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Dark Moon / New Moon

by Annabelle Leigh


winter night no moon

Moon phases

Moon phases. We all know they exist. Most people ignore them, except for an occasional glance to the sky. Some people know some of the names. New Moon, Crescent Moon, Half Moon, Gibbous Moon, Full Moon. Some fewer of us even know what they mean and how they bring a kind of natural order and regulation to life on Earth. Others are just proud they know as much as they do and can rattle off some of those phases to make it sound like they know a whole lot more than they do.

Some cultures, religions and spiritual traditions follow the Moon and her activities a lot closer than most people in the U.S. who aren't farmers, fishermen, gardeners, astrologers or public health and safety workers. Looking at that list makes me think maybe there are quite a few folks hidden from prying eyes who might know more about the Moon than just the fact that it hangs out in the sky. Constantly.


moonless night

Maybe you've heard of it

So, maybe you're one of those who know about the New Moon, the Full Moon and maybe a couple more ... and you're busy patting yourself on the back and taking a bow when suddenly you hear about something called the Dark of the Moon ... and you're all at once asking, "What on earth is that? It's like a movie or something?" But no, it's actually a real thing involving the Moon.

It's not exactly a phase, but it is a thing ... and some people make a really big deal of it. The Dark of the Moon happens every month right at the time of the New Moon. The Dark of the Moon lasts 3 - 3 1/2 days. It's that period in the Moon's cycle when it vanishes from our perspective on Earth. As the Moon moves to align with the Sun in the sky overhead, visually, it gets lost in the Sun's glare.

The Moon is still there in the sky, of course. It rises and sets with the Sun. You just can't see it. It's not positioned to reflect its usual sunlight, so these moonless nights are totally dark. Hence the description, the Dark of the Moon. Clever, huh?


building at nightnight scene and building

It's really a thing

This part of the Moon's journey overlaps the last part of the Moon's Balsamic phase. Everyone agrees on that much. They don't agree though on how long the Dark Moon period lasts ... or when it actually ends. According to the principles of Astrology, the New Moon begins with the exact conjunction of the Sun and the Moon. That timing is exact, clean and predictable.

For Wiccans, however, and the Islamic cultures that time their societies on a lunar calendar, the New Moon begins -- and the Dark of the Moon ends, when the Moon is visible to the human eye -- that pale thin curve of light that appears right at dusk, once the Sun has slipped below the horizon and is out of the way, but the Moon, no longer directly aligned with the Sun, is positioned to reflect a tiny slice of sunlight.


New Moon

When the New Moon arrives

Once the New Moon forms -- especially once it's visible, Life's rhythm picks up again. You can literally feel the difference. You can actually feel it once the conjunction occurs, but I'm inclined to go with the "wait until you see the New Moon" in practice. Just to be on the safe side, you know. And because you can squeeze an extra day or so of peace-&-quiet-&-rest-&-relaxation from it. Wow, sure, I vote for that!!

When I talk about "feeling the difference," I'm describing energy -- the "vibes" you get from your intuition and through your psychic senses ... and yes, you can feel it physically in your body and in the atmosphere around you. For some of us, this comes naturally. For others it takes a little awareness and practice. But it's easy to learn and it's worth the effort. Try it.


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