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Mercury in Your Horoscope
Mercury in Astrology

by Celeste L. Walker


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What does your Mercury tell?

As you investigate Astrology & harvest the wisdom it offers on the human experience, you move from the ubiquitous information on Sun and Sun Sign energy ... into the misty & mysterious realms of the Moon and its meaning. From there, you meet Mercury -- the symbol of the mind, the consciousness, the intellect. It's the most distinctive feature that separates humankind from Life's other sentient beings.

Like the Sun and the Moon, Mercury also occupies a Zodiac sign. This is true of all the planets and contributes to the diversity of character in humans beings. Interpreting the information in your Mercury sign reveals a wealth of knowledge about how you think ... and your natural perspective, your "take" on the world.

Because Mercury is always found close to the Sun in your horoscope -- in either the same sign as the Sun or the sign immediately before or after, it defines a fairly narrow swath of life interests & perspectives where your mind necessarily operates. Your Sun Sign defines those limits. One is inextricably tied to the other.


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Mercury's position tells a lot

In Astrology, this fact alone reveals something important about your character, your personality, your way of working with life, and your way of experiencing the world. It gives essential information about how you think, what you find interesting, how you form ideas and opinions & how you express yourself with thoughts & language.

Other components in your Natal Chart -- your horoscope -- fill in their own important details, but Mercury shows what influences your perceptions, what you're apt to find significant & the focus through which you explain to yourself how the world works.

This astrology placement describes your mind's basic focus, the slant you'll naturally take in dealing with Life's situations. It shows how you study, learn, do research, engage with the rest of the world, form opinions & beliefs, express yourself & share information with others. These are the traits and interests through which you'll join the global conversation.


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It's one piece of a much bigger puzzle

In Astrology, the qualities of your Mercury Sign will describe how you understand & explain what's going on around you, how you define your place in the process. It also describes how you apply what you know in the work & service you perform for yourself, the people who depend on your efforts & the "people you work for" in both your paying job ... & your personal life.

Mercury's placement is one piece of a multi-faceted puzzle. Only one. There are several dozen essential elements that go into describing who you really are. But, yes, Mercury's placement is an important thing to know ... usually an easy one to determine ... and once you have your horoscope in hand, you're set & ready to go.


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