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The Buck Moon
July's Full Moon

by Celeste L. Walker


full moon

July's full moon

In folklore, July's first full moon is named the Buck Moon. The Old Farmer's Almanac says that's because the long-ago Indian tribes noted this as the time when the new antlers of buck deer push out and begin to grow. It made them easier to distinguish from the females -- and this sign of masculine potency, like so many, was deemed significant.

In Astrology, this Moon can be either the Capricorn Moon opposing the Sun in Cancer, or the Aquarius Moon opposing the Leo Sun. The Capricorn / Cancer combination will appear sometime in the first 2/3 of July, so there's a 2:1 chance this is where the Full Moon falls.


full moon

Home vs. profession

It so, it invites you to notice the tensions showing up now between the responsibilities and features of your private life, including your own strong focus on home-and-family issues ... and perhaps your growing role and involvements there ... and the corresponding responsibilities and commitments in your public / professional world ... which may interfere with them substantially.

You may be trying to deal with two full-time jobs in two competing life areas. In theory, there is a strong connection between home and family, heritage and the past ... and your concern with professional achievement, reputation and status, and your communal contributions.

In fact, though, these two often compete for time, attention, priority and support. Dedicating yourself wholeheartedly to one inevitably shortchanges the other. It's the common story of stress between home and office, work and family. Each has a claim on you, and each deems his "the most important." Time-sharing is the only answer, yet it rarely works.


full moon

Or personal glory vs. selfless altruism

If instead, July's full Moon falls in the last third of the month, it brings an Aquarius / Leo conflict ... with very different lessons. This one invites you to balance your need for self-promotion and progress on your creative efforts -- and your equally strong need to work quietly, even anonymously for the betterment of society.

If you don't get enough credit for your special contributions, does your ego feel bruised and cheated? If you're always blowing your own horn (besides annoying the crap out of everyone), do you have to wonder how that influences the quality of your work?

Does it all become less about the excellence of what you do ... and more about how well it reflects on you as a swell and marvelous person? Why do you do any of it in the first place? The answers can be uncomfortable. Are your intentions really about bettering the lot of humanity ... or are they about polishing your ego? On the other hand, how much of yourself can you really give away before you start to feel resentful and taken for granted. A look into those questions could be interesting.


full moon

Finding your own balance

Everyone's limits are different. So is everyone's balance point. The theme here is to think about yours and decide where they are. You can always adjust them, but going all in on one side invites serious trouble. It can't be done and you're better off not to try.

Setting your limits and finding your way may feel awkward at first, but they'll improve with practice. Meanwhile, you're building a more balanced life from conscious choices, and that's a good thing. You can hear the wisdom just reading the words. It's time to find your center again.

The Buck Moon is also called the Thunder Moon since it accompanies frequent summer rainstorms. Other names include the Full Hay Moon, the Salmon Moon and the Ripe Corn Moon. Honor it by seeking a more equitable, conscious lifestyle. Come home to yourself again.


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