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Basic Stuff About Mercury Retrograde
Here's what you need to know

by Rebecca Brents


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Mercury Retrograde is an optical illusion

* Mercury Retrograde is an optical illusion caused by our perspective from Earth, the fact that both Mercury and Earth are in motion orbiting the Sun, and the fact that Mercury moves faster. Mercury is not really reversing course but it appears to be.

That's really all you need to know. If you can just accept that and move on, great. If not, do some research. Use the internet. It's full of answers.

* Mercury Retrograde is an astrological / physical / metaphysical phenomenon associated with periods during the year when technology goes awry, communications get scrambled, traffic gets snarled and congested (more than usual), travel plans change -- or get disrupted ... and turn into a general hassle (That's fine. I hate traveling!) and information is not reliable.


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Mercury Retrograde isn't the end of the world

* Mainstream news and conventional wisdom make Mercury Retrograde a lot more intimidating than it is ... or than it should be. It's not the end of the world. It happens a lot -- 3 or 4 times a year. You've lived through it a lot. Chances are you'll live through the next one. But Mercury Retrograde can be annoying -- and inconvenient. I'll grant you that.

* Mostly Mercury Retrograde is a convenient scapegoat for when people get delayed, deliveries miss their schedule, misunderstandings occur, your email -- or lovingly written, carefully polished document -- vanishes into the ether, you get a flat tire ... or your computer crashes ... expensively. Yes, these things happen when Mercury isn't retrograde, but they happen lots more often when he is.


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Mercury Retrograde is both simpler and
more complicated than its reputation suggests

Believe me or not. I'm not here to persuade you. I've learned ways to deal with Mercury Retrograde that work for me. You can either learn ... and hopefully implement ... some of the advice you find here. Or you can carry on as usual. Your choice. It always is. And Mercury Retrograde has absolutely no influence whatsoever on that.

* There's a "shadow-mode" associated with Mercury Retrograde that extends its influence -- and may account for some of those times when "Mercury Retrograde things" happen when Mercury isn't actually retrograde.

This shadow-mode begins from the time Mercury first crosses the degree of the Zodiac it will retreat back to during retrograde and lasts until it passes the degree where it turned retrograde ... once it finally goes direct again.

I know that sounds confusing, but it's pretty simple. Think of it this way: Mercury Retrograde's "effect" begins about two weeks before it actually turns retrograde ... and lasts about three weeks after it turns direct. This anticipation and lag-time is Mercury Retrograde's shadow.


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Mercury Retrograde -- you'll survive

* So ... to survive this little dip in the road, back up your data. (Do this. Don't even think twice. Do this. Srsly.) Give yourself more time to get places -- and get things done. Expect problems. Do what you can to prevent or allow for them. Double check everything.

* Keep your sense of humor. Look for the message within the message. Let Mercury Retrograde do its thing. Know you'll get through it. Stay calm. Don't let the media hype -- or Mercury Retrograde's well-deserved reputation as a trouble-maker -- get to you.


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