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Mercury Retrograde Through the Houses

by Rebecca Brents


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Mercury Retrograde
Through the houses

Mercury Retrograde in Your 1st House ---> During this time, you will refine and refocus some important idea or opinion, reorganize some information you have, adjust some viewpoint you've developed and learn to communicate yourself to the world more effectively. In other words, you have good insights about something you want to do, you just need to learn to sell it more successfully.

Mercury Retrograde in Your 2nd House ---> Over the next several weeks, you will find on many levels -- abstract, personal, practical, financial, and material -- you are reorganizing and refreshing your values. You will redefine "what's important to you," what you want to accomplish next, what you will need in the way of assets and resources, the meaning you want from ....

Mercury Retrograde in Your 3rd House ---> Over the next several weeks, you will rethink how you use your mind, how you work with information, how you handle what you read and study, how you share your knowledge, and how you communicate -- looking for better ideas on handling ideas themselves!! You will reconsider some important rules by which you live your life, re-examine some principles on which you base your choices ....


Mercury Retrograde in Your 4th House ---> During the next few weeks, you will rethink matters that touch on your psychological and emotional security and the conduct of your private life. Conditions in your home and family have your attention now. You may need to make some different choices, implement some new ideas, learn some new information, and listen to what your inner self and your other family members ....

Mercury Retrograde in Your 5th House ---> During these next several weeks, you will rethink the way you spend your leisure time, the way you play and just let yourself have fun. You will also refocus on your romantic interests and reconsider the ways you work with new growth, risk-taking, personal creativity or things you do for individual recognition.

Mercury Retrograde in Your 6th House ---> Your involvement with work and service to other people is up for serious review. Obviously this concerns the job you go to (or do routinely) every day, as well as the people there -- such as colleagues, clients, customers, affiliates, subsidiaries and subordinates, and the physical circumstances in which this takes place.


Mercury Retrograde in Your 7th House ---> Your are dealing with partnership and relationship issues ... possibly involving your spouse, important business associates or other close partners and possibly involving "other people" in general, including the public at large. You may rethink past advice to a partner, air some topics that have been "on hold" for a while, see a way ....

Mercury Retrograde in Your 8th House ---> During this time you will reassess and reconsider what assets and resources of other people you still need to fortify yourself for a more public presentation -- and acceptance -- of your thinking. You may also need to do more research to make a key component of your future plans more solidly your own. Finding other people with strong points ....

Mercury Retrograde in Your 9th House ---> You may find some opportunity for professional advancement (especially one involving communication or sharing of knowledge and ideas) isn't quite strong enough to gain what you want yet. So, you are learning more, studying your situation, gathering more ideas, consulting with "experts," and working to creatively expand your vision of what you want and what's possible ....


Mercury Retrograde in Your 10th House ---> You will use this time to rethink your career, community interests, and the "authority" you have supporting your professional reputation. The new ideas you get from this reorientation may get you the applause and recognition you want from your career -- the ones you haven't received (or receiving sufficiently) so far. You have lots to offer in your professional life ....

Mercury Retrograde in Your 11th House ---> You will spend a lot of time over the next few weeks getting advice, information, new facts, more knowledge, different options, fresh viewpoints, second opinions, and various ideas from your friends about how to handle the important issues of your life in the months ahead. Discussing your concerns with advisors and other experts, looking for new strategies ....

Mercury Retrograde in Your 12th House ---> At the moment, you are working with some idea or opinion, something you want to share with the world that may be uniquely your own. But it's still on the drawing board being modified, enhanced, rebuilt, reviewed, and repaired. This idea, belief, knowledge, opinion, data, information, or point of view is not quite ready for pubic viewing ....


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