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* Mercury Retrograde in Libra
Rethinking Your Partnerships & Alliances

by Rebecca Brents


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Yellow is a Mercury color

Mercury Retrograde in Libra

When Mercury is retrograde in Libra, it's time to reconsider all things that involve your relationships with other people -- but particularly people with whom you have some kind of obvious legal or partnership connection.

This covers people like your spouse, your significant other, your business partner, people who are your partners in teamwork ventures, any people who act "on your behalf" -- such as agents, lawyers, publicists, etc., and people who comprise your connection to the public in general.

Basic Stuff About Mercury Retrograde
The Positive Side of Mercury Retrograde

Libra deals with people who are in some way "your other half," your alter-ego, your support system, your allies, your "back-up." Mercury deals, of course, with communications, contracts, ideas, opinions, "common wisdom," information, how you use and share knowledge, ... what you think and what you say.

So clearly, one of the big things you'll examine in the next several weeks is how your views and opinions "line up" with those of your partners, what you think about that, and how you may want to adjust things between you.

Mercury Retrograde -- A Personal Perspective

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Basic Stuff About Mercury in Astrology ---> About Mercury ---> * Mercury occupies the innermost orbit of any other planet in our Solar System. Relative to Earth it is located on the other side of Venus. Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun. * Mercury moves completely through the Zodiac in about a year, but his progression through the signs is very irregular. He goes into retrograde three to four times a year. When he's traveling direct, he stays in a sign about two weeks. But when his retrograde cycle kicks in, he can be in a sign for over two months.

Quick Notes on Mercury in Astrology -- Gives you the basics & saves lots of time ---> Mercury ... and duality ---> * Mercury is the closest known planet to the Sun in our Solar System. It is never more than about 28° away from the Sun, which means it is always very close to the Sun in your horoscope and is often found in the same sign as the Sun. * Mercury rules two Zodiac signs -- Gemini and Virgo. These are two extremely cerebral signs, both involved in helping you learn, understand and make sense of what's going on in the world around you. Gemini is basically involved with communication and learning; Virgo with the practical ....

Mercury in General -- What Mercury in Astrology Means -- Your Inner Selves of Learning and Work ---> Learning stuff, using your mind and putting it to work ---> Like Venus, your Mercury energy describes two inner selves. One manages your mind and all its talents; the other is in charge of the work you do ... the ways you use your skills and abilities to help others and build the kind of life your want for yourself. Again, as with Venus, these are usually reduced to the basic categories of "mind" and "work," but they also include whole subdivisions of behavior and talents. Mercury, too, aims to keep these two significant life areas working comfortably ... with each ....


More about Mercury

* Mercury in Your Natal Chart -- Fore, Aft and Center ---> Yellow is a Mercury color! ---> Metaphor for the mind ---> Mercury, named for the Roman god of commerce, communication and messages, has come to symbolize in Astrology, the way a Native employs his mind, wit, charm, and intellect. It describes the way he communicates his thoughts, views, and opinions, and the way he acquires ... and applies ... the knowledge and information he uses to manage his life. Mercury is concerned with learning, logic, rational analysis, and language skills.

What Does Mercury Represent -- in Your Natal Chart? * -- What is it ... and why is it important? ---> In mythology, Mercury was the winged messenger of the Gods. ---> Your mind -- at work and play ---> In Astrology, Mercury represents your conscious, rational mind. It tells a lot about your intellectual self; your ability to study, learn, analyze, communicate and work with information. Mercury depicts your capacity to form ideas and opinions, the way you deal with facts, and the way you process data. It shows the kinds of things that interest you ... and what you do with what you know. When you consider that the way you think is absolutely crucial ....

* Mercury ... and the Miracle of the Mind -- Astrology's Search for Intelligent Life ---> Yellow is a Mercury color! Your mind makes you special ---> As an Astrologer I see both the mundaneness of common knowledge -- handling the basic facts of awareness and everyday rituals -- and a touch of miracles in Mercury. In Astrology, this planet named for the winged messenger of the gods represents your conscious human mind, the part of you that makes you a member of the most intelligent species on the planet, the part of you that makes you human -- and sometimes fallible.


Also About Mercury in Astrology

* Mercury -- Ruler of Gemini -- Ruler of Virgo ---> Yellow is a Mercury color! ---> The metaphor for your mind ---> Mercury, quick, intense, lively and highly mobile -- racing its way around the Sun faster than any of the other known planets, is the astrological metaphor which symbolizes an individual's mental and communications skills, the intellectual components of his personality, the inner self that deals with physical movement, informational exchange, discrimination, learning and analysis. As the metaphor for "communication skills and brain power" ... it represents a dimension that makes humans unusual, even unique ....

