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Basic Stuff about the New Moon in Astrology

by Serenity Chappell


  new moon  Serenity by Starlight  500 Words or Less  

new moon

What you see is what you get

* The Moon is the Earth's only natural satellite. It orbits the Earth in such a way that the same side of the Moon always faces us -- which has given rise to the notion of there being a "dark side of the moon" when, in reality, there is a far side of the moon which is lit with reflected sunlight when we have a New Moon ... and is deprived of sunlight when we experience a Full Moon.

* The Moon gives off no light of its own. What we romantically call "moonlight" is really reflected light from the Sun. Still, the Sun and the Moon are both known in Astrology as "the luminaries." This is a term that means "light-giver, but the light from the Moon really originates with the Sun. Without that, The Moon is just a cold gray rock in the sky -- which we wouldn't be able to see anyway without sunlight.

* Cultures that mark time by a lunar calendar (instead of the way we do in the West) use the appearance of light from the New Moon to mark the start of their various months.

* In Astrology, the Sun represents your ego, your self-identity, your fundamental sense of who you are as a person ... and as a spiritual being.


new moon

What makes it special

* In Astrology, the Moon represents your emotions, your feelings, your inner self. Moon energy is responsible for your intuition, your instincts and habits, your family connections and your ties to the past.

* When the New Moon forms every month, in whatever sign the Sun occupies at the time, it brings together these two energy clusters and unites their concerns in one powerful point of interest. That will be described by the characteristics of the sign where the New Moon forms and by the house of your horoscope which contains this exact degree and minute of arc.

* There will always be a New Moon for each Zodiac sign every year, but not always a New Moon every month. Occasionally February gets skipped because it's about 29 1/2 days between each New Moon, and February is usually only 28 days long.

* New Moons are considered times of new beginnings. They are good for initiating new ventures, starting new routines and habits and leaving the debris of the past behind as you move into the future. Projects begun soon after the New Moon in a month have a better chance to succeed, because they are moving with the natural flow of energy instead of catching it somewhere in the middle.


Learn more about the New Moon in Astrology
Quick Notes on the New Moon

New Moon

The Solar / Lunar alignment

* In astrology, the celestial phenomenon known as the New Moon occurs at the exact moment the Sun and the Moon occupy precisely the same point in the sky-map of the Zodiac -- the same degree and minute of arc in a particular sign. This alignment is known as a conjunction.

* In astronomy and physical reality, the New Moon forms when the Moon aligns between the Sun and the Earth so the side facing us reflects no light.

Quick Notes on the New Moon
It gives you the basics and saves lots of time
(Open Article)


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The New Moon
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Basic Stuff About the Moon ---> Reflections of your inner world ---> * Every month the Moon travels through all twelve Zodiac signs. It completes its circuit every 27.3 days staying in each sign just under 2 1/2 days. * The Moon rules Cancer, one of the emotional, intuitive Water signs. * The Moon is associated w/ the interests of the 4th house of the horoscope which rules the life areas of home, family, roots, history, private life and living arrangements.

Quick Notes on the Moon ---> The Moon is second fiddle? Maybe. Maybe not. ---> * The Moon in your Natal Chart is considered the second-most important element in your horoscope ... & therefore in your character. But there are plenty of reasons (& arguments) to take exception to this except as a general statement of status in the astrological array. * The Moon symbolizes your Inner Self, your Emotional Self ... the part of your character that feels & responds to things

The Moon -- Physics, Metaphysics and Myth -- Part 1 ---> Physics ---> Luna, the Earth's Moon, is also the Earth's only natural satellite. Neither Mercury nor Venus have any moons at all. The rest of the planets in our Solar System have anywhere from 2 moons (Mars) to dozens of moons. Jupiter has 67. Even Pluto has five. Still that makes Earth and its Moon -- and their peculiar relationship to one another -- fairly unique.


Moon Sign

Sun Sign / Moon Sign -- Sun Energy / Moon Energy in Your Horoscope -- What's the difference? ---> You have a Sun Sign ---> Your Sun sign is the Zodiac sign the Sun was traveling through at the time you were born. There are twelve signs in the Zodiac, starting with Aries and ending with Pisces. When you arrived in the world The Sun was in one of them. The "signs" are pretty familiar to many people because "astrology" as presented by the mainstream ....

Does Knowing Your Moon Sign Information -- Help You Understand Yourself? -- When Being One in Twelve is Not Enough ---> The Sun in your horoscope ---> You have to start somewhere ---> In describing character qualities, pop culture Astrology deals with Sun Sign descriptions as a matter of convenience. Almost everybody knows his birthday., and from that, he can almost always find himself in one of the Sun Sign categories ....

Getting a Fix on Your Moon Sign Energy ---> Your Moon sign Is it important? ---> What does a person's Moon Sign tell you, and why is it important? For starters, knowing the Sun Sign / Moon Sign combinations in the people around you can do great things for your relationships ... and who couldn't use help with that? What if a shortcut could help you recognize "emotional neediness" in your loved ones ... and give some ideas on a fast ....


