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When Mercury is in Sagittarius
Your Intellectual Self
In the Sign of Advanced Learning

by Rebecca Brents


Expanding the frontiers of your mind

Mercury is the astrological symbol for your conscious mind, your use of intellectual energy, your ability to generate ideas and communicate knowledge, your capacity for learning and study, and your aptitude for processing language and information.

When Mercury is in Sagittarius, the mental outlook and global climate of ideas are optimistic, broad-minded, candid, and focused on issues of social welfare. Thinking shows a strong interest in matters of law, religion, philosophy, and ethics. You are open to advanced education, either through formal academic training or self-directed study. You want authoritative and in-depth knowledge. You look closely at issues like cultural similarities and differences

This energy is fair and honest, inspirational and positive, benevolent and sincere. You want to set personal standards for living ... and find ways to teach others the wisdom of your experience. When Mercury is in Sagittarius, people feel strongly about sharing their knowledge, through lecturing, writing, publishing, broadcasting and teaching.

Certainly this is one form of benevolence and generosity. People want not only to offer their own secrets to successful living, but to understand and use tactics others have developed. With that, they gain both a broader vision and a more tolerant perspective.

While Mercury is in Sagittarius, you'll examine your abstract values, add new and more liberal tenets to your philosophy of life and be interested in subjects that broadly touch on law, religion and ethics.

You're more willing to see common ground with "foreign" cultures and unfamiliar thought systems, and feel a physical and intellectual restlessness that urges you to travel -- perhaps literally, but at least through reading and contemplation.

You'll also think about long-term career goals that will require more knowledge and expertise than you have presently. Higher learning becomes a goal. You'll gather knowledge you can later use (and offer others) through your public life -- even if only in the way you write and talk about what you know and the way you view your work.

Under stress, communication and thinking become pretentious, hypocritical and dishonest. Your opinions are undisciplined, dogmatic, and offensively zealous. You make promises and commitments you eventually can't or won't keep.


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