* Mercury: Symbol of Your Intellectual Self ---> Yellow is a Mercury color ---> Your mind, intellectual energy & assets ---> Mercury in Astrology is the symbol for your conscious mind with its amazing array of accessories and gifts. That's the short answer to the question, "What does Mercury represent?" ... because the Sun, Moon & all the known planets have distinct meanings in Astrology. But like most quick short answers, this one is incomplete. Mercury doesn't just symbolize your mind ... it represents all the things your mind can do, all the intellectual tasks simple daily living requires ....

My Notes About Mercury * -- A comprehensive list -- of random things about Mercury -- in no particular order ---> Yellow is a Mercury color!! ---> The symbol of your mind ... your intellect ---> * Mercury is Astrology's symbol for your intellect, your conscious mind. It's that wondrous, mysterious part of you that deals in sensory messages -- the experience and meaning you get from the things you see, hear, taste, touch and smell. * Mercury also reveals the way you work with knowledge and data, the kind of information that catches your interest -- and how you're apt to interpret and apply what you learn and know. It's the intellectual lens through which ....


Still More About Mercury in Astrology

Sciency Stuff About Mercury -- Fun things to know -- about Mercury the planet ---> All in a day's work ---> * In our Solar System, Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. Because of this proximity it is not easy to see except at twilight. Mercury also orbits the Sun so quickly, early astronomers believed it was actually two different stars -- one which appeared in the morning and another in the evening. * A year on Mercury is only 88 days. (This is the time it takes Mercury to circle the Sun once.) Mercury rotates once on its axis every 58.6 Earth days. This would normally meet the definition of a "day" on Mercury, but because ....


Mercury Retrograde

* Mercury Retrograde -- Rethinking Your Present Direction ---> In the territory of the mind ---> When Mercury is retrograde (Mercury Rx -- in shorthand), it is a time of rethinking, refocusing and re-communicating. In Astrology, Mercury represents your intellect; your mental focus; your mind and how you use its assets. It describes your ability to read, write, study, talk, absorb information and learn new things. It describes your communication skills, your use of knowledge, your individual perspective. It also depicts your ability to be mobile, to move around -- physically and intellectually.

Basic Stuff About Mercury Retrograde -- Here's what you need to know ---> Mercury Retrograde is an optical illusion ---> * Mercury Retrograde is an optical illusion caused by our perspective from Earth, the fact that both Mercury and Earth are in motion orbiting the Sun, and the fact that Mercury moves faster. Mercury is not really reversing course but it appears to be. That's really all you need to know. If you can just accept that and move on, great. If not, do some research. Use the internet. It's full of answers. * Mercury Retrograde is an astrological / physical / metaphysical phenomenon associated with periods ....

* Mercury Retrograde -- A New Look at an Old Aggravation ---> People know what it means ---> A surprising number of people know the term Mercury Retrograde. More surprising, since many people aren't really "into" astrology, they have a pretty good idea what it means. They know it means screwed up communications, frustrating delays, "things going wrong," misunderstandings, misplaced items, lost documents, and inconvenient mix-ups. It's a good excuse for "things not working," so they grab that and run with it to "explain" why life is a mess.


More on Mercury Retrograde

* Mercury Retrograde and Shadow-Mode ---> The real life truth of Mercury Retrograde ---> When Mercury turns retrograde (in any sign), look at the degrees of the Zodiac it will cover in its backward retreat. Mercury's "official" retrograde period lasts about three weeks if you go by the regular calendar, but objectively -- in real life -- Mercury's retrograde cycle takes a lot longer. It starts with what's called a "shadow phase." This begins when Mercury, while still going direct, first crosses the degree of the Zodiac to which it will return when retrograde. This takes a little bit of awareness and extra ....

Mercury Retrograde -- A Personal Perspective -- Rethinking Life's Regular Reversals ---> Changes in latitude ... ---> Over the years -- somewhere without my realizing it -- my attitude toward Mercury retrograde has changed. Dramatically. Not being anything close to patient, I once watched the arrival of this moving-backward journey of the mind with dread and resentment. It was a huge pothole in the path of my progress, and there was no way we were going to be friends. The delays, the screw-ups, the change of intentions, the misunderstandings, the break-downs ... each and all were designed specifically to annoy me and make life ....

