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My Notes About Mercury *
A comprehensive list
of random things about Mercury
in no particular order
Part 1

by Rebecca Brents



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Yellow is a Mercury color!!

About Mercury in Astrology
Samples from Page 1

* Mercury is Astrology's symbol for your intellect, your conscious mind. It's that wondrous, mysterious part of you that deals in sensory messages -- the experience and meaning you get from the things you see, hear, taste, touch and smell.

* Mercury also reveals the way you work with knowledge and data, the kind of information that catches your interest -- and how you're apt to interpret and apply what you learn and know.

* It's the intellectual lens through which you view everything that defines and comprises "reality" for you.


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Mercury retrogrades

* Mercury goes into retrograde motion about three times a year (occasionally four) and stays that way for about three weeks each time. However, there is a shadow phase both before and after the actual retrograde period which makes up the complete retrograde cycle.

* This can add several additional weeks fore and aft to both the "behavior" of Mercury retrograde -- the things it conjures up in experience -- and the considerations we have to give it -- in our thoughts and behavior and the lessons we learn from each cycle.

* Your Mercury energy ... and how it is described by sign and house position in your horoscope ... gives information about how you think, how you share and communicate, the topics that are naturally interesting to you, the lens through which your Intellectual Self receives information about reality, makes sense of it and figures out "what it all means."

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More about Mercury in Astrology

Mercury in Astrology
Sample from Page 2

* Mercury governs your communication style and how you share your knowledge with others, your thought and speech patterns, the way you study and learn, your sense of humor, your mental acumen and your intellectual life. It describes your perceptions ... and how you know what you know.

* Understanding and working with your Mercury information helps you understand your thinking style, your natural perspectives and possible prejudices and maximize your intellectual potential.


Mercury in Astrology
Sample from Page 3

* Information from Mercury in your horoscope shows basically the "flow chart" of your intellectual life. Supportive aspects from other Inner Selves draws your attention, thinking and learning into life areas where your mind thrives and excels.

* Even negative and problematic aspects will attract Mercury energy (sometimes tantamount to "siphoning it off") because of the discomfort created whenever Mercury moves into action. These can often show some of the most informative facts about how you think ... and why you see the world as you do.


Mercury in Astrology
Sample from Page 4

* Mercury rules Gemini & Virgo -- signs connected to communication, reasoning, intellect & awareness in one case, short-term planning, observation & deductive reasoning abilities in the other. It is in detriment in Sagittarius & in fall in Pisces. Personally, I could make the case that Mercury is exalted in Uranus & in fall in Leo, but that's not the traditional view.

* In addition to being gender-neutral, pure Mercury energy is unemotional & curious. It can also be disconcertingly objective. Mercury energy is present in situations where you make a conscious decision to act -- or take calculated risks. Other energies, like the Moon, are involved in knee-jerk reactions or like Neptune in phobic / compulsive / obsessive / paranoid responses.


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Mercury in Astrology
Light Reading & Open Articles

Basic Stuff About Mercury in Astrology ---> About Mercury ---> * Mercury occupies the innermost orbit of any other planet in our Solar System. Relative to Earth it is located on the other side of Venus. Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun. * Mercury moves completely through the Zodiac in about a year, but his progression through the signs is very irregular. He goes into retrograde three to four times a year. When he's traveling direct, he stays in a sign about two weeks.

Mercury -- Physics, Metaphysics and Myth -- Part 1 ---> Physics ---> Mercury is the closest planet in our Solar System to the Sun. It is about twice the size of Pluto, but for now, it's the smallest official planet since scientists decided to mess around and demote Pluto down to "dwarf planet" status ... for a while. We'll see what the future brings. Mercury is also classified as a "terrestrial planet," meaning it's made of solid rock and dust, etc. In structure, it is the most similar planet to Earth.

Quick Notes on Mercury -- It gives you the basics -- and saves a lot of time ---> Mercury ... and duality ---> * Mercury is the closest known planet to the Sun in our Solar System. It is never more than about 28° away from the Sun, which means it is always very close to the Sun in your horoscope and is often found in the same sign as the Sun. * Mercury rules two Zodiac signs -- Gemini and Virgo.

Air Planet / Earth Sign -- Earth Planet / Earth Sign -- The Mercury in Taurus Conundrum ---> Mercury in Taurus is in one way an air planet in an earth sign ... and in another way an earth planet in an earth sign. One way works a little better than the other. Mercury as an air planet -- ruler of Gemini -- is a bit too cerebral and abstract in its approach to reality to suit the tastes of ultra-pragmatic Taurus.


Mercury in Astrology -- Articles Index
Mercury Retrograde Articles Index


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