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Transiting Mercury in Cancer

by Rebecca Brents


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Everyday Astrology
June 6, 2019
Mercury in Cancer II

Mercury, Astrology's symbol for your mind, has moved into Cancer. This brings a new set of attitudes to your ideas, a different set of concerns to handle in everyday life. Mercury in Gemini was about learning, pure and simple.

You wanted to move around, explore new interests, talk things over and share knowledge just for the joy of it. Your mind was flexible, animated, inventive, creative. You may have thought you were being logical, realistic, sensible and rational. But, frankly, you were fooling yourself.

Now, as life turns more serious, Mercury in Cancer brings more tools and skills to help you handle it better. Cancer is a Water Sign. It brings information through feelings and intuition -- things the logical mind finds "illogical" and confusing. It may even try to convince you such things don't even exist. (But once again, you'd be fooling yourself. Just sayin'.)

Mercury in Cancer is compassionate and caring. It "knows things" without being explicitly told. It is very focused on the well-being of your home, your private life and family members. Security and safety are priorities. Keeping everyone protected and well is your Prime Directive. That includes everyone for whom you are responsible. Just entertaining yourself is a luxury you can no longer indulge.

Connecting deeply with the people you care about is the main way to deal with this business. Find out what they're thinking ... how they feel ... what they want ... and what worries them. Talking things over, keeping everyone on the same page is essential. And feeling you've "gotten the message" and understand one another is indispensable to everyone's comfort now.


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Everyday Astrology
June 5, 2019
Mercury in Cancer

Mercury, that frisky little scamp Astrology says rules your conscious mind -- the symbol of your intellect, has moved out of light-and-lively Gemini into the complex and twisty trails of Cancer. Mercury in Gemini is usually a pretty happy camper. That sign is one of the two home bases he owns and he is mighty comfortable there. I did say usually.

This year the friends who stopped by were a little shady, and not above putting LSD in the muffins as their idea of a good time. It was a psychedelic trip and you may still be trying to find your feet again. The fantasies and far-out forays into the realms of imagination weren't familiar haunts -- but, if you didn't give away the store, or scare yourself witless with your own illusions, they did prove interesting.


This is an excerpt from our Everyday Astrology feature.
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