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* Mercury in Capricorn
The mind of the politician,
the military leader,
the captain of industry

by Rebecca Brents


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In Astrology, Mercury symbolizes the conscious mind, personal intellect, mental capacities and communications skills, the personality components that deal with learning, data gathering, informational exchange, the handling and applications of knowledge, critical judgment, and logic, discrimination, and analysis. On a social level,

Mercury also represents mobility, travel, interpersonal understanding and communication, comprehension, and the ability to make rational, informed choices and decisions.

Mercury in Astrology: Basic Stuff | Quick Notes on Mercury

Mercury's position by sign and house gives information about your mental skills, the way you use your mind, the areas of life which have your focused intellectual attention, your intellectual bias and viewpoints, the things you find interesting and want to know more about, your ability to have your ideas and knowledge make an impact on the world.

In other words the ways you "show off" what you know, the way you apply reason and logic, your capacities for discrimination and analysis, your criteria for solving problems, and the way you communicate.


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Capricorn's energy is involved with public status, professional achievement, and establishing oneself as an authority in the world ... someone deserving of respect, honor, recognition, and even fame. Where these commodities of social commerce are concerned, Capricorn can be even more fixed than Libra on presenting the right image, showing manners and moral correctness, and finding acceptance from "the public."

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Mercury in Astrology
Light Reading & Open Articles

Mercury -- Physics, Metaphysics and Myth -- Part 1 ---> Physics ---> Mercury is the closest planet in our Solar System to the Sun. It is about twice the size of Pluto, but for now, it's the smallest official planet since scientists decided to mess around and demote Pluto down to "dwarf planet" status ... for a while. We'll see what the future brings.Mercury is also classified as a "terrestrial planet," meaning it's made of solid rock and dust, etc. In structure, it is the most similar planet to Earth.

When You Know Your Own Mind -- Mercury's role in your horoscope ---> What does your Mercury tell? ---> As you investigate Astrology & harvest the wisdom it offers on the human experience, you move from the ubiquitous information on Sun and Sun Sign energy ... into the misty & mysterious realms of the Moon and its meaning. From there, you meet Mercury -- the symbol of the mind, the consciousness, the intellect. It's the most distinctive feature that separates humankind from Life's other sentient beings.

Sciency Stuff About Mercury -- Fun things to know -- about Mercury the planet ---> All in a day's work ---> * In our Solar System, Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. Because of this proximity it is not easy to see except at twilight. Mercury also orbits the Sun so quickly, early astronomers believed it was actually two different stars -- one which appeared in the morning and another in the evening. * A year on Mercury is only 88 days. (This is the time it takes Mercury to circle the Sun once.)


Mercury in Astrology
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* Mercury in Your Natal Chart -- Fore, Aft and Center ---> Yellow is a Mercury color! ---> Metaphor for the mind ---> Mercury, named for the Roman god of commerce, communication and messages, has come to symbolize in Astrology, the way a Native employs his mind, wit, charm, and intellect. It describes the way he communicates his thoughts, views, and opinions, and the way he acquires ... and applies ... the knowledge and information he uses to manage his life.

* What Does Mercury Represent -- in Your Natal Chart? -- What is it ... and why is it important? ---> In mythology, Mercury was the winged messenger of the Gods. ---> Your mind -- at work and play ---> In Astrology, Mercury represents your conscious, rational mind. It tells a lot about your intellectual self; your ability to study, learn, analyze, communicate and work with information. Mercury depicts your capacity to form ideas and opinions, the way you deal with facts, and the way you process data.

* Mercury -- Ruler of Gemini -- Ruler of Virgo ---> Yellow is a Mercury color! ---> The metaphor for your mind ---> Mercury, quick, intense, lively and highly mobile -- racing its way around the Sun faster than any of the other known planets, is the astrological metaphor which symbolizes an individual's mental and communications skills, the intellectual components of his personality, the inner self that deals with physical movement, informational exchange, discrimination, learning and analysis.


More about Mercury

* Mercury: Symbol of Your Intellectual Self ---> Yellow is a Mercury color ---> Your mind, intellectual energy & assets ---> Mercury in Astrology is the symbol for your conscious mind with its amazing array of accessories and gifts. That's the short answer to the question, "What does Mercury represent?" ... because the Sun, Moon & all the known planets have distinct meanings in Astrology. But like most quick short answers, this one is incomplete. Mercury doesn't just symbolize your mind ....

