercury in Taurus is in one way an air planet in an earth sign ... and in another way an earth planet in an earth sign. One way works a little better than the other. Mercury as an air planet -- ruler of Gemini -- is a bit too cerebral and abstract in its approach to reality to suit the tastes of ultra-pragmatic Taurus.

Mercury is inventive and clever. It works with ideas and information. It's also flexible and loves diversity. It can work with two opposing ideas or bits of knowledge at the same time -- and manage the dissonance just fine. It can see both sides of an argument ... and argue both sides of a question. It is light on its feet, exceedingly mobile ... nimble and agile as all get-out.

You couldn't find a more opposite description of Taurus attitudes and interests if you tried. Mercury in his high-strung, flighty, channeling ideas from outer space mode drives Taurus crazy. Crazier even than he drives the rest of us.

Taurus is realistic and sensible. It thinks slowly, talks slowly, comes to decisions and conclusions slowly. It believes in what it can hold and count, taste and touch. If something's not a sure part of the physical world -- with form, substance and heft -- Taurus doesn't give it much thought.

Sometimes, it's not sure it's even real. It disdains the abstract, intellectual parts of life -- like theories and concepts -- with a scoffing dismissal that ends the discussion. And there's no arguing with Taurus once he's made up his mind.

Mercury in his earth-based work clothes though is a better fit. Earth-oriented Mercury is sane and sensible. Taurus loves that. Earth Mercury wants to use his knowledge and ideas productively. To Taurus that means "for profit." And ok ... close enough. It works. Earth Mercury focuses his interest in chores, and jobs and the best way to get something done. Taurus, with its plodding attitudes and its fixation on conserving energy and resources ... works with that just fine.

Mercury's talents for order, schedules and planning fits nicely with Taurus' requirement that each next step on its agenda follows the one before in a sensible, predictable sequence. Taurus likes to get from Point A to Point B in a straight line, if possible -- and rolling downhill is even better.

And if Mercury can figure out the "best way" to do that ... and believe me, he can ... Taurus will be happy to let this feisty fellow take the wheel ... while he settles down for a snooze.

So that's the Mercury in Taurus conundrum. And, by the way, Air Mercury sports a rich vocabulary. And Taurus hates big, fancy words.

Mercury in Virgo, however, is another matter -- and part of Mercury's legendary versatility is that he can shift gears ... and play by a different set of rules. So it is that Mercury in Taurus has problems to overcome, problems it bumps up against, just because of its components.

Mercury in the earth-based work clothes of Virgo is logical, analytical and discriminating. Virgo is all those things ... and loves them a lot. Mercury is rational and precise with a fine eye for details and imperfections. (It's why trying to debate someone with a strong and lively Mercury is like trying to corral smoke.)

Virgo virtually lives to apply its knowledge and talents to the service of others ... as well as itself. Work is its watchword. It wants to make life easier, healthier, smoother and more orderly with the things it knows and the energy it invests. It wants to find the best way to handle everyday chores and routines. Mercury can get behind that notion all day long ... and does. Here its ability to shift gears and find a way that works fits both its nature and that of fussy, picky Virgo. They can both agree ... whatever gets the job done well is aces with them.

Mercury in both signs can drive another person wild. With Mercury in Taurus, it's because thinking is too stodgy and dull. With Mercury in Virgo it's because nothing is ever prefect. But the earth / earth combination works tirelessly to make it so.


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