The Positive Side of Mercury Retrograde -- The Bright Side of a Pesky Problem ---> Every cloud has a silver lining ---> While the time of Mercury Retrograde can, indeed, seem like a pothole in the pathway of progress ... because of the confusion and "mis-communication" for which it is famous. It also has its constructive uses ... which, admittedly do take some effort to access. Some of the lesser known positive uses of Mercury Retrograde are: The chance to try out some ideas ... knowing you will rethink and redo them into something more suitable and satisfactory as a result of what you learn from your "trial run" ....


Still More on Mercury Retrograde

* Quick Notes on Mercury Retrograde ---> Time to reconsider ---> When Mercury turns retrograde, which it does about three times a year, it moves from the degree of the Zodiac where it stops before turning around (Astrologers call this piece of business "taking a station.") ... then it moves about 14 -15 degrees backwards to a previous point. There it takes another station ... and then finally, starts moving forward again -- having tended (we hope) to the business it forgot ... or misunderstood .

* Turn Mercury Retrograde into an Inner Experience ---> Go inward ---> Mercury rules all functions of the mind and all forms of transportation and physical mobility. When Mercury turns retrograde -- as is legendary in everyday experience -- the chance that something will go wrong in these areas increases to the point it almost seems like a given. Things get lost. Things go missing. Things break down. Delays and misunderstandings abound. But Mercury retrograde is also a time when you can learn to use your mind (and your travel modes) differently. Try reducing the times you communicate and the things you communicate ....


Other Planets Retrograde
Venus & Mars

* Venus Retrograde -- Realigning Your Values and Assets ---> Reassessing things of value ...Venus represents your important relationships, your important values, and the way you handle the things you value, especially material resources like money and possessions you need to support yourself. When Venus is retrograde, these things get special attention from everyone. Retrograde energy shows it's time for humankind to back up and re-evaluate these vital concerns. You will reassess, either actively, in dreams or in just idle moments of reflection, what you've accomplished so far, what you've ....

Venus Rx -- Adjusting Your Values ---> This Venus Retrograde cycle began March 4. It will end April 15. In its retrograde travels, Venus moved from 13° Aries back to 27° Pisces. It will be in Pisces until April 28 when it enters Aries again. Where that segment of the circle falls in your Natal Chart shows specifically where you are working with this retrograde energy. What house in your Natal Chart holds the last three degrees of Pisces? Venus moves out of its own shadow on May 18. Your Sun sign position in the list below shows where your ego issues are focused. Your Moon sign position shows where your emotions, security concerns and involvment with home and family are focused. Your Ascendant sign position shows where you will ....

* Mars Retrograde -- Doing Work Over Again ---> Red is a Mars color. ---> Mars Retrograde ---> Mars goes retrograde roughly once every two years and stays that way for about two and a half months each time. Mars retrograde marks a time when all the things ruled by or involved with what Mars represents in Astrology are up for review, revision -- and usually some major course correction.


Other Planets Retrograde
Jupiter & Saturn

* Jupiter Retrograde -- Expanding Your Latest Creation ---> Jupiter's interests ---> Jupiter represents your philosophical beliefs and ethical principles. It describes your ability to share authoritative knowledge ... the wisdom you've gained both through academic study and through the simple experience of living. These are the lessons you teach through the example of your own life by the ideas that guide your choices and the actions you take as a result. Jupiter's energy helps you expand your personal circle of influence and touch the lives of those who can profit from the standards you set.

* Saturn Retrograde -- Rebuilding Your Personal Foundations ---> Delays ... get worse ---> Saturn is notorious for signifying delays, and because under stress it also symbolizes limitation, restriction, and loss, many followers of astrology consider it their least favorite planet. But I think it gets a bad rap and lots of blame it really doesn't deserve. Sure, Saturn makes you work hard for everything it offers. When it is involved, nothing just falls into your lap ... as can happen when benevolent Jupiter is distributing treasures. But personally I would point to Pluto as the worst of the troublemakers ....


