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Mercury Retrograde
A Personal Perspective
Rethinking Life's Regular Reversals

by Rebecca Brents


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Changes in latitude ...

Over the years -- somewhere without my realizing it -- my attitude toward Mercury retrograde has changed. Dramatically. Not being anything close to patient, I once watched the arrival of this moving-backward journey of the mind with dread and resentment.

It was a huge pothole in the path of my progress, and there was no way we were going to be friends. The delays, the screw-ups, the change of intentions, the misunderstandings, the break-downs ... each and all were designed specifically to annoy me and make life a living hell.

I'd go into hiding, glower at the haywire world and grit my teeth waiting for it all to end -- so I could get on with my life. I traveled as little as possible -- even on general errands. I made no plans. I turned off the phone.

My way of dealing with Mercury Retrograde was to pretend I was dead and wait for resurrection when life was safe again. I made myself miserable, and since that was nothing new, it felt like the only way to respond. Mercury and I had a very conditional friendship ... and it was all his fault. Three or four times a year, he went crazy ... and so did I.


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Changes in attitude ...

But in the solitude and introspection of those dark days, magic happened. Life also works that way. And now Mercury's backtracking and side-trips no longer irritate me. In fact, I look at what he's up to ... and look forward to them. I prepare as much as possible for the changing season ... the same way I winterize the house or clean out stuff and get ready for summer.

I anticipate what could go wrong -- and fix it ... or strengthen it ... or service or replace it. I back up all my computer files and site-related business. By the time Mercury reverses direction, I'm as ready as I'll ever be ... and I wait to see what surprises he's devised.

My new strategies don't save me totally from distress ... or even outright disaster. But they do minimize the physical and psychological wear-and-tear that used to be part of the package. Life is more an integrated process now -- and Mercury Retrograde is a natural piece of it.


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Nothing remains quite the same

I've learned to schedule regular chores and bits of maintenance and renovation for when Mercury in his wisdom declares ... "It's time." I've realized he is kind enough to give me notice -- and expect a certain kind of call, which is more than I can say for most of the people I've known.

I'll even admit Mercury and I are buddies again -- because going through life periodically at odds with your own mind is no way to live. Through the years, I've tried it both ways. Without a doubt, this one is better. I invite you to try it for yourself. Someday soon.

I predict you, too, can adjust. And rejoice.


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  retrograde  mercury  mercury retrograde  500 Words or Less  


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