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Quick Notes on Mercury in Astrology
Gives you the basics & saves lots of time

by Serenity Chappell


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Mercury ... and duality

* Mercury is the closest known planet to the Sun in our Solar System. It is never more than about 28° away from the Sun, which means it is always very close to the Sun in your horoscope and is often found in the same sign as the Sun.

* Mercury rules two Zodiac signs -- Gemini and Virgo. These are two extremely cerebral signs, both involved in helping you learn, understand and make sense of what's going on in the world around you. Gemini is basically involved with communication and learning; Virgo with the practical applications of knowledge to do work and build an efficient lifestyle.

* Mercury is also associated with the 3rd and 6th Houses in the Natural Horoscope, the one that starts with 0° Aries at the Ascendant. These houses are the areas of life involved with mobility and the use of your conscious mind to navigate life (3rd) and with contributing your energy and talents in ways that make life healthier and easier -- for everyone you "work for" ... regardless of whether or not you do it for money (6th.)


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Mercury ... the symbol of the mind

* Mercury in Astrology is the symbol for your intellectual life and your conscious awareness. It deals with messages gained through your five physical senses and with things you learn through reading, study and conversations with others. It is designed to help you share what you know -- often in exchange for learning what someone else thinks or knows on the same subjects.

* Mercury, as the lens of perception through which you receive information, plays a fundamental role in the way you interpret your experiences and thus in shaping how the world works for you. It has a lot to say about the role of attitude and perception. The way you think is a fundamental piece of who you are as a person.

* Mercury's sign shows the basic attitudes that shape your ideas and opinions. Mercury's house shows where you are intellectually invested and where you will spend a lot of time thinking about and interacting with those particular life concerns and the various people your find there.


Bonus Feature

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Sciencey Stuff
Fun things to know about
Mercury the planet

* For now, Mercury is considered the smallest of the planet in our Solar System. That honor used to belong to Pluto, but since science is messing around over whether or not to call Pluto a planet (currently designated a "dwarf planet"), Mercury is technically the smallest.

* Mercury is about 3,000 miles at its equator, compared to Earth at about 8,000 miles. So, the Earth is about 2 1/2 times the size of Mercury. (Or Mercury is about 38% the size of the Earth, however you want to envision it.)

* Mercury is one of five planets visible to the naked eye. The others are Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Beyond that, you need a telescope, which is why it took so long to "discover" the outer planets.

* Who discovered Mercury and when it happened is unknown -- and impossible to calculate. Because it is visible to the eye, many ancient cultures knew about it. One of the earliest recorded mentions of Mercury was by the Sumerians around 3,000 BC.

* Mercury also has the highest orbital eccentricity of all the planets. Its distance from the Sun ranges from 24.9 million miles to 43,5 million miles. Its orbit is elliptical rather than circular -- and the least circular orbit of all the planets at that.

Sciency Stuff About Mercury


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Mercury in Astrology

When Mercury Leads the Sun -- Mercury passes and moves out -- in front of the Sun ---> Yellow is a Mercury color. ---> Racing ahead, out in front like he ought to ---> When Mercury leads the Sun, your intellectual shift moves gradually out of the pensive, reflective, "planning mode" you've occupied for the past several weeks, and you're ready to talk, write, and share ideas openly and freely again with "strangers."

When Mercury Trails the Sun -- Mercury retrograde moves behind the Sun ---> Yellow is a Mercury color. ---> Quiet time ---> In the next few weeks you'll become more contemplative, spend more time in planning and research, quietly consider what you've learned recently ... and what you want to do next with yourself, your life, your interests, and your mind. With Mercury in a trailing position, you will be more observant and less talkative, more intuitive ...

* Mercury ... and the Miracle of the Mind -- Astrology's Search for Intelligent Life ---> Yellow is a Mercury color! ---> Your mind makes you special ---> As an Astrologer I see both the mundaneness of common knowledge -- handling the basic facts of awareness and everyday rituals -- and a touch of miracles in Mercury.

Air Planet / Earth Sign -- Earth Planet / Earth Sign -- The Mercury in Taurus Conundrum ---> Mercury in Taurus is in one way an air planet in an earth sign ... and in another way an earth planet in an earth sign. One way works a little better than the other. Mercury as an air planet -- ruler of Gemini -- is a bit too cerebral and abstract in its approach to reality to suit the tastes of ultra-pragmatic Taurus.


Mercury in Astrology
From the Blogs, Ezines
and Elsewhere

Transiting Mercury Passes the Sun -- From Everyday Astrology ---> Everyday Astrology Friday -- May 24 ---> Mercury after a time in retrograde recently has caught up to the Sun again -- and passed it. Now, Mercury is out in front, taking the lead -- and this brings a subtle but definite change in how your mind operates and how you work with knowledge and language.

From EDA: Moon and Mercury ---> Everyday Astrology March 19, 2020 The Moon & Mercury ---> I intended yesterday's segment to be mostly about Mercury, but my Inner Writer decided to go in another direction. She does that sometimes. But that got me thinking. True, the Moon and Mercury are two astrological citizens that "don't get much respect." For a long time, I, too, usually brushed over them. They were there, but what did they really do? How did they really matter?

From EDA: Mercury Direct ---> Everyday Astrology November 20, 2019 Mercury Direct in Scorpio ---> When Mercury is retrograde, news arrives that will change your plans and perspectives. You revisit and often revise your intentions ... because the mix of life itself is shifting, and you have to wrap your mind around these different facts and possibilities. It's not over the top to say you understand reality differently. That's the purpose of Mercury retrograde. Kind of a fruit-basket-turnover of how you perceive yourself and your choices.


Gemini & Virgo
Mercury rules 'em both

* Born with the Sun in Gemini -- The Gemini Character ---> Gemini likes to have back-up ---> Creatures of the mind ---> Gemini is one of the Zodiac's most intellectual signs. Reading, writing, learning, talking, sharing viewpoints and opinions, gathering facts and data, communicating in all the ways you can imagine is what Gemini is all about. Geminis love words ... and jokes, and puns. They love odd pieces of wisdom like trivia, and word games, and "Twenty Questions," and "Jeopardy."

* Horoscopes When the Sun is in Gemini

* Born with the Sun in Virgo -- The Virgo Character ---> Virgo's symbol is the young woman ... the virgin. ---> Virgos devote themselves to work. ---> I will try to keep this brief. I know how Virgos like efficiency. Work and service are their passions. They'll find it -- or at least what they define as it -- even if they have to make it up. A Virgo in his heart of hearts wants to be useful. Virgos can be the most selfless, dedicated, indefatigable workers in the world.

* Horoscopes When the Sun is in Virgo


Mercury in Astrology
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  mercury  Serenity by Starlight  500 Words or Less  


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