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Aries Moonlight 3

by Rebecca Brents


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The Moon is the mistress of your moods and emotions. In Astrology -- and everyday life -- it symbolizes your reactions, your attitudes and how you feel about your surroundings, the situations and people you're dealing with ... and life in general. The Moon moves quickly through the sky, changing signs about every 2 1/2 days.

It also forms aspects -- holds meetings -- for better or worse with the other celestial citizens ... the other planets in the sky. The quality and tone of these aspects will describe -- or explain -- your changes of heart ... or changes of mood -- and why your reactions and emotional tone toward something (or someone) can change overnight -- or even in a matter of hours.


Aries' symbol is the ram.

When the day's Moon is in Aries ...

With the day's Moon in Aries, the emotional climate is awake, lively and energetic. You need to do something constructive, preferably something physical to take advantage of this power ... or burn it off so it doesn't cause trouble. It will do any of these thing just fine -- with hesitation -- depending on where you put your focus.

So what does this forceful combination of Lunar energy and Aries intensity mean if you find it in a Natal chart ... if you were born with a Natal Moon in Aries?


red flowers
Red is an Aries color!

Is your Natal Moon in Aries?

Aries Moon souls are passionate people, not known for patience, restraint, serenity or any other calm, pleasant virtues other signs admire. They are powerful, spontaneous spirits who follow their feelings and instincts because those almost never steer them wrong.

They are fueled by their own emotional power. They believe in themselves. And they believe they can do what they set out to achieve. If a cause, an idea, another person or a project seems worth their interest, they're out the door chasing it as soon as they can tie on their running shoes.

They want to see what happens and "make it happen," and they'll put in the work it takes to do that. They aren't put off by obstacles, danger or inconvenience. In fact, they don't think about those things.

It's fair to say, Lunar Aries people don't really think ahead ... or notice what they could be getting themselves into until they're up to their ears in "complications" -- things other people call problems and threats. Aries Moon people will call it Life ... or "excitement." Some will even call it fun.


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  astrology  moon  aries  


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