Other Planets Retrograde
Uranus & Pluto

* Uranus Retrograde -- Reclaiming Your Independence ---> The free spirit in all of us ---> Uranus -- the clown energy of the cosmos, the metaphor for the free spirit in all of us, the inspirational madness that can both make fools of us all and show us the unique eccentricities of our soul -- is perhaps my favorite planet. Ok, I'll admit to a certain prejudice. Uranus energy is not all fun and games (although lots of it is!!) and it is the most highly aspected planet in my chart giving me an affinity for its energy that is unusual. "Unusual," in fact, is the word to apply to the metaphors of Uranus

Pluto Retrograde -- Rebuilding in the Wake of Revolution ---> Pluto -- death and resurrection ---> Pluto. If you know anything at all about the symbolism of this strange, erratic, controversial planet (which some scientists don't consider a planet at all, and other scientists consider part of a double planet set along with its own Moon, Charon, with whom it shares an atmosphere), you know it represents situations and experiences that deserve more than passing respect. Astrologers accept that Pluto is a planet -- and that its influence is significant enough to be included in the interpretation and energy of a person's natal chart.

Pluto Rx -- Creating Fundamental Improvements ---> Your Sun sign position in the list below shows where your essential self and its outlook are changing, permanently and profoundly. Your Moon sign position shows where your emotions, security concerns and involvement with home and family are changing -- and what will improve these important life areas when this process ends. Your Ascendant sign position shows where you are building a different, stronger personality in your personal presentation, the overall impression you make and the different attitudes you show when you engage the public.


Retrograde Motion in Astrology

Retrograde Motion -- What's this all about? ---> Reversing course ---> All the planets astrologers use to decode the spiritual language of the cosmos exhibit a phenomenon known as retrograde motion. Very simply, there are times from Earth's perspective when each of the planets seems to back up in its orbit, to actually reverse course for a time, before eventually going forward again. This is caused by the differing orbits and the differing speeds of the elements involved. The mechanics are really not important, but ... imagine this: If two trains on parallel tracks are moving forward at different rates of speed ....

* This Thing Called Retrograde Motion -- What it means in plain English ---> Turning inward ---> What is this thing called retrograde motion? Wherever it's found, in the sky or in a horoscope, retrograde energy means the matters represented by the retrograde planet become more subjective as people re-think, re-consider, re-evaluate and re-build. They process experience and information inwardly. They reach an altered, expanded perspective and incorporate it into their beliefs and behavior. They relate to what this planet represents ... differently. The examination changes them. When a planet is retrograde -- in your Natal Chart or in real ....

* Working with the Metaphors of Retrograde Energy ---> Slowing down ... or appearing to ---> When a planet goes into retrograde -- or comes out again, it doesn't just stop on a dime and start racing at its usual speed in the opposite direction. It seems (from the vantage point of Earth) to slow down gradually as it approaches the point of reversal -- the way you slow down in the car before coming to a stop -- or making a turn ... and certainly before making a U-Turn. When a planet moves into or out of retrograde, having reached the point where it will "reverse directions," it pauses for several days -- or weeks at that spot. (Not really, but retrograde motion is all about what a planet appears to do as we observe it in the sky ....


From the Blogs, Ezines
and Elsewhere

Mercury -- From Everyday Astrology ---> Everyday Astrology ---> Mercury ---> So let's talk about Mercury again, since his energy is responsible for "all things communicative" -- like reading, writing, speaking, learning, thinking, sharing information, data-gathering & expressing yourself through your various language skills. Without Mercury's gifts you wouldn't be reading this; I wouldn't be writing it; the internet wouldn't exist. He is fundamental to how the literate, educated world works. Mercury is Astrology's symbol for your intellect, your conscious ....

When Mercury Leads the Sun -- Mercury passes and moves out -- in front of the Sun ---> Yellow is a Mercury color. ---> Racing ahead, out in front like he ought to ---> When Mercury leads the Sun, your intellectual shift moves gradually out of the pensive, reflective, "planning mode" you've occupied for the past several weeks, and you're ready to talk, write, and share ideas openly and freely again with "strangers." This is the stage in the intellectual cycle where you consult with others, gather in new information, offer the ideas and plans you've come up with from your most recent background efforts, make decisions "out in public" instead of in the quiet ....

When Mercury Trails the Sun -- Mercury retrograde moves behind the Sun ---> Yellow is a Mercury color.---> Quiet time ---> In the next few weeks you'll become more contemplative, spend more time in planning and research, quietly consider what you've learned recently ... and what you want to do next with yourself, your life, your interests, and your mind. With Mercury in a trailing position, you will be more observant and less talkative, more intuitive and less expressive, more compassionate and less candid with your opinions. With Mercury trailing the Sun, your thoughts become more visionary, fantasies about your future dreams may supplant ....


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