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When Mercury is in Capricorn
Your Intellectual Self in the Sign of
Professional Focus and Public Life Interests

by Rebecca Brents


Thinking turns serious ...

When Mercury is in Capricorn, ideas are cautious, conservative and serious. People think about prestige, reputation, and honor for professional accomplishments. This energy is deliberate and disciplined.

It encourages hard work, persistence, practicality and self-control. Attitudes are more pragmatic and reliable than the visionary enthusiasm of Mercury in Sagittarius ... which just ended.

This time will emphasize meeting responsibilities and commitments, exerting and dealing with authority, putting your shoulder to the wheel ... and building for the future. People feel strongly about discipline, discretion, endurance, and integrity.


... determined and scrupulous

Ideas show determination, tenacity, and careful thought -- flavored with a strong respect for tradition. Communication is more scrupulous, circumspect, discreet, and reserved, with concern for "correctness" in manners and presentation.

Under stress with Mercury in Capricorn, attitudes and judgments become pessimistic, critical, severe. This energy when it goes sour turns bitter, mean, calculating, cynical, grasping, inflexible, unemotional, and even vindictive.

There is far too much emphasis on personal achievement at the expense of human feeling and the conduct of smooth relationships. It may seem that status and "the bottom line" are the only things that count.


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