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Basic Stuff About the Full Moon

by Rebecca Brents


full moon

At least one Full Moon in every sign

* There will be at least one Full Moon in every Zodiac sign -- but not necessarily one every month. Sometimes -- rarely, but sometimes -- February gets skipped. Also sometimes -- rarely, but sometimes -- there will be two Full Moons in a Zodiac sign -- one very near the beginning and the other very near the end.

* Full Moons form when the Moon is directly opposite the Sun in the sky. As one rises in the East, the other sets in the West, because at the Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are on opposite horizons. (That's what an "opposition" means. I know. Yeah. "Duh!!")


The Full Moon and emotions

* Symbolically, this opposition between the Sun and the Moon, Astrology's two most influential cosmic indicators, highlights a time of inner tension and conflict.

Some people -- those closely attuned to the Moon's changing emotional tides -- feel this strongly. They will feel restless, indecisive, torn between conflicting desires -- and generally discontented. They may not be able to explain exactly why -- which makes this a clear part of the problem -- but this mood usually passes in a few hours ... a day or two at the most.


full Moon

Working with the Full Moon

* As with the New Moon, the Full Moon forms at a specific moment -- but it can be at any time of the day (or night.) It depends entirely on the astronomical movement of The Sun and the Moon ... not on human, clocks, calendars or other arbitrary standards.

* Full Moons bring time of enlightment, important realizations, "moments of truth," reckonings and choices. Like New Moons, Full Moons are full of information ... and feelings.

Knowing how to interpret these can help lessen any discomfort you feel in their presence. (In the same way that knowing what someone wants, what he needs, or what life is asking of you can dissolve confusion -- and start a conversation that eventually finds a solution.)

* Full Moons don't have to be chaotic or uncomfortable -- but they do get your attention. Those upset feelings are one of their tactics.


The Sun is the future

* Each Full Moon has its own agenda ... a list of things you need to consider. They show two areas of life that are in conflict with each other, two sets of needs and interests where you either need to strike compromises ... or make some adjustments, to satisfy the Inner Selves that are having problems with each other.

* The Sun (from its sign position) shows your present day self, evolving into the future. It is the metaphor for what you're interested in, what you're dealing with at the moment ... and what you see as a necessary piece of growth to prepare for where you're going, who you're becoming, who you will need to be in a very short time.

The Sun shows who you are ... and who you're becoming (present and future) ... in dealing with the interests of the contemporary Zodiac sign.


full moon

The Moon is the past

* The Moon (from its sign position) shows your present day self ... as a product of your history, your past, your "wisdom of experience." It is the metaphor for what you've already learned, choices you've made, things you may feel ought to be "settled once and for all." It contains input from your family, your background, your heritage ... "how we always handle things like this" -- according to tradition, your parents, your ancestors, etc.

Your Moon shows "who you have been" up to now ... and these habits can be surprisingly strong if you try to break them. This also explains the Full Moon's legendary discomfort.


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From EDA: The Sun and The Moon ---> Everyday Astrology ---> March 30, 2020 Sun & Moon ---> The Sun in your horoscope represents your Essential Self, the inner part of your character that defines your personality and ego. It is your basic identity to the world as your life unfolds. Arguably it also describes your spiritual purpose ... your sense of who you are and who you are meant to become. It is your present self reaching into the future as you develop your potential and talents.

Transiting Sun Conjunct Moon -- The New Moon ---> Everyday Astrology September 30, 2019 Sun Conjunct Moon ---> The New Moon in Libra formed early Saturday afternoon, starting both another Lunar cycle ... and the serious focus on relationships and other people -- the general, underlying theme of the last six Zodiac signs. The first six signs are about individual development while the last six signs deal with how you merge your talents, interests, personality and assets with others.


The Moon

The Dark of the Moon -- From Everyday Astrology ---> Everyday Astrology September 14, 2020 The Dark of the Moon ---> Have you hear people say, the older you get the faster time moves? There must be something to it. As years are numbered & days grow short, time may speed up -- but people spend a lot of time looking back. Reminiscing. Remembering.

From EDA: The Moon ---> Everyday Astrology August 15, 2020 The Moon ---> The masculine planets in Astrology, The Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto all have a very public presence. It's easy to see them at work, to understand their interests, to appreciate their goals. There's something very direct & honest about them. The inner world of feelings, emotions, intuition, psychology, memories & instincts is a different matter though. This is where the feminine planets excel & preside.

Moon Signs -- From Everyday Astrology ---> Everyday Astrology August 9, 2019 Moon Signs ---> As the Moon travels through the Zodiac signs, making the full circle each month, it sets the emotional tone for each day ... what the overall mood is like, how it "feels" generally, what interests it highlights and what activities will be productive.


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From EDA: The New Moon ---> Everyday Astrology June 22, 2020 The New Moon ---> The New Moon forms once a month, when the Moon's orbit brings it into exact alignment in the sky with the Sun. This puts the Moon between the Earth and the Sun ... which is precisely the arrangement needed for a Solar Eclipse. Solar Eclipses only happen around the time of the New Moon ... but there are reasons why we get a New Moon during every Zodiac sign, but not a Solar Eclipse on the same schedule.

The Full Moon -- From Everyday Astrology ---> Everyday Astrology October 1, 2020 The Full Moon The Harvest Moon ---> Every few years we get a year with 13 Full Moons in a year instead of 12. The same happens with a New Moon, but I won't get into that now. It depends on when the artificial human calendar (and its arbitrary, arcane idea of "months") synchs up with the actual, ongoing, eternal celestial rhythms. When either happens, one event comes very near the beginning of the month and the other very near the end.

Moon Void of Course -- From Everyday Astrology ---> Everyday Astrology August 10, 2019 The Void-of-Course Moon ---> It's easy to learn to recognize the "feel" of the void-of-course Moon. It just takes a little conscious awareness and practice ... and pretty soon, wham! You're a natural!! The void-of-course Moon is Astrological shorthand for the period when the Moon won't form any new aspects until it changes signs. It's an important piece of practical knowledge that can save you a lot of frustration.


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