* My Notes About Mercury -- A comprehensive list -- of random things about Mercury -- in no particular order ---> Yellow is a Mercury color!! ---> The symbol of your mind ... your intellect ---> * Mercury is Astrology's symbol for your intellect, your conscious mind. It's that wondrous, mysterious part of you that deals in sensory messages -- the experience and meaning you get from the things you see, hear, taste, touch and smell.

* Mercury in General -- What Mercury in Astrology Means -- Your Inner Selves of Learning and Work ---> Learning stuff, using your mind and putting it to work ---> Like Venus, your Mercury energy describes two inner selves. One manages your mind and all its talents; the other is in charge of the work you do ... the ways you use your skills and abilities to help others and build the kind of life your want for yourself. Again, as with Venus, these are usually reduced to the basic categories of "mind" and "work," ....


Mercury in Astrology
From the Blogs, Ezines
and Elsewhere

From EDA: Mercury -- From Everyday Astrology ---> Everyday Astrology December 9, 2020 Mercury ---> I went looking tonight to see what I'd written on the planet Mercury for this feature. (Never mind why. I just did.) Turns out the answer is "not much," so let's correct that. The Sun and the Moon get plenty of attention, & Mercury is just as important. All the planets are, actually. Each one is significant & deserves his time in the spotlight. I declare tonight, it's Mercury's turn.

From EDA: Mercury Retrograde -- From Everyday Astrology ---> Everyday Astrology February 2, 2021 Mercury Retrograde ---> All the planets in a traditional horoscope have a retrograde cycle, an optical illusion from the perspective of Earth when the planet seems to reverse course & for a while, move in the other direction than its usual path. Mercury retrogrades more often than any other planet -- usually three times a year for about three weeks at a time. It happens so often & the effects are so notorious, the phrase is in the common lexicon.

From EDA: Mercury Direct ---> Everyday Astrology November 20, 2019 Mercury Direct in Scorpio ---> When Mercury is retrograde, news arrives that will change your plans and perspectives. You revisit and often revise your intentions ... because the mix of life itself is shifting, and you have to wrap your mind around these different facts and possibilities. It's not over the top to say you understand reality differently. That's the purpose of Mercury retrograde. Kind of a fruit-basket-turnover of how you perceive yourself and your choices.


More Mercury in Astrology
From the Blogs, Ezines
and Elsewhere

When Mercury Leads the Sun -- Mercury passes and moves out -- in front of the Sun ---> Yellow is a Mercury color. ---> Racing ahead, out in front like he ought to ---> When Mercury leads the Sun, your intellectual shift moves gradually out of the pensive, reflective, "planning mode" you've occupied for the past several weeks, and you're ready to talk, write, and share ideas openly and freely again with "strangers." This is the stage in the intellectual cycle where you consult with others, gather in new information ....

When Mercury Trails the Sun -- Mercury retrograde moves behind the Sun ---> Yellow is a Mercury color. ---> Quiet time ---> In the next few weeks you'll become more contemplative, spend more time in planning and research, quietly consider what you've learned recently ... and what you want to do next with yourself, your life, your interests, and your mind. With Mercury in a trailing position, you will be more observant and less talkative, more intuitive and less expressive ....

* Mercury ... and the Miracle of the Mind -- Astrology's Search for Intelligent Life ---> Yellow is a Mercury color! ---> Your mind makes you special ---> As an Astrologer I see both the mundaneness of common knowledge -- handling the basic facts of awareness and everyday rituals -- and a touch of miracles in Mercury. In Astrology, this planet named for the winged messenger of the gods represents your conscious human mind, the part of you that makes you a member of the most intelligent species on the planet, the part of you that makes you human -- and sometimes fallible.


Transiting Mercury Passes the Sun -- From Everyday Astrology ---> Everyday Astrology Friday -- May 24 ---> Mercury after a time in retrograde recently has caught up to the Sun again -- and passed it. Now, Mercury is out in front, taking the lead -- and this brings a subtle but definite change in how your mind operates and how you work with knowledge and language. When Mercury retrogrades behind the Sun, where he follows the Sun for a while, you are in a pensive, contemplative, watchful "research" mode. Mercury behind the Sun is less talkative and more observant. But when he moves ahead of the Sun, as I said, this changes ...

From EDA: Moon and Mercury ---> Everyday Astrology March 19, 2020 The Moon & Mercury ---> I intended yesterday's segment to be mostly about Mercury, but my Inner Writer decided to go in another direction. She does that sometimes. But that got me thinking. True, the Moon and Mercury are two astrological citizens that "don't get much respect." For a long time, I, too, usually brushed over them. They were there, but what did they really do? How did they really matter? It seems to me ... in the days before the internet, there was a general feeling that "most people think ....


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