More on the Moon

Moon Lore ---> Once upon a time ... ---> In ancient times, Moon phases, Moon cycles, were the readily visible, incontrovertible calendar people depended on to mark the passage of time. The appearance of the Full or New Moon in the company of certain well-known and predictable constellations signaled the arrival of specific important moments in the year. The interval between one New Moon and the next marked one length of time ... roughly equivalent to our modern idea of "a month."

Major Aspects of the Moon ---> The Moon in its travels ---> The Moon, in its travels around the earth, cycles through all twelve signs of the Zodiac every twenty-eight to thirty days. It changes signs about every two and a half days. In each new sign, the Moon forms angles with the other planets in the sky, angles which are occasionally quite significant (called major aspects) and which mark the ebb and flow of both easy and irritating moments in everyday life.


Basic Stuff About the Moon
and various Moon Topics

Basic Stuff About the Dark of the Moon -- The Science and Physics of the Phenomenon ---> Closing down ---> * The Dark of the Moon is a well-known & much celebrated part of the Lunar Cycle -- the complete monthly circle of the Moon through its different phases. But the Dark of the Moon isn't an official "moon phase." It's a period of time that straddles part of the Balsamic phase (the final phase) & part of the New Moon phase (the start of a new lunar cycle.) * The Dark of the Moon is the period of about 3 1/2 days surrounding the New Moon (the conjunction of the Moon & the Sun) when the Moon is so close to the Sun it's unable to reflect sunlight back to us from our ....

Basic Stuff About the Full Moon in Astrology ---> At least one Full Moon in every sign ---> * There will be at least one Full Moon in every Zodiac sign -- but not necessarily one every month. Sometimes -- rarely, but sometimes -- February gets skipped. Also sometimes -- rarely, but sometimes -- there will be two Full Moons in a Zodiac sign -- one very near the beginning and the other very near the end. * Full Moons form when the Moon is directly opposite the Sun in the sky. As one rises in the East, the other sets in the West, because at the Full Moon the Sun and Moon are on opposite horizons. (That's what an "opposition" means.

* Black Moon, Dark Moon, New Moon -- Ok, let's get this sorted out ---> Three names, three things ---> You've certainly heard the term New Moon applied to that part of the Moon's cycle when a small sliver of light appears in the western sky at dusk ... and gradually begins filling in over the next two weeks to reach the glorious display of the Full Moon before diminishing down to nothing again. Moon-watchers of all ages -- and maybe you are one -- enjoy this free celestial show every month. If you've hung around much in metaphysical circles, maybe you've come across a couple of other terms that seem somehow hooked up with the New Moon in people's ....


New Moon, Full Moon, Dark Moon

Dark Moon / New Moon ---> Moon phases ---> Moon phases. We all know they exist. Most people ignore them, except for an occasional glance to the sky. Some people know some of the names. New Moon, Crescent Moon, Half Moon, Gibbous Moon, Full Moon. Some fewer of us even know what they mean and how they bring a kind of natural order and regulation to life on Earth. Others are just proud they know as much as they do and can rattle off some of those phases to make it sound like they know a whole lot more than they do. Some cultures, religions and spiritual traditions follow the Moon and her ....

Full Moon / New Moon? Or New Moon / Full Moon? * -- Variations on the rhythms of life ---> Different rhythms ---> It's a subtle difference, I admit, but it's there nevertheless. Life's psychological rhythm has a different sequence, depending on whether the New Moon in a particular sign forms first, followed about two weeks later by the Full Moon in the opposite sign ... or whether the Full Moon forms first, followed then by the New Moon lining up with the Sun in its sign. Knowing where to put your attention and when simply helps you navigate your way through life's currents, eddies and slipstreams more easily. So, this is a situation where "details count" ... and so do ....

The New Moon * -- A Celestial Milestone ---> When The Moon joins The Sun in the sky ---> In astrology, the celestial phenomenon known as the New Moon occurs at the exact moment the Sun and the Moon occupy precisely the same point in the sky-map of the Zodiac -- the same degree and minute of arc in a particular sign. This alignment is known as a conjunction. In astronomy and physical reality, the New Moon forms when the Moon aligns between the Sun and the Earth so the side facing us reflects no light. We often call the New Moon that tiny sliver of light in the night sky that will progress over the next month to create ....


Other Special Moons

So what IS a Black Moon? ---> A black moon. Ever hear of it? ---> Sure most people have heard of a "blue moon" ... as in "once in a blue moon." Not so many can give you even one of the several definitions for that, though. They know it means a long time -- except for those who think it means something that never comes along at all. There is such a thing as a Blue Moon, though. The second full moon in a calendar month is commonly called a Blue Moon ... and this happens once every 2 3/4 years. Then I heard about something called a "black moon."

What is a Blood Moon? ---> It's a total Lunar eclipse. That's it. Every once in a while, weathermen on television and other media types get all hyped about something they call a Blood Moon. They act like it's something really rare and mysterious. It's not. Mostly they're capitalizing on the description, because that sounds strange and worrisome. And it does, doesn't it? A Blood Moon occurs during a total lunar eclipse, and it's called that because the phenomenon turns the night's spectacular Full Moon a dark reddish color for a few hours. Once you realize what's happening and why, the term Blood Moon ....

* What is a Blue Moon? ---> One term, three definitions ---> As if to prove something can never just be easy, there are three definitions of a Blue Moon. All describe an unusual type of Full Moon. Once upon a time -- as in "traditionally" -- a Blue Moon was the third Full Moon in a season. Weird, right? I mean, who on earth has time to figure that out. Somebody, apparently. 'Cause that definition lasted a while. So, because I have the internet now and can research this stuff, I've found that the second definition of a Blue Moon -- the one most people use, since it's easy and sensible -- and who can resist ....


More about Special Moons

* What is the Dark of the Moon? -- When the Night's Moon Fades to Black ---> When the night brings no moonlight at all ---> The Dark of the Moon refers to that phase in the Moon's monthly cycle when the Sun and Moon are so closely aligned there is no reflected light from the Sun available to shine from the Moon's surface. The Moon, if you can see it at all -- it's way too close to the Sun, appears black and dead in the sky, and, of course, the nights themselves, with no moonlight at all, are especially dark and still. The Dark Moon lasts about three days, from the time when the crescent of the old moon disappears ....

* So ... What IS the Void-of-Course Moon? -- When life slows to a stop ---> What's this all about? ---> The Moon circles through all twelve signs of the Zodiac about every 28 days, spending about 2 1/2 days in each sign. As it moves through each sign, the Moon forms angles -- called aspects -- with the Sun and planets. These lunar aspects and the changes they mark describe the ebb and flow of moods and attitudes throughout the day. But the time between the last lunar aspect in a sign ... and when the Moon enters the next sign ... is special. Astrologers call this time the void-of-course Moon. These time periods come at the end of every ....


The New Moon
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From EDA: The New Moon ---> Everyday Astrology December 15, 2020 The New Moon ---> New Moons are special -- from the energy that accompanies them, to their spiritual & symbolic meaning, to its visual appearance. That last is kind of tongue-in-cheek. The New Moon forms when the Moon & Sun align in the sky, in the same degree & minute of arc of the Zodiac.. Or, as astronomers phrase it, when the Sun & Moon have the same ecliptic longitude. (When the Sun, Moon & Earth line up on the Plane of the Ecliptic.) The irony part is that at the moment of the New Moon every month, the night sky is totally ....

From EDA: Transiting Sun Conjunct Moon -- The New Moon -- From Everyday Astrology ---> Everyday Astrology September 30, 2019 Sun Conjunct Moon ---> The New Moon in Libra formed early Saturday afternoon, starting both another Lunar cycle ... and the serious focus on relationships and other people -- the general, underlying theme of the last six Zodiac signs. The first six signs are about individual development while the last six signs deal with how you merge your talents, interests, personality and assets with others. But the New Moon moment is always kind of special despite its frequent appearance, so since we don't have a specific aspect to describe today ....

No Lunar Aspects -- From Everyday Astrology ---> Everyday Astrology September 11, 2019 No Lunar Aspects ---> First things first ---> There are days -- or long periods in a day -- when the Moon is not technically void-of-course, but it sure as heck feels like it!! Your motivation is shot. Your energy levels register near empty. You have a hard time concentrating. Your mind and focus just seem to drift every which way -- except where you'd really like them to stay. Your mood is kind of blah. Not really depressed -- but headed that way. Not real cheery either ... and it could take some work to push it there.



* What's the Difference Between -- A Solar and a Lunar Eclipse? -- Different Issues ... Different Requests for Your Attention ---> The physics of it ---> A Solar Eclipse happens when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, blocking the sunlight from view for a short time. ( Earth ---> Moon ---> Sun ) A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth moves between the Moon and the Sun blocking sunlight so that it cannot reflect off the surface of the Moon. (Moon Earth Sun )

* Eclipses -- Special Alignments between -- The Sun, The Moon and The Earth -- for those who like their Astrology straight-up and hard core ---> An eclipse -- why it happens ---> In ancient times, eclipses were viewed with fear and wariness -- since they were imperfectly understood. But even today, when we fully understand the cause of eclipses ... and can predict their appearances years in advance, there's still a definite ambivalence ....

* Eclipses: A Celestial Show in Light and Shadow -- The User-Friendly Version ---> A celestial sensation ---> Eclipses have long been viewed with wariness and caution. They are, for certain, visually impressive events. If you ever have the chance to see one, it's worth the effort. But if you missed the latest one, never fear. There will be others! Eclipses also seem to foretell changes and developments far more momentous than those predicted by an ordinary lunation.



  new moon  Serenity by Starlight  500 Words or Less  


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